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Currently, in our year 1 IB Language and Literature Diploma Program class, we are reading through various short stories by Edgar Allan Poe, while several of our year 2 scholars are completing their Individual Oral Commentaries on these works, as well.  While there are many things that make Edgar Poe especially intriguing, one big thing is that he is aptly named "The Father of the Detective Story."  As Americans, we can be quite proud to be the country of that particular "first" in literature.   While the Scotland born Doyle may be the proud creator of the most popular literary detective,  it is the American author, Poe, who ultimately inspired him; yes, he is the first to take up the pen and the risk in writing the stories centered around Monsieur C. Auguste Dupin, thus creating a whole new genre of the Detective Story.

Some of the most serious public figures of our time, from Woodrow Wilson and Winston Churchill to W.B. Yeats have been addicts of this form of fiction.  Millions of people all over the world are avid fans of the television dramas and movies that fall within this designation (as a forever addict of Law and Order, I am here to tell you, it is very serious business...I admit freely that my love of this genre may be said to border on obsession!)  We know through our studies of Poe and his own strange, mysterious and in many ways tortured, too short life communicated through Dupin something of his own ratiocinative intensity.  Despite the spider web level of complexity through which Poe weaves his tales, the detective story stuck fast.  The public cried out for more, and at Poe's untimely death, there were plenty of other gifted and creative minds to take up the pen and answer their demands.  The detective story has held fast to our imaginations, even through two decades of great wars, and has become, through its own series of evolution, more popular than ever before!

What's not to love about a good Detective Story?  EVERYBODY is suspect!  All the characters,
majors, minors, and those that fall upon a couple pages in between play a potential role in the perpetration or solution.  The streets of the various settings are full of lurking agents whose allegiances we simply cannot fully know.  Nobody is guiltless, and nobody is safe...a perfect formula for suspense!  We are walked through the various clues - too much information is given, and like the detective, we, the reader, must sift through it ALL.  No more does our reading become merely an escape from our lives and realities: we are active, we play a role!  Both left and right brain are engaged as we seek to untangle the mystery and crime along with the brilliant mind of the protagonist.

*Author Joe Bunting offers two theories as to why people love the Detective Story and why it is a genre that is firmly fixed and here to stay:

1.  People Love Puzzles.  "Murder mysteries and Detective Stories are the only genre of literature which consistently offer the chance to figure out the story for yourself.  Puzzlers LOVE to catch the killer before he/she is revealed.  Detective stories are not just tales, they are games and puzzles.  They offer a unique brand of excitement."

2.  People ARE Puzzles.  "In no other genre does a team of people expend such energy to understand the identity of one person.  We usually focus on the murderer, but it is really the dead who are the stars for one last moment.  To solve the murder, the detective must know the victims' history and their motivations.  They have to find out no only who killed them, but why and how.  In looking for the killer we have to discover the soul of the one killed first.  The murderer is, therefore, not the only one on trial.  Detective stories give us a glimpse into people we would never get in real life."

I love a good detective story, and because I do, I am very grateful to  Edgar Allan Poe, and all those who followed and kept that genre alive, on the page and on the screen. I often wonder what he might think if he could come and see ALL the great works of mystery his own life's work inspired??

 Just for fun, I have below links to several trailers for some of the best and most famous crime shows and even one video game (with two links) inspired by Poe's great first detective.  The first is a tour of the set of my favorite, Law and Order, led by Jerry Orbach (my favorite Law and Order Detective) featuring Jesse Martin (my other favorite detective) and Sam Waterston (my favorite L and O attorney).  Enjoy a few of them, and then comment...

1.  What is your favorite detective show, book, story, or movie and why do you like it? 

2.  Which of the trailers did YOU find most interesting?

When it comes to the Great American Detective Story, it's truly elementary, my dear DP scholars:  we owe a great debt of gratitude to Mr. Edgar Allan Poe, whose own life and death reads like many of the mysteries he wrote and inspired....

Law and Order Tour:

C. Auguste Dupin Video Game:  and

The Raven Movie-(a Mystery featuring Poe as detective):

Sherlock Holmes Series, BBC:

Sherlock Holmes Movie:


Agatha Christie's Hercule Poirot:

Agatha Christie's Miss Marple:

Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries

HBO's True Detective:

(    *Bunting, Joe.  "Why People Like Detective Stories."  The Write Practice Blog:


  1. 1) My favorite detective show, is Forensic Files, though it isn’t technically classified as a detective show, like Sherlock Holmes; however in the beginning, no one knows who committed the crime. I’ve been watching Forensic Files for a long time so I can usually figure out who committed the crime just by the evidence the person left behind or what the narrator says. I like this show because: I like mystery and crime.
    2) The trailer that I liked the most was The Raven because it was action packed and there was a lot of puzzles inside the movie. However, my second favorite was Sherlock Holmes with Robert Downey Jr. because he had a comical twist to the movie and explains his thought process each time he figures out a puzzle.

  2. 1. What is your favorite detective show, book, story, or movie and why do you like it?

    My favorite detective show is Criminal Minds, because the cases are so interesting and very unique at times. It has taught me that there are no small details when it comes to analyzing something, and to remember all the important things that you do, because that information could be used at a later date.

    2. Which of the trailers did YOU find most interesting?

    I found the Sherlock trailer the most interesting, because I am an active follower of the show and have loved it since the day I saw it. Each season is never the same, and has unexpected twists. After years of waiting for season four it's exciting to see what could happen.

  3. My favorite detective show is Law and Order because of the variety of cases they investigate and the directors choice of actors. Angie Harmon is adorable and radiant!
    The trailer that I found most interesting was the Columbo trailer. I found this trailer to be nostalgic because my grandfather used to watch it on DVD re-run sets when I was younger and I would watch it with him.

  4. My favorite detective story is a show called Monk which is a comedy television series that ran every morning saturday and sunday from 2009-2012. The main character was an odd fellow that lost his wife in a mysterious car bombing and cause him to transform to a “Clean freak ” and had “OCD” which would irritate other people but that’s what made him a good detective. I would watch this every weekend with my older brother.
    My favorite trailer was The Raven and Sherlock Holmes Robert Downey Jr. movies. The Raven interest me wondering if someone has really copyed a murder of a story and made it reality. The Sherlock Holmes interested me for the amount of playfulness there is with the two main characters and the amount of detail the characters tells the view toward different situation.

  5. My favorite detective movie are Non-stop and Gone Girl, I really like these movies because their full of suspense and you never know whats coming, you never expect the expected, you think one thing is going to happen yet the opposite does.
    My favorite trailer out of these were was the Raven because it was full of action and looked like such a good movie overall. The second one I really liked was Miss Fisher's murder mysteries because it had a little of everything; comedy action, suspense, and its actually the only trailer where there's a detective female character, which isn't very common with detective stories.

  6. My favorite detective show would have to be Flashpoint. I really like this show because it starts off showing the end result and then goes back to the beginning and to how all of these things added up to get the end result. I also like it because it goes into the past of the person who commits the crimes and presents an idea of why they might have done it based on their past.
    I think the trailer that I personally found most interesting was the Sherlock Holmes series trailer. I think I found this one more interesting because it came across more dark and I feel like it left out a lot of what was happening and only included small parts, making it much more intriguing and mysterious.

  7. I'm not one who is usually interested in the detective genre. It might catch my eye once or twice but it is not something that I enjoy greatly. There is a game called the wolf among us that is based on solving a crime. I think that would be one of my favorite detective mysteries because as the main character you get to choose what you would like to do. What ever you choose will end up affecting other choices that come up in the future, and towards end you solve the mystery. Plus it also has a fantasy theme to it.

    The trailer that I found interesting was the Raven because it included more than just the story of the Raven. They included much more that Edgar Allen Poe wrote. There was also lots of action and movement that it seemed to me, to be very fun and exciting to watch.

  8. My favorite detective show to watch, although I don't watch detective shows regularly, is Criminal Minds. My mom LOVES it, so I watch it every once in a while with her. It is really interesting, and the characters are great. If I walk in the room for a second, I'll end up staying longer because it's hard to just walk away without wanting to know what's going on.

    Of all the trailers, I couldn't choose out of The Raven and Sherlock Holmes the movie. Both the trailers were intriguing and action-packed. The former would be cool to watch so that I could see the similarities and differences to the actual Poe stories, plus it seemed so creative to make a movie based on Poe and have him as a character within it. The Sherlock movie seemed really good as well. It had more comic relief than The Raven, which is always nice, and who doesn't love Robert Downey Jr.?

  9. My favorite detective show started out as just a few glances of scenes my mom was watching. The show is called Criminal Minds and I watch it with her now. I think it is so incredible that the characters in the show can go into a crime scene and identify the killer with the different tactics they use. Being able to profile someone without them being there is definitely talent! I also connect it to the fact that even though this is a TV show this is someone's job in the world and I think that's amazing that someone could actually do that.

    Looking through the trailers I found that I liked The Raven movie trailer the most. I have always thought that Edgar Allen Poe’s works have been interesting. This point of view of Poe being the detective while writing his work gives such a unique perspective that it will be a great movie. I also really love the time era they are placing this movie at. I could tell from the ball and the gowns worn and I love this era for their clothes and atmosphere.

  10. I enjoy watching Law and Order: SVU because I feel so included on the emotions and just the overall excitement of solving murders and convicting the guilty. This leads me into why I love movies or any show that clues you into how these lawyers kick butt in a court room and how they manipulate our laws in their favor. I'm always fascinated by what goes down!
    I found the trailer about Sherlock Holmes TV show season 4 the most captivating. They make it very dramatic by hinting at whats to come in this season. They said things like "Everyone they know is under threat". The deep base and whispering kind of made my skin crawl I live for that kind of stuff though so I don't mind.

  11. 1. My favorite detective adaptation is the BBC's Sherlock. I love the idea of taking Sherlock Holmes and placing him in the modern world. Everything about the show is brilliant, from lighting, to sets, to ideas, references, technological use (both inside and outside of the show), and the actors/acting. Above being my favorite detective show, it's one of my favorite shows overall.

    2. I really liked both the trailer for "The Raven" and "Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries". The entire idea of "The Raven" completely fascinated me and I now plan to search for and watch the movie. It's quite a clever idea and I anticpate seeing it play out. "Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries", on the other hand, is set in one of my favorite time periods. It also seemed really interesting, and the trailer revealed a deeper plot line within her detective work (and I love deeper plot and meaning).

  12. My favorite detective show is White Collar. I love the sarcasm of the criminal-gone-good as he earns his freedom while working with the FBI. The personalities and snarky remarks of the main characters really make the show because it is such a comic relationship. Their ability to overcome their differences as cop and criminal give the show a unique twist as they go through New York solving cases that the FBI can only crack with the help of the criminal mind.

    My favorite trailer was "The Raven". Reading Poe's stories has been incredibly interesting and to see him portrayed and his works of fiction coming true is nightmarish for Poe. Throwing in the romance of Poe's life also makes it interesting. We hear about his works and it gives some insight into his life, but this allows us to see his life and the horror of his stories as if they were truly felt by others. The adaptation is just incredible.

  13. My favorite murder, mystery show in "Criminal Minds". I love it for it's strong character development and stories. I really enjoy the fact that they're based on true stories. The show also follows the lives of the characters who you grow bonds with (as odd as it sounds) and it makes you feel involved.

    My favorite trailer was "Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries" it was very intriguing and I love the idea of a female lead in the detective mastermind role.

  14. My favorite detective show is, Law and Order: Criminal Intent. I love how the lead male detective can get into people's heads and he notices the little details that usually solve the mystery.

    My favorite trailer was True Detective, I liked how the characters were portrayed and the title is catchy.

  15. My favorite mystery show is criminal minds. I love it because it is not your average criminal show. There is usually something psychologically different with each killer. It makes the how very intense and different in every episode. I really like the trailer for Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries because I love that it goes against the stereotypical detective.

  16. 1. My favorite detective movie so far has to be Prisoners with Hugh Jackman and Jake Gyllenhaal. It follows the paths of a father and a detective when the father's young daughter is kidnapped. It threatens the father's faith and his want for revenge against his daughter's abductors, while the detective works relentlessly to find her in time. It's a suspenseful movie full of subtle clues that are given to the viewer so they can solve the crime as well but at the same time not have any idea what these clues could mean.

    2. The Miss Myrtle trailer caught my attention because it is a woman who isn't an actual detective but has a knack for solving crimes. She might be an older woman, but she knows how to come to a conclusion with what clues she sees.

  17. 1. My favorite detective type show is called Chuck. It is more on the comedy side but also integrates a lot of the detective type feel. I also love the characters and the unique premise added to it. It's about a very unlikely spy named Chuck who has an ability to access any information in the world at critical moments. The whole show is about struggles with his normal life and his spy life. (You should watch it I think it's on Netflix)

    2. I am most intrigued by the Raven trailer because from reading the poem itself, I can tell that they can take this in a quite nightmarish direction. Being a person who loves scary and demented things I feel like it will be interesting. I would also like to see how the integrate Poe into his own story.

  18. 1. Criminal Minds is one of my favorite detective shows. I like it because you get to see both the killers and the detective sides of the story and you see them come together at the end. You really do get into and get to know the mind of the criminal and this is what gets me hooked. Also the suspense of the show leading it to the end is what also gets me.

    2. I like the law & order trailer because I've seen Law & Order but now I got to see a behind the scenes of it and the charterers in the show. I thought it was pretty cool that the whole room or area where they filmed could be moved around the rooms. Which in my opinion is a smart idea.

  19. My favorite detective show is "Criminal Minds". I love it because it takes inspiration from events that actually happened and artfully creates suspense. Not only that but it's characters are all human, they have flaws and make mistakes which allows you do understand and connect with them.

    The trailer that I liked the most was "The Raven", I really liked the idea of a killer copying the ideas from Poe's stories and forcing Poe to try and catch him. I could also see that it managed to create suspense while at the same time staying true to the stories which is amazing. The trailer was interesting enough that I plan on watching the movie.

  20. My favorite detective-type movie is "Who Framed Roger Rabbit". Now, clearly this isn't a realistic movie but it was one of my favorite movies as a kid and I still watch it with my siblings whenever it's on. I feel that because this movie does involve detectives trying to solve an adultery case it probably shouldn't be as kid-friendly as it is. However, it does allow a younger audience to become invested in the detective scene.

    My favorite video was "The Raven" trailer. I've seen it multiple times before now, but it's so creative to create a movie where the criminal bases all of his crimes on Poe's stories. It shows how influential Poe is to literature and it's growth.

  21. 1.My favorite detective show is Cold Case. The show follows a detective who is trying to solve cases that have never been solved, and these cases date all the way back to the 60's. I like this show because it brings justice to the families who have lost a loved one, and it takes a different approach rather that just your average detective show. I also like the character development in the show, because you learn more about each character as the show goes.

    2. True Detectives was my favorite trailer because the use of images and the production quality was amazing. Plus the cases that they chose to show in the trailer seemed captivating, I think I have a new show to binge watch.

    1. I forgot about Cold Case! I loved that, too!

      I agree on True Detective. It was creepy good!

  22. 1. My favortie detective shows are totally JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part 4 Diamond is Unbreakable, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part 5: Vento Aureo (Vento Aureo means Golden Wind in Japanese) and JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part 8: JoJolion (The title is a refrence to Evangelion and the title itself means Blessed JoJo). Ok I will talk about Part 4 first. Part 4 is really good because through the first half of the story there a series of murder cases in the town Morioh. Josuke Higashikata and his crew of Koichi, Josuke's nephew Jotaro (Jotaro is older than Josuke by about 10 years) and Okuyasu. They go around Morioh with the intent of solving the mystery but there are like 100 other mysteries they need to solve to get to the person who is behind the murders, they eventually find out who it is, and the 2nd half of the show is them chasing down the murderer ( You should totally watch this show, its bizarre, but you'll love it trust me). Part 5 is way cooler in my opinion because instead of having one town be the setting, its a GRAND ADVENTURE to solve the mystery. Anwyays Vento Aureo is about GIORNO GIOVANNIA (My favorite character of the whole franchise) Gio is the son of Dio, who was the main villain throughout parts 1 and 3 of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure (Note this show is not always a mystery show, in fact almost each part is super different, with some similarities). Gio wants to become a "Gangstar" Which is a Gangster and a Superstar so like Gangster + Superstar = Gangstar. So his goal is to join the gang Passioné, however he finds out someone is dealing drugs to children everywhere, he doesn't like it so he goes on this huge quest to find out who. He eventually finds out that the gang Passioné was behind it all and defeats the boss of Passioné Diavolo. Anyways the show is amazing and really great, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure is ALWAYS melodramatic which makes it so unique. Last part and the most recent part is Part 8. This one is kinda weird but its about Josuke Higashikata, I know you're saying to yourself "Oh the same guy from Part 4, Ok" NO its not, ok after part 6: Stone Ocean, the auther decided to make parts 7 and 8 in an entirely seperate universe, where part 7 is like a re-imagining of parts 1,2,3, and 5 and part 8 is a reimagining of part 4. The plot is set in Morioh and Josuke Higashikata is found on a beach by Yashuo. She wakes him up and he says he has no memory and throughout the whole series its about Josuke finding out who he is, they come to find out he is the amalgamation of two people Yoshigake Kira and Josefumi Kujo ( However this is not confirmed and there is actually a bit of doubt as to wheter this is true) anyways they continue on their adventure and try to find out all about Josuke's past. It's really good and again its bizarre but whatever.

    2.My favorite was the Sherlock Homes trailer from BBC. It just seemed like alot was on the line for all the characters, and its not like all these little mysteries, but instead one hug mystery they need to solve, kinda like JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part 4: Diamond is Unbreakable. Anyways it looks like it has a wonderful cast in it, and I do like the white and black color scheme they have going on, really adds to the atmoshpere

  23. 1. I've always been partial to Nancy Drew. I liked that she solved mysteries with her friends. More recently, I read all the Sherlock Holmes stories. I especially liked the Red-Headed League.
    2. I started watching Hercule Poirot on Netflix last month because of this post last year, and I'm really enjoying it!

  24. Okay why is this blog so difficult??
    I can't just choose one!! lol
    As a kid I always loved mystery. I liked finding all the clues, picking around at the story, and trying to finding deeper meaning in the story. I loved the series A to Z mysteries when I was little but now I love the BBC version of Sherlock Holmes and I also love the show criminal minds.

    My favorite trailer was the BBC Sherlock Holmes. I have always loved this show and I'm super excited to continue watching it!! I like the back story of this Sherlock and I love the whole psychological point of view.
    I think all detectives or even characters should have a little unreliability or some imperfection to them for the character to be interesting.

  25. 1. My favorite detective show is undoubtedly Criminal Minds. The reason why I like it so much is because of its odd scenarios and even odder characters. Each episode usually has a formula. First, the soon-to-be victim is just going about their lives. They are then kidnapped or killed by our murderer. It is up to our band of professional investigators to understand the motives behind the killer and find out how to nab him. This formula seems like any other detective story, however, Criminal Minds makes the idea seem fresh each episode. The murderer is almost all ways a psychopath with deep mental and emotional issues. They behave in a patterned behavior, often murdering victims in a specific fashion or targeting specific groups. It's up to the investigators to devise the pattern of victims and murder methods and track down the killer. Every episode is unique and always brings a new, captivating murder-mystery.

    2. I found The Raven trailer most interesting. Primarily because that is one of my favorite movies.

  26. Thank you for opening my mind to new series I can watch. I never really watched a detective or murder mystery shows but i think I'm going to start getting into them. I remember watching Sherlock holmes the movie with Robert Downy Jr. It was amazing, it truly fascinated me. I've only seen the first one but it was just so cool see how he thinks and acts. It was so badass but elegant. My favorite part of the movie well there so many but one of my favorites was when he was in the underground boxing match. It was over instantly, i was truly amazed of how fast he swept that guy. I was like OMG THAT'S SO COOL. I wish I could go that.

    But i also really loved Marple. She looks like a sweet old granny. That you'll never suspect to be the ones solving the crimes. I thought it was something unique and different. I think ill enjoy watching that as well.
    If you can excuse me I'm going to watch Sherlock holmes 2

  27. 1. My favorite detective show is Criminal Minds because it allows the watcher to interact and make predictions. It keeps the characters the same, but changes the crime each episode, so it is always entertaining. It shows the development of the characters of the show and it also keeps the watcher involved and connected to each character. I love it because it also shows the opposing views of the criminal and the detectives.

    2. I love the trailer for The Raven because it is an awesome spin off of the works of Edgar Allen and it gives a modern feel to the movie and the book.

  28. 1 What is your favorite detective show, book, story, or movie and why do you like it?

    I don't really watch much TV lately, but I remember that i used to love watching reruns of Criminal Minds growing up. I loved how they used psychology to first profile the killer then find them. For a short time, I wanted to do that, when I grow up, but my parents reminded me that seeing dead people and real crazy killers would be a regular occurrence for me, so I kindly declined. Now, when I have the chance, I love to watch Sherlock (the BBC version) on Netflix. There's on 12 episode because the British do TV weird over there, but I am sure I have re-watched those 12 episodes about 5 times. I think for that show it's not even about the crimes; it's Sherlock and Watson's chemistry and Sherlock's intellect that keeps me watching. I spend more time trying to figure out Sherlock and his next move than solve the crime.

    2 Which of the trailers did YOU find most interesting?

    I like the video game and The Raven movie. I'm not really a video game person but I do love the look and find games those are really fun to me. The trailer that caught my eye was The Raven trailer. The idea of Poe trying to beat the clock and find the killer in his own murders is so exciting to me. When the trailer ended and only said the movie was coming soon I was annoyed, but then I looked and realized the movie came out 5 years ago and I can probably find it on amazon stream.

  29. Well I haven't watched many detective shows or movies recently, but I used to watch criminal minds with my mom when I was younger and had more time to do so. Although I did watch detective shows, they used to scare me and sometimes still do scare me. I find all the murders they talk about to be frightening and too real. Now I prefer to watch detective or mysteries that have a supernatural twist in them because it makes them seem and feel less realistic and scary.

    Out of all the trailers my favorite was the true detective trailer because it left me wanting to watch more. The guy smoking the cigarette seemed like a character that would be interesting to watch, and the show seemed like it would be very dramatic and have a lot of action. It does seem a little creepy and dark though so I'm guessing it might be a little scary.

  30. Because my first part of this response got erased after trying to view some of the trailers, and because it'll be hard to remember what I said specifically, I'll make this a little more simple.
    My favorite detective shows are Elementary, Criminal Minds, The Mentalist, Castle, and Monk. All of these share strong commonalities with eachother when it comes to their structure and presentation, which all have that same suspenseful, eye-gluing manner about them that keeps the viewer held fast and in for the ride. The Mentalist, Elementary, and Monk are the coolest to me in the way because they all have characters who each on their way reflect aspects of Edgar Allan Poe's character C. Auguste Dupin. The Mentalist's main guy because of his people-reading skills, Monk's main guy for his extreme attention to detail, and Elementary's main guy, Sherlock Holmes, who in a way embodies all these elements but especially his Analytical skills.

    I think I found the Sherlock Season 4 trailer to be pretty interesting. Mainly because it was kind of unnerving due to the suspensefully charged music and the vagueness as to what the fourth season was going to be about, which is why I suppose it is called a teaser trailer.
    I also like The Raven movie trailer because it gave good insight into what it was actually going to be about, and I thought that the idea behind it was actually quite good, although maybe not original. The only other place I've seen the idea of a murderer taking inspiration by somebody's writings was from the show Castle, that I mentioned earlier, where in that show the murderer took the inspiration from the main protagonists books, much like the with The Raven's murderer taking inspiration from Poe's short stories and I'm assuming poems.

  31. 1. What is your favorite detective show, book, story, or movie and why do you like it?
    When I was little my favorite detective book was Nancy Drew. I absolutely loved that book series when I was younger. My very first book report was on a Nancy Drew book. I loved how there were so many twists and turns and how the original person wasn't the bad guy like you thought.

    2. Which of the trailers did YOU find most interesting?
    The trailer I found the most interesting was probably Sherlock on BBC. Maybe that's because I love the show already and I'm just being biased.

  32. 1. What is your favorite detective show, book, story, or movie and why do you like it?
    My favorite detective/investigative book is that of the Hardy Boy's. I think this is my favorite series not only because it is the first story in the mystery genre which I have read, as well as these stories being very engaging as a children's book. I remembered reading at least 10 of those books and being introduced to more mature and mysterious/creepy story lines. Other than these reasons, I can't think of why else I favorite this series. I guess there is just something special about the thing which first exposes one to a topic.
    2. Which of the trailers did YOU find most interesting?
    I found the trailer of The Raven the most interesting! I thought that the kind of story-inception of making a movie about Edgar Allen Poe solving the murder cases inspired by his own stories was fascinating. Additionally, I like how the movie is changing the somewhat anti-climactic ending of Murders in the Rue Morgue and making the murderer an actual person who needs to be stopped at all costs. In doing so, I think this adds another layer of suspense, intensity, and overall mystery to the story-line of this movie.

  33. I have not watched very many detective shows, but one of my favorite ones is a show called iZombie. This show I believe is also based on a comic, but is a very good t.v. show adpaption. It stars a girl named Liv who is a zombie, and uses her zombie abilities to help solve murder cases. The reason I really enjoy this show is because it combines the whole "zombies" idea with crime solving in a way that is engaging and unique. I enjoy the comedic aspects of the show along with all of the characters that help solve the cases. Altogether I think the show is a unique twist on a crime show that is very engaging for those who enjoy the detective genre and engaging for those who enjoy the supernatural genre.

    The trailer I enjoyed the most was the Sherlock Holmes movie trailer. Aside from me enjoying the actors and actresses who starred in the movie (Robert Downey Jr. and Rachel McAdams), I thought the movie was a really cool twist to the Sherlock Holmes story. I thought it was a very interseting take to make Sherlock so action-packed and such a fighter. I also enjoyed the comedy within the trailer as well as the detailed settings and effects. I think to make Sherlock Holmes such an action packed movie could possibly be a way to expose more people to Sherlock Holmes and the whole realm of the detective genre.

  34. 1. My favorite detective show to watch is either NCIS or Criminal Minds. I have been watching these shows for years, and I absolutely love them! I make it a personal challenge to try and figure out who the murder is, before they reveal too much about them! I like how they can make these detective stories seem so real and modern, almost like anyone can do it, and I think that is why it appeals to so many people, along with it having so much action and so many cliff hangers.

    2. With that being said, my favorite trailer from the list you put out for us is definitely the Law and Order trailer, and I think that this is because, it is so much like the shows I enjoy watching now, and as a child growing up, my best friends family would always watch Law and Order, so it will always have a special place in my heart. Along with that, the writers have done just an excellent job of keeping it interesting throughout all of the season, how can you not appreciate it?

  35. 1.) My favorite detective movie that I have ever watched is of course, Sherlock Holmes. His thoughts and reasoning always fascinated me and up until this unit I thought it was an original idea. The first time I watched the movie I was with the one and only Christian Caraway and we both liked it.
    2.) My favorite trailer was of "The Raven", the trailer was very suspenseful and it was exciting. I enjoyed how the work of Edgar Allen Poe and his life was mixed with a fictional story. It was very interesting

  36. 1. One of my favorite detective like shows is CSI. Although I'm not really into those kinds of shows or movies, I like how it sets up each crime in the beginning. As well as how it makes you think someone is the killer but in the end it tricked you and it turns out to be someone else.

    2. My favorite trailer was The Raven trailer. I think it was my favorite because I love Edgar Allan Poe and his creepy, interesting stories.

  37. 1) My favorite unrealistic detective story is Law and Order SVU, but only SVU because Olivia Benson.. Duh! And the other Law and Orders bore me. I love this show because it shows the whole investigation process and has action and unrealistic but exciting things as well. I say unrealistic because I love real investigative shows even more, Forensic Files is my all time favorite show and I watch it every night, no joke.

    2) The most interesting trailer to me was Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries, because I really liked the music, time period, and wittiness of the characters.

    (Sorry I thought this was sent a while back but I came to double check and it never showed so I’m posting it again)

  38. 1. One of my favorite detective shows of all times is Criminal Minds. It is mind blowing to me that the detectives are able to catch the unsub without ever even seeing him. They have to change their way of thinking to think like the unsub, so that they can be one step ahead of them. If they mess up, then they will miss out on their chance to catch the culprit. I would never be able to put myself in the unsub’s shoes so that I could catch them, because I feel as though I would get too grossed out that I am thinking like a murderer.

    2. The show that appealed to me the most was Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries. This one probably appealed to me the most, because I like the idea of an unusual person being the one to solve the crimes. First off, the detective is a girl, which is not seen as much in detective shows nowadays. Because of this, it is breaking gender stereotypes, and can encourage young girls to go after what they really want. The second thing I like about it is the girl is a flapper, which means she is way into fashion, and is a trendsetter. Most people think of fashion icons as airheads or unable to do “dirty business” like others. Miss Fisher breaks these stereotypes again, and it is also a fun twist when the viewer sees her doing serious things while looking great.

  39. 1) One of my favorite detective shows I have seen is Psych. The show is very fun to watch as it intertwines classic mystery elements with great comedy which is a very fun and exciting combination. The way the main character also pretends to be a psychic but in reality is very observant, much like Dupin, adds some irony to the entire show as the viewers are one of the few people who realize the truth about him.

    2) I really liked the True Detective trailer. I believe it appealed to me the most because it comes off as a much darker and grittier crime show than most. I like this because it makes the show much more realistic and easier to connect to, which is why I'm more drawn to other shows like that with a much more serious and gritty undertone.

  40. 1. What is your favorite detective show, book, story, or movie and why do you like it?
    Criminal Minds is without a doubt my favorite detective show. I am always extremely intrigued by the way the show artfully depicts people as they truly are, with all of their flaws and reasoning behind their actions. The way they go into people's minds and can easily see the thought process of an unknown criminal fascinates me, I wish I could read people that easily. The raw features of reality they are able to capture in each episode makes it addicting and slightly terrifying as the watcher realizes how all of these cases have potential to really happen.

    2. Which of the trailers did YOU find most interesting?
    The trailer I found most interesting was definitely The Raven trailer. I love the dark intensity of Edgar Allan Poe's short stories and poems, and I loved that this movie was reinventing Poe's work in a different way that still held onto the basic themes found in all of his creepy, insane literature.

  41. 1. I don't really have a favorite detective show or book or anything I truly follow, unless you consider the Investigation Discovery channel, which is sort of along those lines. The shows are more like documentaries, but they do follow along with detectives and the discoveries they made when looking into a real life case of murder or another crime along those lines. My dad, having been a police officer in the past and a detective, really enjoys watching those shows, and I find them interesting when the detectives are describing the ways in which they figured out who did the crime and they are recounting all of the events.

    2. I thought that The Raven Movie looked interesting, and I would even be interested in watching it sometime, it looks pretty well made, and looks thrilling in the trailer. However, it was made few years ago so it might not be as good as the trailer makes it out to be, but I can't judge that unless I watch it for myself.

  42. 1. What is your favorite detective show, book, story, or movie and why do you like it?
    My favorite detective show is Criminal minds. I love it because I find it so intense and suspenseful. The ways in which the FBI agents break down a case in ways I would have never thought about makes me always question my thinking process. The show plays with elements that are creepy and unheard of so it makes me watch the show until I can’t bear watching the horrors of it any longer. This show isn't afraid to expose the twisted crimes that we are rarely ever told about or that we avoid because we wish not to deal with facing the reality of the unsub actions.

    2. Which of the trailers did YOU find most interesting?
    The trailer I found most interesting was Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries because I found it to be classic and intriguing. I liked the music and the way all the actors kept as well as embraced their character!

  43. 1) My favorite detective show would have to be Criminal Minds. I love the fact that they profile their killers and use that to plan a tactful way to capture the killer and minimize their mayhem.
    2) the trailer I found most interesting was the one with Poe as the detective and him trying to figure out the killings that match his writings. I liked this one because I love Poe's stories and his way of writing.


  44. My favorite detective fiction movie by far is Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows simply because the director did a fantastic job of making Holmes who he is in the short stories. He is odd, sudden, hard to understand, but hilarious to watch at the same time. They are, however, inaccurate about Irene Adler’s role in the serious, and portray Watson as more forceful than he is, but they still do a fantastic job of portraying the dark elements of the stories and the time period. I especially love, that they do not take him out of his time period. It gives a unique perspective that not many directors are heading for today as most are modernizing the classic tale.

    I found Miss Fisher’s trailer the most interesting due to the time period and the inclusion of a woman as a detective. This is uncommon in general, but would have been unimaginable in the 1920s because of women’s standing in society. She also seems confident and hilarious in her actions and quite abrupt. Besides these elements, she has an underlying story that intrigues audiences and adds a secondary layer to her crime solving to keep the momentum going. I would love to see more of her series.

  45. 1.  What is your favorite detective show, book, story, or movie and why do you like it? 

    My favorite detective show is called The Following. It is especially relative to Edgar Allen Poe, because it is about a cultist murderer who uses the works of Poe to inspire his crimes, and the detective who must solve these mysteries.

    2.  Which of the trailers did YOU find most interesting?

    The trailer that caught my interest was Miss Fisher. The mystery feel with female leads and good characters was very appealing.

  46. 1. My favorite detective show(as of right now) is Dexter. Although it may not be a direct detective show it harbors many of the same elements. For example, it offers up that thrilling suspense as well as clues to help the reader interpret the story his/her own way. It's a detective story from a different point of view and that's why I love it.
    2. The Poe trailer was very interesting. Having Poe investigate is a new way to look at mystery stories. I also love all of his writings, so it was a treat.

  47. 1. My favorite detective show has to be Criminal Minds. I love the twisted nature that the show isn't afraid to portray, and give us an insight of what goes on inside the criminals minds. The show is thrilling, and makes the audience feel as though they are a part of it.

    2. The trailer that I found the most interesting was The Raven. I remember reading this poem for class, and I enjoyed it, which is why I connected most with the trailer.

  48. 1. I really love the movie "Law Abiding Citizen." It is an incredible indirect detective movie, that portrays justice in a unique manner.
    2. I enjoyed Poe's trailer the most. He was a very talented individual in his time, and is also unique in his own way.

  49. I love everything forensic and mystery themed! My favorites are Criminal Minds (MY NUMBER ONE), Sherlock, Forensic Files, Bones, Dexter, Colombo, Poirot, The Naturals by Jennifer Lynn Barnes, and The Fall by Bethany Griffin. Forensics is my passion and that is what I am hoping to do as my career in the future - criminal psychology that is. My all time favorite is Criminal Minds because I can get insight into how a criminal can be profiled into a category and sorted out from among the rest. I love Sherlock because one never knows whether he is good or bad because he always does what is best for him (and his friends) whether that be detrimental to the problem or not. I love Colombo and Poirot too because they are both very classy, romanticized detectives. Finally, my book, my love, my life.... The Naturals!!!! This book is not very detailed or extravagant in any means (being a YA novel) but I love the connections of how something so small can be something bigger than any of the characters could have ever imagined. I also love the You chapters (THE BEST PART!) The You chapters are little tidbits of insight from the killer himself - a look into how the killer sees his victims, how he thinks in patterns, his needs and desires when he kills, and his times of urges and impulses. I LOVE THIS BOOK SERIES!!!!!

    I liked the Sherlock TV Series Ad and The Raven Ad the best. I liked the Sherlock one because it appeals to all the curiosities and confusions of Sherlockians over the last few seasons. It is intense and intriguing. ALSOOOOO how it starts out with with the TV flickering into Moriarty like he is taking over your own TV. It's beautiful. It's life. Next, I love The Raven Ad because it combines all the stories that I have loved since I was little into one. I also love how the people in the show make Poe question his own sanity and whether he has a deeper connection with his characters than he first realized.

  50. 1.) I personally enjoy Batman stories quite a bit, whether it be via TV show, comics, movies, or even games. In more general terms, Batman can only very loosely be considered a detective. Seeing as 9 times out of 10, he already knows who it is that he needs to pursue. I truly enjoy the side stories in which Batman is pursuing some new side villain, or trying to solve a mystery unrelated to the main famous villains. For example, there was the mystery of a serial killer by the name of Zsasz, a serial killer the mob would pay to pick off enemies; he would carve a tally mark into his skin for each of his victims. Or perhaps the story of a man who was skinning the certain portions of people's faces in order to construct a new face to make himself look like Bruce Wayne. Considering Batman did not originally know the identities of these criminals, it was intriguing to read about the process Batman had to go through pursuing them.

    2.) I personally found the trailer for Columbo to be most interesting. To begin with, I enjoy watching shows from times as far back as that was they have a certain appeal to me. This is likely because I grew up watching sitcoms like All in the Family and The Jeffersons. Besides that, Columbo seems socially out of tune, he reminds of a sort mild 'Monk' (as in Monk the TV show). His strangeness is likely what gives him the edge as a detective and I feel it would make him out to be an interesting character to watch.

  51. 1: I'm a huge fan of the crime drama genre. My dad raised e to love and live on shows including "NCIS" (original, L.A., N.O.L.A.), "Criminal Minds", "Elementary", "CSI" (their Cyber spinoff was very interesting, but unfortunately short-lived), and even the hit that's now in its third season, "Scorpion" (if you can consider that part of the detective genre). Of them all, I'd have to say that my favorite is NCIS L.A., simply because it was the first of the genre that I began watching, and I simply love the characters (especially sassy little Hetty; she and Edna Mode from "The Incredibles" are my role models for diminutive women).

    2: All of the clips look very interesting, but "The Raven" would be at the top of my list; it seems to be quite the engaging film that I'd enjoy watching with my family. However, "Sherlock Holmes", featuring Robert Downey Jr., comes as a close second since he is such a wonderful actor.

    "It is the dim haze of mystery that adds enchantment to the pursuit." ~Antoine Rivarol

  52. 1. My favorite detective show is Criminal Minds because it allows the watcher to make predictions of whats going to happen, also because of how intense it can get. The show, shows us what happens inside the minds of the criminals, which can be very scary in some episodes.

    2. The trailer that I found the most interesting was The Raven movie trailer. I found this trailer to be the most suspenseful trailer out of all of them. It made the watcher want to know what happened next.

  53. I've had numerous favorite detective shows/movies growing up mainly Scooby Doo but my favorite detective movie series would have to be the Sherlock Holmes movies with Robert Downey Jr. I really enjoyed the style, how he was portrayed, and especially the mysteries.

    I found the True Detective trailer most interesting as I haven't seen it yet and my parents have said it's a really good show. Not only that but a family friend of ours was the producer of the show too. It looks like a cool, really dark detective show and I plan to check it out.

  54. 1. My favorite detective show has to be Criminal Minds. I don't watch it as much as I used to, but I watch it whenever it's on TV - the reruns. I like it because of the characters and the different cases they have to solve.

    2. I found The Raven trailer very interesting. Not only does it look like a good film, I like the dark romanticism feeling the trailer gives me. I found their overall idea interesting: murders inspired by the work of Edgar Allen Poe.

  55. 1. One of my favorite detective shows has certainly got to be Criminal Minds. I may not watch it as often but, when I do I find it really captivating and interesting to watch. They hit a bunch of different themes and different ideas for each crime and mystery within the shows and some are more unique than others which makes it enjoyable to watch.

    2. I did find the Raven trailer very interesting, even though it was my second time watching it, it still really caught my attention and made me interested to watch it when I have free time, possibly over Spring break since it looks unique and interesting, especially how they put the twist on making Poe the detective himself.

  56. 1. Sherlock on BBC is definitely my favorite detective show. I've always thought that Benedict Cumberbatch is an excellent actor and the way he portrays Sherlock Holmes is brilliant. I think the way he solves crimes on that show is so interesting and I love when they show how he works out the problems in front of him. I also love Watson and how him and Sherlock work together.

    2. I found the Raven trailer very interesting. I've always loved the works of Edgar Allen Poe and so I love seeing his work visualized. I've never seen the actual film, so it is definitely something I plan to watch. I think it would be interesting to see how the film differs from what I see in my mind.

  57. 1. Sherlock on BBC would have to be my favorite detective show, because I have always thought that the most intelligent people are dark, mysterious, and wickedly clever. Benedict Cumberbatch certainly filled the role as such and I loved the way the charectars mind is shown and how it break downs a crime scene in such fast time.

    2.Though I love Sherlock, I found the Raven trailer to be quite intriguing, the fact that stories, and works of fiction could be used as a murder story and then to insert the author himself, is just sounds like so much fun... maybe not for the people in it but from the outside looking in, it is something I definetly plan to watch in the near future, and I can't wait to see it pan out.

  58. 1.) I'm not sure if it specifically classifies as a detective show, but Dexter has many elements of a detective show. It's following the story of one man who is a blood spatter analyst that works with detectives as his job, and many times throughout his journey he needs to use detective skills to survive. The show is so well structured and always finds a way to keep you predicting who is the killer and who is doing what.

    2.) I loved the Sherlock trailer because of the character of Sherlock Holmes. He's an intelligent man with quick wit, but is also physically fit and efficient. In a way I aspire to be like him in the future, as sharp as a knife. The story itself seems to have a good balance of action and comedy too, which I enjoy.

  59. My favorite detective show is Sherlock, because it blends humour with intellect. It is amusing and makes the viewer want to solve the mystery.
    The trailer I found most interesting is Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries, because it seemed humorous and serious at the same time. It had a plot of her getting revenge while also aiding others in their investigations.

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