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Today's generation.  The Millennials.  "Worst generation ever."  "The ME ME ME Generation." There are many commentaries on those born from mid-80s to 2000, and frankly, none of them are very positive.  Honestly?  As a parent of three millennials, myself, I find it very disconcerting and I don't like it.

There is a lot that goes into "creating" or "molding" a generation of people:  Their parenting, their environment,  their education and coaching and training.  I would say that if we put down a generation for their failures or lack of "gumption," we really need to point that finger back at all of ourselves.

Whether you are happy or disgusted with our most recent election results, it definitely put a big
mirror up to all of us:  who we are, where we are going, and how we cope with it all. Universities called off classes and set up cry rooms.  People took to the streets and vandalized and looted businesses.  Others refused to accept the results or the new president even before inauguration because it was not what they personally wanted.  But I would ask the question: what does that say about us?  I was taught growing up that learning to lose gracefully is one of the biggest lessons to be learned about winning.  But in a society where participation trophies are awarded whether you win or lose; in a society where you are told you are special, in general--with no specifics--just "you are special"; in a society where so many of us fear giving any form of constructive criticism because it may hurt someone's feelings, what are we really accomplishing?  Who is really responsible for the negative qualities we point out in this generation, and what are we doing about it in the business/corporate environment, or otherwise known as "the real" world?

A video of an interview with Simon Sinek was sent to me by a friend recently, and honestly, I believe it really nails the Millennial "problem."  Instead of whining and complaining about the next generation, it offers an explanation for how it all came to be and a possible solution.  I have often told many of you that while it was harder, I am so grateful to have grown up in a society before cell phones and computers.  You know what?  I was surprised that many of you told me that you wished you had, too!  That makes me sad.  It is not ANY generations' fault what time or environment they are brought into!  Frankly, it is more the fault of those who bring up that generation: what sort of boundaries are we creating?  What sort of guidance and teaching are we offering?  What example are we setting?  Do we allow our kids to experience the agony of defeat from time to time, or do we rescue them?  Do we put limits on their technology access and use, or do we just give up and let them use their technology to keep themselves busy and out of our way?  Do we teach our kids that learning and growing involves making mistakes and seeking out constructive criticism for ways to improve, or do we just give them a blanket "you're special and perfect?" Do we offer, instead, specific praise for their gifts and acknowledgement for what they really do well, and advice for areas in which they can improve?

I would love to get YOUR feedback.  Where do you see a need for personal growth?  What are your goals?  What do you think you do well....specifically?  Who are the classmates you admire, and for what?  THIS is where it starts.  I want to say as a member of the previous generation, I am sorry for the ways that WE have failed YOU.  We all need to work together to make this world a place we can all learn, grow, fall down, and get back up again in...a place where we can learn to interact with each other, to endure awkwardness, and to find time to just think and create and be innovators!  What a great goal for 2017!

Please watch this video all the way through, and give your feedback, as well.  I look forward to your posts!
1.  Where do you see a need for personal growth?
2.  What are your goals?
3.  What do you do especially well?
4.  Who are 1-3 classmates you admire, and why?
5.  Reaction to video...what hit you, what felt true, why?

I think we can make millennials a truly GREAT generation that can climb the mountains of challenge willingly, with true grit, and bring a lot of bright innovation into the world!!

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  1. 1.For me an area of self growth would likely lie more in patience, which I tend to rush in assignments and write a lot so that the work looks full, but never can seem to get my point across.
    2. My goals in life now, is to pass all my classes for this semester and get serious in school so that this year will end on a higher note than when it started.
    3. I work hard when I get focused and am loyal to a fault.
    4. Ashley Lewis. For charisma and ability to face every problem head on, Summer Statzer for her ability to go into any project and help classmates in any way they need so that everyone learns and not just does the work to pass.
    5. The video I found to be very interesting, and the points the guy made were very true, and kind of struck a chord, especially with the adiction of devices, because even though he referenced proof, you wouldn’t need it, because you can see it, all around you everywhere you go kids are always so connected to their devices and they can’t stop to appreciate, or maybe they just do not have the patience to appreaciate everything around them. Heck I used to walk around Phoenix and take pictures and it would always be the hardest to get people who were walking by out of the pictures, or at least get them looking away from their phones...

  2. 1, I need self growth in my patience. When I want to do or have something, I need efficiency.
    2. As of now my goal is to finish high school and excel in college.
    3. Something I do well is that I do not procrastinate. I hate putting things off, it stresses me out.
    4. I admire Taylor Caufield for her drive to learn, Mikayla Hinton for her compassion to help others,and Gabriel Frietas for her charisma and capturing personality.
    5. The video was extremely insightful. I see people such as myself correlating to the addiction to devices. Technology is extremely important to us as millennials and I am not sure it is such a good thing. Important moments are missed and opportunities are lost because of this.

  3. 1.) I need personal growth in motivation. I want to be able to say i'll do something and actually follow through and do my personal best. I tend to procrastinate and wait until the last second or not do it at all.
    2.) My goal at the moment is to pass all of my classes so that I don't have to take them again.
    A larger life goal is to find a successful line of work that I can be happy with.
    3.)Things that I do well would probably be that I get along quite well with new people and I'm really good at making people feel welcome around me.
    4.) I admire Nathan Moore and Ethan McDaniel's work ethic because even when they have VERY little time to do their work they find a way to still exceed in all of their assignments and get A's on them.

  4. 1). I could grow in a lot of areas, but I’ll just name one: patience. I am quick to anger (although most people don’t believe that when I tell them). My main target is my brother, and I have been trying to work on that.
    2). My most current goal is to graduate and be happy attending NAU. The process of figuring everything out college-wise is very stressful, but hopefully everything works out and I am happy with my decisions of where to live, what to major in, the classes I take, my study habits, etc.
    3.) I guess I am good at getting along with people and being open-minded to others’ opinions and ways.
    4.) I admire Katie V. for always being herself and staying true to what she believes. I admire Mariana S. for always being welcoming and friendly to everyone. I admire Sarah G. for being confident and responsible/mature.
    5). I agree with some of the things Simon said, and I found the video intriguing. I gained a new perspective on the whole millennial question because I had never thought about some of the things he mentioned. The part that stood out to me most is how similar the addiction is to smoking, alcohol, and gambling with the dopamine factor. Interesting point. (also, I very often think of what life would be like without all of the technology, like before the millennial age, and I really like the thought of its non-existence).

  5. 1. Personally, I need to grow in confidence and action. I often complain about the things I would like to accomplish that have yet to be done, but I fail to get up and do something about it. If I want to see a change in my life, I need to be willing to get up and make a difference.
    2. My current goals are to complete the full diploma programme, as well as get more heavily involved in theatre, inside and outside of the school.
    3. I like to think of myself as a hard-worker, though I mostly just overcomplicate. No matter how big or small the task, I don't like to give anything but my all out of my fear of failure.
    4. I admire Kinzy Cleman for her ability and willingness to lead, Noah Byrd for the way he is unafraid to speak his mind, and Savon Smith for her unwavering kindness.
    5. I felt that everything being spoken in this video was at least of great importance, if not seen as truth by all. The realities that we should not be arguing over the blame of generational stereotypes, the fact that materialism does not equal happiness, and how he mentions "love of life". He constantly refers to the idea of community, not by term but through the importance of being involved with those around us. I also respect the host, who did not interrupt Simon to make a comment, but rather sat back and listened attentively.

  6. 1. I need to improve my social skills and activity because I don't get out a lot. I love people and want to spend quality time with them but a always working on school, cleaning, or some random project that needs done. This distances me as a person. I feel like working on my social skills/life is an important goal for me.
    2. My goals for the near future are to, as stated before, work on my social skills, complete the DP program, and become closer to God (a constant and on going goal of mine).
    3. I am quite good with being there for people and comforting them when they need it. I have always been the "motherly" friend that people bring their issues to no matter how big or small. I also have always been pretty book smart (maybe not so street smart). I catch on to most ideas quickly and run with them. I'm also very organized which helps me in all aspects of life.
    4. I admire Audra Barbee for her never ending cleverness and passion. I also admire Savon Smith for her kindness and loving heart for everyone she meets. I admire Mia Felton for her people skills, something I've always envied is her ability to be friendly all the time.
    5. The video hit me when it mentioned how everyone is told they're special and how we've become what I like to call "entitled" as a generation. I truly and wholeheartedly believe in capitalism which my generation does not seem to understand that you get what you work for. The video mentioned this with getting honors classes without really being a honors student. The video opened with a lot of put down criticism that is said about us today and he analysed all the little things we do as people that make us so "awful". It seems that our generation was raised by one good at complaining about things without providing any solutions.

  7. 1. Where do you see a need for personal growth?
    My 'fuse' needs to be worked on. I get mad at myself for the smallest things and have to learn that I need to take time to get better, and not everyone is great at everything the very first time that they try something.

    2. What are your goals?
    My goals are to graduate this year, and get through Pre-med and ultimately end up at Med-school to become a doctor.Though I do also wish to learn, as mentioned above, to calm down, let loose, and just enjoy whats in front of me rather than stress over the small things.

    3. What do you do especially well?
    I prioritize pretty well with minimal distraction. If I tell myself that I'm going to get something done, it will be finished, if not by my intended deadline, then before.

    4. Who are 1-3 classmates you admire, and why?
    I truly admire the work ethic of Taylor Caufield and Sarah Graham because it's motivating, for you to try your best. As well as the very honest feedback I get back from Grace Lyons when it comes to assignments,the fact that we are friends doesn't cloud her judgement.

    5. Reaction to video...what hit you, what felt true, why?
    The idea of the addiction to technology and how even putting your phone on a table while with others shows that you're not interesting is what really hit me. It makes me think about the times that someone talks to me and I play with my phone, or my anticipation for someone to finally answer something that I sent them over an hour ago. It's scary how true, and makes me wonder if its something that can be fixed, because it is one of those things that has been built into us.

  8. 1.) I would like to see growth in my sarcasm and rude jokes. I come across rude to many people and I want to stop doing that.
    2.) My goals are to finish this year off with good grades and to focus on saving money.
    3.) I do things well when they are important to me.
    4.) Cameron is a really good friend of mine and shows me how to have work ethic. Lauren helps me with my essays because she is really good at writing. Justin shows me how to think outside of the box and to challenge myself academically.
    5.) The addiction to technology really did speak to me because that is something that bugs me when people talk badly about it.

  9. 1. Where do you see a need for personal growth?
    I feel that as a person I need to work on my self consciousness. I am so insecure that I need to work on being more open, as well as know that I don't need to be so hard on myself when I fail at doing something.

    2. What are your goals?
    My goals are to stay focused in school and keep my grades up in all my classes. I want to enjoy life and take everything one step at a time.

    3. What do you do especially well?
    I am very good and keeping organized and turning things in on time, and at staying focused at the task that I am working on.

    4. Who are 1-3 classmates that you admire, and why?
    I admire Savon Smith for her extreme kindness towards everyone, as well as Caitlyn Simmons for her open mindedness and very helpful feel back she has that makes you look at things from different perspectives not just focus on your own. I also admire Kinzy because she is willing to do anything and have the ability and responsibility to lead.

    4. Reaction to Video...what hit you, what felt true, why?
    The video was very insightful, because we are so connected to our devices there are moments that we are missing out on because we are too busy looking down at the screen of our phones. People as young as three are already as attached to technology that when their older imagine how much more attached they will be. Some of the other things he mentioned I hadn't even though about, such as generational stereotypes. We all need to step back from all the technology but our society is so advanced that we don't have that love for life any more... its love for our technology.

  10. I need personal growth in stopping and just enjoying life. Every little thing whether an expression or an action that happens, I tend to overthink it. It eats me away with the stress and anxiety of what that moment was meant to mean. I would like to take time to get to know my state outside of my committee. Going hiking with my dog that Arizona is so famous for. And hopefully along the way I can find new friends and something new from me that I never thought I would find.
    My goal while still in highschool is to get good grades in my IB classes while I balance my work life, sports , and my personal life. My goal is to get high scores on the SAT, PTA and the IB end of the year core test. I would also like to get as many scholarships as I can to help out my family as well as saving money for the unknown future that will come.
    I do well with being open minded and can easily be accepting to new ideas, things and people.
    I admire so many people whether they know it or not.
    I admire Mable, for helping me understand that learning knowledge and having fun just being you is possible anytime. Some time she says things that leaves me speechless, with her wide rage of knowledge and teasing structure that make me think deeply yet all at the same time makes a joke out of it.
    I admire Summer for always having a smile no matter what. Her positivity and spirit makes me inspire to have that attitude to life. She very accepting and without meaning to she make people want to be excited and happy for the simplest things.
    I also admire Cameron for just being so free. Never caring what people say or think. He’s just himself. He just goes with the flow while enjoying every minute of the day. How he does it, I will never know but may it never end for that to me is what living life to the fullest really means.

    Lastly I can not express with words how correct the speaker is on everything. Its shocking to see that this our lives and how it has change over pieces of wires and metals. People don't even have conversations any more when they with company. I’m going to try some of the suggestion the speaker spoke of to see what would happen. It really going to be hard to do for growing up around it is going to feel weird when not having it so close to me.

  11. 1) I see a need for growth in my planning, both inside and out of school I have a habit of only seeing what's right in front of me and forgetting to look into the future and see what my long term goals should be.
    2) My goals are to be more honest and to try and step out of my comfort zone a bit more as I often find myself so worried about something that I forget to enjoy it. This will let me enjoy the little things more and to experience new and exciting things.
    3) One of the things I do really well is communicate, its really easy for me to express how I feel in both my writing and my speech.
    4) One classmate I admire is Makinzy Cleman as she manages to manage her time despite all of her activities, I also admire Jessica Collard as she is always striving to improve herself and is always eager to learn. Finally I admire Savon Smith who is always willing to help others and is just an overall cheerful person.
    5) This video was really deep and insightful, especially when it talked about technology and how we are all becoming addicted. It is something that I had noticed but I didn’t fully see the impacts and changes it causes in our generation. Finally a part that stuck with me was that we shouldn’t give awards for participation, I believe this to be one of the reasons this generation feels so entitled, because we all think that we are special because we were awarded for showing up.

  12. 1. I feel like I need to work on not overthinking my problems. I often overthink problems that have simple solutions until I am on a verge of a mental breakdown. I hope to work on that by talking to someone who cares about helping me and not someone who is dismissive of my problems.
    2. Each day I make small goals for myself like finish this project or get more involved in this class, but my biggest goal right now is to graduate from high school and move onto the preparation for college life.
    3. One thing I do really well is work well with others and participate in group projects.
    4. I don't know personally of anybody like this, but I really admire the students that takes full Honors/DP programs, work a part-time job, keep good grades, are involved in sports, all while maintaining a healthy social life. Keep up the good work!
    5. Simon had some important and interesting insights I had not thought of before. Once he brought up the idea of our addiction to technology, I have always thought the reason we could be so addicted to technology would be because it is all around us and it can get so deeply rooted into our lives so quickly and easily. At one point it kind of started sounding like the Millennial generation were a bunch of depressed, useless, selfish people that are unable to benefit society, but in all reality, that was what he wanted us to realize and the first step to solving the solution was to become aware of our surroundings and work with it. I liked this video because it made me think of myself and what I can do to help my generation.

  13. Personally, I need to grow in a number of things. A lot of times, I lack motivation to do certain tasks, and I would like for myself to gain motivation. There are a lot of things that I want to do in my daily life, and normally, I do not end up doing them. I want to gain the motivation to do the tasks that I need to complete, so that I can feel accomplished and have less on my plate.
    One goal that I have in life is to not worry so much about what other people think of me, and to just do what I want when I want to. I am a person who tends to care a lot about what others think of me, and I hate that about myself. I hope that one day I will not care so much so that I can do what I love without worrying what others will think of me.
    One thing that I do especially well is stay on task. I hate having homework or any left over work, so I stay on task so that I can get what I want done right away.
    One classmate that I admire is Sarah Graham. She helps me with a lot of my schoolwork, and she also makes me laugh every day. Jaelyn Dunbar is also another scholar that I admire, because in math he pays attention with me and helps me understand what I need to and when he has questions, I help him.
    The video helped me see people in a different way. I never thought of my phone as being an addiction, but now I think of it in a different way. It makes me think twice about using my phone, because now I am afraid that people are going to think that I am addicted to technology, and I do not want others to think that way.

  14. I personally need to grow in many areas. I need to work mostly on my time management and planning skills. Academically, I do not usually make time for homework or projects. This results in me doing it last minute and, in turn doing worse than I should have. I also need to work on doing not only what benefits me, but what benefits others as well. I see it as morally correct to do this, yet I do not always practice it in my everyday life. I am often selfish and I do not even realize it.

    My goals in life are fairly simple. 1. I want to have a family and raise my children the best that I can. 2. I want to serve my country though the military. 3. I want to live my whole life with a strong faith, and be able to share this with others through my lifestyle and actions. I feel that if I do these three things (particularly the third) I will have lived a full and meaningful life.

    This next question is hard for me. I do not often sit around thinking about what I do exceptionally well. I am usually thinking of the opposite, if anything. I guess if i have to chose something, it would be leading/helping others. I try to use comedy and intelligence to be a leader in any situation that I can, and help others whenever I am able.

    One (Previous) classmate that I really admire would be Keaton Knight. Keaton ALWAYS gets done what needs to get done. While I may shrug something off because i'm tired or "it wont affect my grade/life THAT much..." he will complete any and all homework and personal tasks to the best of his ability no matter what. Another classmate i admire would be Gabe Thelin. If Gabe does not understand something, he will take the an initiative outside of that situation to learn about it to better prepare himself. Especially in math class.

    It is funny. earlier this week, my mom showed me this video and asked me the same question. What do I, as a "millennial", think about what Sinek has to say? I agree with everything. I understand what it is like to be addicted to social media. If I am bored, I check social media. How do I relax? Sit back and check my phone. I can't bear to have an unread text message, email, or notification in general. I want to try something similar to what he said about only taking one cell phone when going out with friends. After all, one is all you really need. One thing about the video that really got to me was when he mentioned how major ideas and innovation are thought up. Through the little moments when the mind is wandering. How many great ideas have I missed because instead of doing some thinking, I mindlessly tapped away on my phone screen, liking, scrolling, and typing. I also completely understand the concept of instant gratification and I am deeply affected by it. I look at my elders such as my parents and grandparents, and I wonder how i will ever accomplish what they have, whether is be material items, spiritually, or intellectually. My father has an amazing skill set and it seems that he can fix anything mechanical or electrical. When I was younger I always thought that this would naturally just come to me but as i have grown older, I have realized that it has taken him years to develop his knowledge and troubleshooting skills. It seems unattainable to me because i am so used to getting what I want, when I want it. While I agree that there are a lot of problems with my generation, there are problems with every generation. None is perfect, just like no person is. Using what I have learned in this video I am going to do the best that I can do to overcome these problems, and raise my future children without that handicap.

    1. I did not realize you wanted to join the military. That is really cool!

      I really like what you said about your realization that your father's skills came through years of work and development of knowledge over time. That is VERY important. There are definitely problems with every generation! I was lumped in with GEN X and many of the same things were said about that generation that are now being said about Millennials (minus the technology part because we didn't have the technology then). I guess it makes sense then that GEN X brought forth those same qualities in their kids. But it is not blanket--many people in one generation overcome these traits through knowledge of them, and through great parents who demonstrate work ethic and who are more balanced in offering discipline through unconditional love.

    2. Good for your mom for raising this discussion with you! How cool! :) It is good that so many of you have an awareness, and I really appreciate that you are hoping to raise your children to not have this handicap. One thing I did was required my kids as they got older to have atLEAST an hour of outside time (even in the heat of summer!) Of course, this led to them having so much fun, they didn't want to come in after just one hour, and it created a balance. They still will always choose basement cave video games if I give them the choice, but I didn't, helped! ;)

  15. I saw you share this on Facebook and I thought it was the best thing ever! I shared it with a bunch of family and friends!
    1.) One thing that I think I need to work on is my confidence in social situations. I'm very confident in myself and very prideful of what I have accomplished, but for some reason when I get around certain people, I get awkward and self conscious. I am getting to the roots of the problem and I actually make it a priority everyday to be able to handle social situations better than I have and to show my confidence outwardly.
    2.) I have many goals in life that I am working towards. One of my goals is to be self-employed and to liberate myself from the 9-5. This has always been a goal of mine because it fits the lifestyle I desire and it will make me happy as a person. I actually will hopefully have my first business within the next few months! In doing this I am trying to give myself more freedom to be able to work on other areas of my life. I want to start a family later on down the road, and I am really looking forward to being able to teach my kids the values and lessons that I was taught as a kid. I want to be able to make a living large enough to support my hobbies and family, and to be able to start animal organizations in the future to help animals in need. Overall, I want to live a life that revolves around happiness, fun, and family, as well as making the community around me a better place.
    3.) One thing that I do especially well is getting along with others and understanding their perspectives. I would say 95% of the people I come across I end up making friends with them, and that's something that's always naturally come to me. Very rarely do I make enemies, and if you are an enemy of mine then there is a very good reason for our relationship to be that way.
    4.) One classmate I admire is Ethan Crockett because he always finds a way to think unconventionally and outside the box. He is very creative and innovative in the way he thinks, which is a trait that I wish I had. Another classmate I admire is Christian Caraway because he is never afraid to say what he thinks to anyone, and he is very open in the way he expresses himself. Whether it will get him in trouble or not, he is honest and upfront with everyone which is a trait I am trying to acquire.
    5.) To be completely honest I agreed with everything said in this video. Every point he makes about the mistakes that this generation has made and the generation raising us makes complete sense. This is something that I have actually thought about very often because I was raised differently than my younger siblings. I was disciplined a lot more than they were, and I didn't get as many materialistic items as they have. My little sister is 10 and has an iPhone, but when I was 10 I had a flip phone that I only had to contact my mom when I rode the bus. In seeing this difference in the way I was raised versus them, I can see a difference in their behavior versus mine when I was their age. They are still great kids, but they think and act in a different manner than I did. In seeing this I can translate this to the bigger picture. I feel if more people opened their eyes to see what they're raising this generation to be, then that's when we could alter our ways of upbringing to create a better society. I personally plan to raise my kids the old fashioned way because I feel it teaches priceless lessons, such as being patient as mentioned in the previous blog, that they won't be able to learn any other way.

  16. 1. Where do you see a need for personal growth?
    There are two main things that I wish to grow personally. My first is my patience. I do not have any. I wish I did but alas... I do not. Everything somehow bothers me - especially if I am extremely close with that specific person. Next, I wish to be more like I am with those I am close to: more outgoing, more confident, more fiery. I sometimes hate myself for how I become at school because I know it is not me and yet I cannot change it. I have been stuck with a shy awkward personality at school for years and I am tired of requiring myself to hold in who I am when I am not.. well.. terrified.
    2. What are your goals?
    My goals are to talk to everyone I wish to without fear of rejection. There are many people at this school who I truly care about who would have no idea I did because I NEVER TALK TO THEM. There are people who I want to get to know who seem like people I would get along with but for some reason, I am terrified of talking to. I also want to go through life not being irritated by the little things. My goal is to learn how to let stuff roll off me without letting it get to me.
    3. What do you do especially well?
    I believe I express my emotions very well. I sometimes express them too much and I have to be told to tone it down a little. My body and face give away a lot of what I am thinking and sometimes that hinders friendships that I do not want to end. Overall the thing I do best sometimes is not a gift.
    4. Who are 1-3 classmates you admire, and why?
    The first classmate I admire is Brianna Sieminski. She has the perfect balance of someone who gets everything done on time and with accuracy and a chill and calm personality. I on the other hand am one extreme or the other. I admire her also for her beautiful singing voice which I would give anything to have. Bri is also a kind and happy person in general so it is always nice to be around her because it makes me comfortable and at ease. I strive to have a personality like her.
    Next I admire Aaron Maxwell. Aaron is a very direct and straightforward person. He states what he means and sticks to logic whereas I can be a bit whimsical. Though, on top of all his logic he is absolutely hilarious. I strive to have that type of balance, not just (again) one extreme or the other. Finally he is a good manipulator. You might not think that is a trait to admire but it most likely is my favorite trait about him. Aaron knows when and what to say to get someone to do something even if they do not want to. People will make themselves look like fools around him (myself included) and you will never realize he has manipulated into doing or saying it until you see him smile. Overall, I admire Aaron's intelligence, cunning, and logic.
    5. Reaction to video...what hit you, what felt true, why?
    What definitely hit me was when he stated that it was not the millennials fault how the world is, that it is just what we were born into. All my life almost every adult has commented in some way about this generation to me and how we are the ones who are at fault. I have always believed that it was not my fault and that I was just born into it and it was nice to hear an adult confirm that. What struck me as true was that we are too into our social media and that we do not socialize. I have felt the lack of presence from people especially while they are on their phones and have wanted to converse with them but could not.

  17. 1. Patience and tolerance. I am really bad at waiting on people or messages for too long, and when I feel like I have been waiting long enough I sent another text or rush people.
    2. My goal is to wait and tolerate different opinions. I am very bad with respecting other’s opinions if I do not feel like agreeing.
    3. Socialize and express myself
    4. Mable, Justin and Cameron: Mable is really down-to-earth and obliging. She has a lot of knowledge and is always happy to help! Justin is unbelievable funny, kind and smart. Cameron is inconceivable smart and accommodating, and I really appreciate him helping me with my vocabulary and understanding different assignments!
    5. Everything! Literally everything! It did not surprise me, but I did get a shock of how bad we are at actually communicating! When he gave the example of conference-meetings I thought about the meetings I have been in, and he was absolutely on-point!

  18. 1. Regarding my growth as a person, I know that I have a lot to work on. Primarily, I would say that I definitely need to become more organized and structured with my schedules by using a planner or something similar. Most importantly, I need to insure that I can muster up the motivation to keep to my schedule so that I can minimize my stress.
    2. I also have many goals in life! My most imperative goal, I think, is to verify and foster my passions in life, such as language and music, to meaningful and impactful extents. Additionally, I also wish to develop more common sense and people skills so that my daily social interactions can be easier and smoother, thus allowing myself to be seen as more friendly/approachable to others.
    3. Some talents/skills I think I have is that of having a good capacity to learn new languages like Mandarin, as well as learn instruments and play music decently. I also feel like I have a good ability to analyze problems and provide feedback (some people call this overthinking things, but y'know).
    4. Three classmates that stand out to me and that I admire are Audra Barbee, Caitlyn Simmons, and Savon Smith. Audra (aka our future valedictorian) is an extraordinary writer and overall super intelligent person who is also very kind to everyone. Caitlyn epitomizes what it means to have your life on track. She has such a cool, yet fun personality with an grounded intelligence and common sense that works in her favor. And Savon is literally the moral compass of our grade with her boundless optimism, profound capacity for kindness, and amiable personality, not to mention she is one of the most intelligent people in our grade.
    5. Concerning the video, I found it overall a very accurate explanation of the millennial problem. But particularly, I felt the truest argument he made was about the impact technology has had upon the millennial generation. I definitely agree that technology like cell phones and social media has changed how we choose to communicate and socialize with each other. Instead of face-to-face conversation with those 'micro-moments' that develop true relationships with one another, many young people have been given unrestricted exposure to the numbing and addictive effects of technology.
    As dreary as our future may seem, I haven't lost hope, because I believe that humanity will come to the realization that worldly pleasure and immediate satisfaction is not the key to true happiness. Rather, true happiness and fulfillment can only be found in faith and friendship with those you truly love.

  19. 1) Personally, the area I think that needs the most individualized growth is in the social aspect of things. Sinek is completely right when he describe our lives and how they seemingly revolve around superficial friends and social media when unbalanced. Therefore I agree with his methods of not sleeping by your phone or not caring as much about how many likes we get on our most recent post on Instagram.
    2) One goal I would like to make is to try and understand patience more now and after high school. I'm sure that as I enter college and America's work force that I'm going to need a lot of it and the instant gratification that we're used to is going to dissipate.
    3) I think I'm reasonably good at staying off my phone when I'm out with friends. I usually rarely take it out unless it's something important. Lately I've been trying to enjoy more of the journey as well and developing meaningful and lasting friendships, accompanied by real joy and trust.
    4) One classmate I admire a lot would be Oliver Zache. No matter how seemingly difficult or complex the situation is Oliver has an answer. I admire his intelligence on the fly as well as his ability to work hard when things need to get done. Another classmate I admire is Riley Beeson. He never seems to complain after instruction and always gets to work immediately on whatever the assignment may be and he doesn't stop working until he is satisfied with his work.
    5) I like how Sinek talked about "instant gratification" and how that's all our generation experiences because it's honestly very true. Once we enter say Junior High and get our first cell phone things change and relationships change and the only things worth while (real relationships, trust, fulfillment, love, etc) become harder and harder to grasp. So personally I hope to try and cherish those things and make sure I'm tending to those and having patience along the way.

  20. 1. Where do you see a need for personal growth?
    A LOT of work on procrastination.

    2. What are your goals?
    My goals are to be a successful, well rounded, and independent women one day, to show what I am made of.
    Another goal of mine (which is very petty) is to have just one moment where I show everyone that I am actually intelligent and know what I’m doing or talking about, I’m not just a dumb blonde, that says things that are hard for people to understand because they are laughing at me. I just want one chance in front of everyone for something that I say to sound intelligent and unexpected.

    3. What do you do especially well?
    I think what I do well is at least try. I try to be social, I try to get away from my phone as much as possible, I try do try everything :)

    4. Who are 1-3 classmates you admire, and why?
    Makinzy: I admire Kinzy because under all of her funny and tough comments and exterior, she has a very kind heart and really cares about everything and everyone, even if she might not say so. :)
    Kamryn: I first of all admire Kamryn for being able to do anything and without much effort sounds flawless, especially her writing, but also admiring her hard work and determination to be on top in every class. And secondly, I admire her for being able to have a Monster almost every morning and somehow never falling asleep, because it happens to me everytime.

    5. Reaction to video...what hit you, what felt true, why?
    What hit me the most was the view point and study of the chemical dopamine when you get a text, and the resemblance to drinking, smoking, and gambling. I felt this was true because I know how that feels and the little happy feeling in your stomach that goes on, but I restrain myself and hold off answering to make a less of deal about the fact that my phone got a notification. This is why I hate the internet now, because even though I know it’s pathetic my body still tells me and gets excited when my phone buzzes, even if I tell myself every time that it doesn’t matter. This is how I related to the message, because sadly it is true even if I don’t want it to be.

    1. I think you might be a little too hard on yourself - I will be there are many people who see you as very creative and intelligent. They may not say it to you, but I will bet that is how they would describe you. :) Regardless, I hope YOU get that moment when you hear them respond to you in that way. :)

  21. 1. I need work on putting more time and effort into school, even though i'm an amazing procrastinator.

    2. My goals, hmm I would say be the best Smash Bros. player in AZ, i'm pretty much already there. Really I wanna just play games and sleep oh and watch Anime and cartoons, if I can do that in the future and be well off, I think i'm doing something right.

    3. I'm super good at playing Smash Bros. seriously i'm the 3rd best in AZ, and I make money from it so I guess thats something. Oh i'm also good at making money because of that so yea. Really I think that's all i'll give myself credit for.

    4. Ok lemme say this, I don't admire any of my classmates, I respect them but I don't admire them. With that said I do admire some other people namely my friend Ollie, that dude is so positive and really I wish I had a mentality like that guy, the dude can do anything he sets his mind to. Also shoutout to Shane, the guy has taught me so much about how to get good, and its helped me so much. And the last guy would be Shane's brother Shawn, the guy is short but he has that drive that makes you go Woah this dude is really passionate, the guy just wants to win that bad.
    5. Ok the addiction to the internet and texting, well just the internet for me really, nobody texts or hits me up on Social Media, really I keep my phone on Do Not Disturb, because I don't wanna deal with people when I'm not in school, but if someone does send me something and I look at it, I put my phone down and go back to watching my anime and cartoons, and reading my manga. Yea thats about it really

  22. 1. I have several areas for personal growth, the ones I really want to work on this year are: becoming more patient with others, being less frustrated, and procrastinating less. Currently, my time management and ability to speak with people are struggling to find balance in my life. I find that even when a person asks me one question I become frustrated because they didn't understand me or they didn't value you the same thing we are discussing as much as I did. My time management has been put off by my phone and tv and it is hard to get off of these devices and focus on what I need to do. Finally, I want to be less of a "Yes Man". I say yes to so many clubs and activities I get overwhelmed and can't do a good job on anything and I do it because I want approval, not because I am interested in those things. So I am planning on saying "No" more often.
    2. My goal for this year is to find a better balance between school, work, church, family and friends. Following that, I want to create better relationships. My mom and I are around each other all the time, but sometimes we don't even know what to talk about to each other, so my goal is to be more open with people and focus more on what is going on in their lives. Finally, I want to become self-motivated. I struggle with finding a reason to do things for myself and as a result, I often fall behind, so I really want to work on that.
    3. I feel as though I communicate well with others and keep good track of what I need to do. I do well in public speaking environments and leading large groups of people.
    4. There are several people at school that I admire. But the two people I admire most, are my best friends at the school. Gabrielle Freitas and Sydney Burt. I admire Gabrielle because she doesn't procrastinate, a skill I struggle with very much, she is also talented and is able to balance school and family together. I admire Sydney because she constantly works hard and is doing something. She also can create things I could never imagine and wish I could make myself.
    5.I thought the video was so accurate in its description of millenials. I know so many people who look for that instant gratificiation and are constantly on their phones, and recently I have noticed it in myself. I have to be on my phone or it has to be near me for me to feel connected to the world which is a huge problem. I really connected to the Millenial view of love needing to be instaneous because I see that a lot. I know many people who have graduated from high school, dated someone for a year and then gotten married. I also her girls talk about how it took two months for their boyfriend to kiss them and that was, to them very long to wait, when really (in my opinion) that is way to soon. We expect for people to know us so well so soon and expect them to dote on us consistently, always want to see us, and be our best friend. But really, a good relationship is when you can talk to someone for hours and not be bored, when you know them well, and can still be an individual without them right next to you. I feel like that is a large part of what our generation is missing, real connections with each other.

  23. 1. When talking about personal growth, I know I have MUCH to work on. But, if I had to narrow it don't to one thing, I would say that I really need to work on my self-esteem. And I don't mean something as simple as looks, but my confidence. I have always been a hard worker, and I know that nothing in life is just handed to you. As I was listening to Simon speak, when he said "At best, their lives just wont be full of joy. Everything will just be 'Fine' ", I really connected with that, because most of everything I have done so far in my life wasn't for the joy of myself, or because I am passionate about it, but more because it was for the joy and approval of my family. This is something that I need to change, because I want to enjoy my life and I want to know that I am/ will be happy.
    2. My goals in life are to ultimately be happy, and be proud of where I am and the person I have become. As of right now, I know that I want to be a trauma surgeon, and I would like to do my Medical School through the Air- Force to also teach myself discipline. I want to be independent and reliant on no one but myself, and to feel comfortable in the place I have gotten myself too. I want to enjoy my life, and not constantly say "What if".
    3. One things that I do exceptionally well, is taking charge in a hard situation. Although this can be seen as both a good and bad thing, I would personally say that I think it is good, because before I was confident in doing this, when things got hard or out of control I was always waiting for someone to step up and tell me what to do. I think that this really came from work, and now I can apply it to everyday life, but I do think that this is something I do exceptionally well, and it helps me get through the day knowing that I will be able to handle (or at least try to handle) everything that is thrown at me.
    4. There are many classmates that I actually admire, many for many different reasons. However, if I had to narrow it down to three people, I would say Hunter Cuison, Taylor Caufield and Lizette Ramos. Hunter is very alive, and always energetic and fun and just alive, and he always has a sense of humor even in times of struggle, and I do admire that, because I think I need to get into the mindset that its always better to be the one who smiled, than to be the one that didn't smile back. He definitely exemplifies that character, and I hope that one day I can also be like that. Taylor Caufield is a hard worker, and a very smart and intelligent girl, she has goals and hopes for herself, and she isn't going to let anyone tell her that she cant do it, and wont take no for an answer. While I believe I am much like this, I do hope that someday I will be able to handle these situations with as much grace and respect as she does. She's kind, caring and passionate, and these are the most admirable qualities anyone can really have. Last but not lease, Lizette. Lizette has always been kind, and we have been friends since I came to Odyssey (5 Years ago!!). She has a way of making people feel like they are just super important, and great, even when they haven't done anything! She also is very strong. I remember talking to her when she was first diagnosed, and she simply said "It was hard at first, but I mean, I can beat anything", and to have that type of mindset, with anything is truly empowering, and she does it in such a simply, elegant and beautiful way, its amazing.
    5. Finally, my thoughts on this video. Well, to say the least it was very interesting, and honestly I thought that I was going to be more upset with it, just because I hate when people just say "Ugh, Millennials" , but when he argues something, he give modern examples on why he says what he says, and it honestly helped me understand what is concerning about this generation.

    1. I did not know about the specifics of your goals in becoming a trauma surgeon! You have really put a lot of thought into it--not only what you want to be, but how you will make it happen. I really admire that!

  24. 1. Where do you see a need for personal growth?
    I tend to be a very disconnected person in many ways whether it be getting distracted, or like the video was mentioning, not feeling or having strong relationships. I need to work on allowing myself to trust and connect with other people, moments, art instead of closing myself off all the time
    2. What are your goals?
    I have goals such as finishing high school and getting good grades, but one of my personal goals is to stop focusing on others' approval. I have a lot of self doubt and I'm extremely indecisive, so I want to stop feeling a need for approval from everyone else before I make my own decisions and opinions.
    3. What do you do especially well?
    I'm good at taking criticism, mostly because I agree with the video when it says that we shouldn't all be told we're special instead of being told what we can specifically improve on. I personally criticize myself a lot, and when people give me compliments on things that I do, I tend to tell them what I could have done better and why it isn't the best it could be. I appreciate it more when people tell me what I can improve on so that I can motivate myself to do better instead of believing empty compliments about something that I know I could have done better on.
    4. Who are 1-3 classmates you admire, and why?
    I admire and have so much respect for Savon Smith because she is she the nicest person I've ever met, but she is also an extremely hard worker and uses all of her effort in and create the best work she can. Even with all the work she has, I never hear her complain or whine about it, she simply uses positivity to motivate herself.
    5. Reaction to video...what hit you, what felt true, why?
    I agreed with this entire video and everything felt true. From being addicted to the fake, perfect lives we seem to have on our phones, to being rewarded for simple participation, it was very intriguing to see someone talk about it all. I also just want to take a moment and show some appreciation to the host for never interrupting, that just made the video even more amazing.

    1. I can relate to your number two answer! That is something that can take years to overcome. I am very proud of you for seeing it and wanting to tackle it now. While we definitely don't want to go to the other extreme, we need to realize that pleasing others at any cost is harmful.

  25. 1. Personally I feel as if I need improvement in self discipline, creating deep connections with people, and asking for help.
    2. My short term goals would be graduate, and get accepted into a good college. Long term Life goals would be to have a job that I love and not just have for money, to make deeper connections, and to make an impact. For me making an impact means being apart of something that is bigger than myself, doing work or having a job that will help people and make a long lasting difference in their lives.
    3. Things I do well I think would be taking criticism (I LOVE constructive criticism), being true to myself, and being a leader.
    4. People I admire in our class is Savon and Kinzy. Kinzy because she is self disciplined, organized, and outspoken; and I like how Savon is all ways thinking positive and on the bright side of things.
    5. I felt like the video spoke the truth that sometimes we don't want to admit, even though I didn't agree with some of his point. I feel like I don't really seek other's approval on social media, but I do use my cell phone to cope with stress by watching Youtube and looking at other's pics on Instagram. I agree with the lack deep meaningful relationship because that is something I long to have someday. And most importantly, the mountain metaphor, for me I see the mountain AND the peak and I know the journey is long and hard but instead of working with others and asking for help, I am just trying to run straight up the mountain but I keep getting tired or falling off because I can only get so far by myself. This video was a form of constructive criticism, and a way to reflect and find places for improvement.

  26. When someone talks about “millennials”, I find it’s most often in a negative context. My generation is assumed to be lazier, less motivated, impatient, and loads of other qualities one would associate with “losers”. And, honestly, I have to agree with a lot of them. This video, however, showed how different aspects “made” millennials the way they are. I found the topic of being “dealt a bad hand” interesting, seeing how our modern world and all its distractions can produce many who lack purpose or joy in their lives.

    1. Where do you see a need for personal growth?

    I think a lot of people recognize ways to improve themselves.. I think the big ticket is actually doing something to improve your life! For me, my goals are set. I think it's a very big mistake for someone to allow themselves to lapse into a state of aimlessness. For many people without goals, happiness comes in the form of substances and distractions. Very bad! My personal growth lies in developing the skills I need to complete my goals. This means a lot of hard work and patience, so I can get where I need to be.

    2. What are my goals?

    My goals are many and various. However, a lot of them can be chalked up to achieving financial independence. This means I’m able to make the choices I want, when I want, and not having to see if they ‘fit my budget’.

    3. What do you do especially well?

    A lot of my strengths lie in my ability to complete obligations. If I have a job, I must do it right and punctually.

    4. A classmate I really admire has to be Christian Caraway. Christian is a friend of mine who can always be relied on. He has quite a busy schedule, yet completes his tasks with grace and efficiency. I admire his ability, positive attitude, and inspiring ambition that he carries with him everyday. I continue to learn from him and hope to see him go on to do extraordinary things!

    5. Reaction to video

    This video had answers to questions about a big, big problem. The problem being an entire generation of people! These answers enlightened the problems a lot of millennials have and gave suggestions on what to do to overcome these challenges. Though I do believe some blame in on the generation that raised us (you can blame just about everything on anybody if you try hard enough), I think a lot of solutions must come from millennials trying to fix themselves. People on average today have more luxuries than kings had 1000 years ago, yet depression has never been higher. I think we as a generation must “buck up” and start getting our hands dirty. It’s about time we put down our gadgets and start embracing tradition. I’m constantly inspired by stories of “rags to riches”, because being outside of one’s comfort zone is how we strive to improve and grow.

    1. First of all, I'll just say that what you wrote about Christian was truly meaningful to both him and me. Thank you for expressing yourself so poignantly as always. :) And thanks for being a great friend to him. Secondly, I really like how you analyzed the video. Especially pointing out the fact that despite all the great things we have, we still are not happy. This shows that "stuff" just is a filler. It doesn't bring us the joy we seek as human beings. That comes in connections....and those take time. VERY well articulated!

  27. 1. Where do you see a need for personal growth?
    I feel a need for improvement in belief. Whether it's believing in myself. That I can complete a difficult task, give a presentation, or just believing that I did my best. I also need to believe in others around me. That people aren't always bad. I need to learn to trust myself and those close to me.

    2. What are my goals?
    I would say a goal of mine that I have had for a while and that I am still working on is to make myself happy. A goal to do what is best for me, a goal that will benefit me most and give the result of happiness.

    3. What do you do especially well?
    Something I do well is I always finish a task, even if it a last minute thing (not a good idea), I do it because I know consequences will follow if it's not done.

    4. A classmate that I really admire is Jeremy Jones. Although I do not share a class with him this year, I have in the past. I always hear good things about him, and how he will always risk sharing his opinions/answers in class when no one else will.

    Another classmate I really admire is Christian Caraway. I have seen him do some hectic things for his future and class, but never once does he let doubt get in his way. He is both a leader in and out of the classroom, and that is trait that will get him far. He knows how to have fun but get his work done. I only hope to be as dedicated as these two scholars.

    5. Reaction to video:
    In the video I really liked how he outlined how our generation is addicted to our cell phones. Thought it is part of the world is now, we miss things such as opportunities, experiences, and possible learning experiences.

  28. 1) I know I need an improvement in my organization and time management. It’s not that my life is a mess, however the fact is that I don’t know all of my priorities yet. Leading into, my time management skills; right when I get home I check my phone, then I do my homework. Typically, I’m told to do homework then do whatever, but I’m so addicted like the video mentioned dopamine; I feel happy when I get to see what other people or doing or how many likes I get. I totally agree with Sinek when he brought up that subject.
    2) My goals are to improve on the skills mentioned above. Also, to become a better, more caring person to people. I’ve been known as a word lately, I can’t really say it on here, but I’ve been shutting people out. Most people would say that’s not good, but I don’t need them in my life…...this just got really personal sorry. Anywho, my people skills need to improve.
    3) I think I am really good at leading, but I have a very low patience level, then I turn into a dictator. I also know I am good at tackling challenges. No matter how hard.
    4) A student I admire is Lauren Ferguson, not only does she balance club volleyball and school she maintains good friends, which I envy. She maintains good grades from what she tells me straight A’s. Overall she is a well balanced scholar.
    5) I mainly connected to the technology part. To be more specific, checking the phone every morning, being connected 24/7. I felt that he was right when everyone checks their phone, any moment they feel not occupied, even when conversing with other people.

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  30. 1.  Where do you see a need for personal growth?
    An area of personal growth I see for my self is in becoming less attached to things. Whether it be social media, or in my most predominant case, caffeine, I find myself getting addicted to things very easily. I’d like to be able to have more self control in this new year. To be able to really say, “Hey, I’m no longer going to have RedBull, but instead just coffee” or to say for good, for real, “Let’s delete Instagram and Twitter”, and actually follow through. I tried last year to cut out caffeine and social media, and I lasted about five months. I hope starting February 1st, to cut out caffeine and social media for the rest of the year.
    2.  What are your goals?
    To cut out caffeine, to study more, to stress less, to have more fun, to learn how to be okay with just being by myself for awhile, to learn how to maintain friendships better, to be a better communicator, to not be afraid.. I have a long list. My primary goal, besides the self control maintenance, is to learn to stop being afraid of arbitrary things. I have a list of things that I fear, and my goal for 2017 is to be able to cross off every one of those things. Such examples include: Stingrays (my first thing I crossed off), Jellyfish, Police/Fire sirens, revolving doors, bankruptcy, etc.
    3.  What do you do especially well?
    This is a loaded question for me. I tend to self deprecate more often than could be considered healthy. I had to ask my parents and my friends in order to get a straight answer because I kept lying to myself and saying I wasn’t good at anything. I’ve settled on the fact that I do well at planning for the future. I make budget spreadsheets.. It’s truly a blessing and a curse. I’m also caring about the environment? Seriously, if you don’t actually care about the ocean and ocean acidification, don’t ask me about it because you’ll get a minimum of a fifteen minute lecture about how we’re killing the ocean.
    4.  Who are 1-3 classmates you admire, and why?
    Katryna Eastwood is my biggest academic role model because of how hard she works. She’s willing to go any distance in order to get the job done. Even if that involves math, which she loathes. Kyra Perry is also someone I admire greatly because of her commitment to her work, and her ability to come up with fascinating ideas during our discussions during class. Working with her on our Death board was honestly one of best, and most fun, projects I’ve ever done. Sydney Burt is additionally one of the people who I strive to academically. She balances so much, and still manages to be so kind and thoughtful.
    5.  Reaction to video...what hit you, what felt true, why?
    I noticed this video on Facebook about a week ago, and everything about it just made sense. I especially loved his philosophy about phones, and keeping them face up. For about a year now, I’ve really just wanted to trade in my smart phone for a flip phone. Get rid of the distraction. Get rid of the constant push notifications. But we live in a society where that’s just a pipe dream. We live in a society where we have, like he mentioned, our phone’s face up in meetings. I’m not saying that I don’t do this, but even before this, I’ve noticed this phenomenon. This was especially true when my cousin Alex was here. We’d be watching a movie on the couch, and she’d be on her phone texting her boyfriend the entire time. We’d kinda just sit there for an hour and a half, both eventually looking at our phones (me caving because I’m not just going to make comments to myself out loud without acknowledgements), “watching a movie”. It makes me wonder about how the next generation, the ones that are just entering preschool will be when they’re our age…

  31. 1. Where do you see a need for personal growth?
    I feel that I need to work on balancing my time and using more common sense for my own personal growth.
    2. What are your goals?
    My goals as of right now it to receive good grades and to finish a drawing each month. Overall, my goals is to work for an entertaining company. Either a gaming company, or an animation company.
    3. What do you do especially well?
    I personally do well at organizing events or/and homework. I also do well at being creative.
    4. Who are 1-3 classmates you admire, and why?
    The classmates that I admire are Gisela, Gage, and Sarah. Gisela tends to always procrastinate and get good grades. Gage uses his common sense a lot which is what I lack. And Sarah has lots of homework, yet she gets good grades and draws amazing art.
    5. Reaction to video...what hit you, what felt true, why?
    I have seen this video before, I think that it is true. This entire generation has been congratulated on whatever they do, whether it is bad or good. They have become so used to that feeling that whenever they do a particular something they must be congratulated once again to make them feel better. And if they are not, then they become upset, maybe depressed. With the technology rising, more people are going online re-posting/re-tweeting/sharing anything about their life, only hoping that they are getting praised for "being beautiful" or "being lucky" to be going to a certain place, etc. However the comments that are offensive and hurtful become so impactful to these millennials,that they beat themselves up for it. They become upset and depressed, yet they don't even try to fix themselves. We are too addicted to our devices that we don't even try to solve any other real life problems that occur around us, though still seeking to be congratulated by not doing so. I myself am guilty of being like this. Overall this video really helped reflect on what this generation has become.

  32. This video was both very interesting and very impactful!
    1. An area I feel I need to personally grow in is being balanced. Not as much with the use of social media, however I see the need between my school work and other areas of my life (for example, art). Along with my academics, I feel that several other parts of my life are important and that I need to take time to focus on those things as I would my school work. This will also help with stress and allow me to grow in other ways.
    2. My goals particularly at this point of my life is to focus on personal growth and happiness. I want to grow as a person through more experiences (which are guaranteed!) and learn more ways in which I can better my self. I also want to strengthen my relationships with those around me and find ways to connect with more people. Lastly, I want to acknowledge all of the joys in my life and focus on those things while being thankful.
    3. What I feel I do especially well is accepting the experiences I go through. Over time, I have learned that everything I go through is for a reason and means that I am going to learn, so try to focus on this. Along with this, I try to understand that there is benefit to all situations, and what that is will become clear at some point in time.
    4. One classmate I admire greatly is Karla Sainz. Karla is faced with the same everyday tasks my all of my classmates and I have, yet she handles them without resistance and remains such a positive and hilarious person. Along with this, she is a fantastic friend and supporter. Another classmate I admire is Makinzy Cleman, as she is one of the most determined and strong willed people I know. I know that she can take on anything and I admire her fearlessness. On top of this she is also one of my most supportive friends, which I am grateful for.
    5. This video was extremely impactful for me. I had always known there was a semi-negative view on Millenials, but I did not know why exactly or what could be done. However, after watching this video, the issue (and possible solutions) were clear to me, and I did not feel any negativity with it. What left an impact on me particularly was the connection between social media use and other addictions people can have. To me this really showed the severity and impact social media can have on our generation that we may not see immediately. I do feel like it was true when Simon Sinek discusses the need try to be away from social media and establish boundaries. I know from experience and observation that many are very attached to technology and social media and while there is some benefit, I do feel we may not be as focused on building real life lasting connections. Though I would not disregard online connections completely, I do feel our generation should try to focus on building relationships and connections that don't require social media as well.

  33. 1. I know I need to grow personally in my time management and stop procrastinating assignments even when I know I don't want to do whatever it is. Also get right to work on things even if I feel overwhelmed with work and not enough time to do everything that I need to. I need to be more disciplined with my use of technology and use it for my work more often than I use it to keep myself busy and entertained. I also feel like I could use some work on my patience and being calm when I feel like something is taking longer than I wanted it to.

    2. I want to be able to manage my time more efficiently so that I can finish assignments in advance and have time to relax and not worry about if I will get said assignment done by the time it needs to be turned in. I want to be more disciplined with myself and force myself to get right on homework even when I feel like relaxing and just being entertained. I want to be patient with things and others around me and stay calm when something might be taking longer than I had intended for it to take.

    3. I am good at doing assignments fairly well and in a quick manner (thanks procrastination habits). Even when rushing to get an assignment done I feel as though I do rather good on it and the assignment isn't much less quality than it would have been if I had done it earlier.

    4. I really admire Kinzy Cleman and her self discipline and work habits. She always has her work done and on time and she works really hard to keep her grades up along with other responsibilities after school and I know she has little free time because she works so hard.

    5. In the video, it hit me that a lot of Millennials blame themselves for how they act and cope with things, when really it's mostly on how they were raised. I know I blame myself a lot of the time, and I can't just push all the blame onto someone else, but it isn't all on me either. However, there are things that I need to do personally to improve myself; I can't put the blame on someone else and then do nothing to fix the problem. It also struck me how much we really do use technology and how much I know I use it to entertain myself every second. Our generation doesn't know how to be bored, we are constantly looking for gratification and enjoyment when we really need to learn that not everything that we have to do in life is going to be fun and capture our attention and we have to deal with those things, it's just part of being mature. I also liked how he pointed out the instant gratification thing that everyone loves so much, the idea of, "I want something, so I can get it right now," and that is not good for us as it doesn't teach us to be patient and wait for things that we want. This video was very interesting to me and I could see all of the points he made and how they show up in my own life.

    1. I really loved your reflection on number 5, especially. I feel like you really heard the message here, and took it to heart.

  34. 1. Where do you see a need for personal growth?
    I definitely feel a need to improve upon my time management and time organization. This includes making sure I have enough sleep, a full night's rest, consistently so that I can stay focused and awake during the day. I also feel the need to improve upon my relationship skills and people skills so that I can feel comfortable talking to anyone in any situation.
    2. What are your goals?
    My goals are to:
    Develop my relationships and friendships and improve my people skills.
    Improve my athletic ability and health overall.
    Grow closer to God and Jesus, learn more about them and build upon my beliefs.
    Improve time management skills, which includes getting full night's rest.
    Improve my competitive Call of Duty skills and abilities and pursue my passions in that sense.
    3. What do you do especially well?
    I feel like I am good at being driven through internal motivations.
    I think logically pretty well and am good at holding multiple levels of thought and coming to a conclusion.
    I am good at working hard.
    I am good at being caring for others and compassionate for things around me, and being thoughtful to those around me.
    I play Call of Duty well.
    4. Who are 1-3 classmates you admire, and why?
    I admire Noah Byrd because he's not afraid to stand up for himself and his position and thoughts, as well as he is a hard worker, good thinker, and relatively efficient worker.
    I also admire Savon Smith, who always stays positive and has a good attitude, which usually serves to cheer others up around her. She is also a hard, efficient worker, who makes higher level connections on a consistent basis.
    5. Reaction to video...what hit you, what felt true, why?
    I think the video is very true in almost every aspect that they discussed. Millennials and younger and younger kids of this new generation are all getting everything they want, instant gratification, technology, etc. One of the most important things that they highlighted was the fact that parents are coddling their kids too much to the point where they become incompetent and don't have any growth of character. Everyone needs to learn to take criticism and learn how to lose and accept the loss, and grow from that and have the motivation and drive to get better and improve ourselves in our strengths and weaknesses. Technology has also provided a social crutch in which people would rather interact via texting rather than real life, which really harms friendships and relationships, which I myself am guilty of.

  35. 1. I need to be more patient and confident.
    2. My goal, at the moment, is to finish high school with some good grades!
    3. I do well at being organized and being open minded.
    4. I admire my Language and Literature class, period 3, because although we are a very small class of six, we can still keep a class discussion.
    5. What really got to me was the addiction to technology because its so accurate. Unfortunately, I am on my phone a lot so this idea makes me want to just put my phone away and something productive.

  36. 1. Something that I need to personally work on is having more patience both with myself and others. I often get extremely frustrated with myself when I am unable to accomplish something. I am the same way with others as well. I tend to get frustrated when others cannot complete a task up to my standards, or when they just can't seem to understand what I'm saying or the point I am trying to make. I have realized that I need to slow down and accept he fact that I can't be perfect, and neither can others.

    2. My goal is to work on being less anxious about everything and to be more relaxed. I realized that I don't need to be stressing about every little thing, and that life is a lot easier when you take it day by day.

    3. I think I'm a very good listener, and I feel like I'm good at giving advice. I may only have 18 years of experience on this earth, but I've learned a lot through observing others and by opening my mind to different things which is what I believe has helped me become good at giving advice.

    4. One thing that stood out to me was what he had to say about social media because I could relate. When someone unfriends me or unfollows me on social media, it isn't a good feeling. Receiving likes and follows and DM'S and private messages and retweets it feels good because we are receiving approval, and approval feels good. When we aren't constantly getting this approval it is a depressing feeling, and the more I think about it, the more I wish I didn't grow up around social media and technology. In fact, I feel like everyone would be happier without social media. Overall I really enjoyed this video and it was refreshing that he didn't blame the millennials and talk down on them the entire time.

  37. 1: I'm one of those people who's really self-critical, so I always feel like I need to grow. So maybe that's something I could really use some development in? Rather than focusing on my constant self-hatred over the quality of my work and asking about what I could do to improve, I should instead learn to enjoy the fruits of my labor and say 'Hey, that came out very nice and I did a good job!'.
    2: My goals, in a way, are both vague and specific. I want to find a way to make everyone happy in some way; giving a hug, a smile, a thumbs up, a helping hand, or a listening ear. But at the same time, I want to be the best I can be. This can be a problem sometimes, especially when I tell people that I want to go into a creative career (fashion and costuming) and they go on about how cutthroat it is. Suffice to say, I'm a walking hypocrite who feels the need to hum Smash Mouth's 'Why can't we be friends?' far too often.
    3: I feel that I'm particularly good at creating and caring. While I often impress people with my projects, costumes, and ideas, I also like to think that I'm good at trying to be a good person in general. I like to listen to others, I often mediate between people, and I feel the need to affirm everyone's self-confidence and love. I may be able to express well through apparel, but I also enjoy using, as Mrs. Caraway earlier asked us about, the language of presence.
    4: Frankly, I love and admire the efforts of all of my classmates! But to name a few, I hold a very strong respect for Daniela Gonzalez, Sarah Graham, and Katie Vranesic. Daniela is not only an AMAZINGLY talented artist that I highly admire, but she's also a very friendly, open individual who always takes time to tell me her interesting stories that make me smile. Sarah possesses the astounding ability to balance work, personal relationships, AND a rigorous academic schedule, and I have no clue how she does it. I tip my hat to you, Sarah! Finally, Katie is an absolute precious cinnamon roll. She's strongly driven, open with her emotions and opinions, helps me with class when I'm absent or confused, and expresses genuine love for those she cares about.
    5: What I really found interesting about the video was how he really hit the nail on the head regarding the entitlement of our generation. We ARE constantly told we're special. We ARE impatient. We ARE unable to live without cell phones. Possibly worst of all, we can't form proper social relationships that allow us to properly face the world. Heck, even today I panicked when I had to place an order on the phone!
    ~That, and I enjoyed his joke about parents pretty much opening the liquor cabinet to their teens, which was quite funny!

    I'd like to leave you with a more positive note regarding the dreaded millennials:
    "Millennials don't just want to read the news anymore. They want to know what they can do about it."
    ~Ian Somerhalder
    **Sorry for the slightly late post, I ran into some technical troubles with signing in.

    1. I liked the joke about the liquor cabinet too, although it was pretty sobering (pun intended!). I had not thought about the dopamine connection and that technology was literally "addicting." I would joke about it because sometimes my own kids act like they are addicted to their phones, but never realized I had the biology behind it!!

  38. 1. Where do you see a need for personal growth?
    I feel like there is always a need for personal growth in something, no matter how good you think you are at something, chances are, it's not perfect and you can always improve. I mean we, as humans, aren't perfect. However there are two aspects of my life I feel I can really improve on to tremendously help me in the future. One being time management, and the other being patience. Through the busy schedule I have had for the couple years (especially managing the workload with the Diploma Program) I do feel like it has helped me a lot. As for patience, we live in a society of instant gratification and it could do a lot of good to be patient with yourself and watch all your hard work pay off.

    2. What are your goals?
    My goals in life are to attend the United States Naval Academy and become a Navy Seal. A lot easier said than done but I feel if I am committed to that goal and I trust in God who strengthens me, I can accomplish anything. Ultimately, my goal afterwards is to have a family and be able to live comfortably and I know what I am pursuing can help me achieve that. I just have to be patient and never give up.

    3. What do you do especially well?
    I feel some areas I am particularly good at are commitment and dedication. I was taught by my parents that when you start something, you see it through to the end. Encouraging a behavior of just quitting or bouncing from one thing to another could be damaging and not helpful when confronted with a conflict or struggle later on in life. It is something I'm really glad I was taught and feel it's one of the most important "mantras" to stick to.

    4. Who are 1-3 classmates you admire, and why?
    The first classmate I admire is my girlfriend Gabi Roe. I've gotten to know her very well and one of the things I really admire about her is her aspirations for a fulfilling life. She has a beautiful caring soul and is a good Christian woman and I couldn't ask for more. Another classmate I really look up to/admire is the person who I consider one of my closest friends Jackson Tucker. He has great aspirations for his life as well and being friends with him has really been a great experience. I really admire his dedication and work ethic. I'm sure he will go on to do great things and hope he achieves everything he sets out to do in life.

    5. Reaction to video...what hit you, what felt true, why?
    My reaction to the video was sort of a surprised feeling. You don't usually hear this type of perspective on the "millennial generation". I thought it was interesting when he talked about he we received a "bad hand" and really could draw a lot of parallels to what he was saying. I can't relate to much to the social media portion as I'm not on social media a lot but I found it really interesting that although we have all of these luxuries, depression has never been higher. I feel even though the previous generation could in part be blamed for some aspects of this "horrible generation" a lot of it falls on us to take some responsibility. We are responsible for the things we do and I feel that it is mostly on us to better ourselves. When pursuing your goals just remember, sometimes the easiest most comfortable way isn't the right way.

    1. It surprises me, and makes me very happy to see your responses here. As a parent, you wonder if what you are always harping on sticks. :) I am proud of you because you work hard, you don't expect things to just happen for you, and you know that if you want to make an impression out there, you need to STICK TO IT. :) You have great friends and classmates as examples, too, who I believe share these values.

  39. I feel like something that I need to grow on would be my time management and prioritizing things better. I think that they are two very important things that I will need in college, and that I should probably start working on now. They are also things that are used in every day life. My goals are to get a scholarship and to go to college. While I know that I will be going to college, I want to succeed at college. I want to go beyond everyone's expectations and do very well in college. Something I do especially well is procrastinating. This is not a good thing to be able to do very well, but I definitely excel at it. I feel like this is something that I need to improve on, especially considering it makes the work load much harder. Three classmates that I admire would have to be the Byrds and Kinzy. They all excel academically but they also balance that out with a sport or being involved in theater. The amount of classwork that we have can be a lot sometimes yet they are still able to not only manage it, but to make it look easy. They are people that are incredibly smart but they are also willing to share their knowledge so that the people around them can also learn new things. Something about the video that stood out to me was the focus on entitlement. My generation has always been told how amazing or special we are, or how we have to have the newest and greatest technology. We do not like waiting for something, when we decide we want it we want it now. This is not something that previous generations dealt with; if they wanted something then they had to earn it. I feel like this is something that my generation needs to work on because everyone should have to work for things otherwise they will not know what to do when they grow up and things are not handed to them.

  40. 1. I feel I need to grow in trusting myself and knowing that I can do what I put my mind to without restrictions. If there's ever a goal I have it takes me awhile to decide on if that goal is worth my time because what if this happens or what if someone else doesn't think it's as good as I do. There's always the caviat of "what if". Letting go of the "what if" would allow me to do anything I put my mind to.
    2. My goals are to be happy with what I have no matter what. It's still unclear to me what I want my career to be, but I know I want a family and I know that will make me happy. Setting my goals to happiness I think will make me more open to the things I try in my life because it's not such a specific goal. It's general and that leaves many opportunities for me.
    3.I feel like I keep myself on track very well. I know what my priorities are and although it's difficult, I enjoy the satisfaction of knowing what I did is going to aid to my success. I have self motivation which is something others struggle with and I'm glad that I have the ability to motivate myself in such ways. It's a skill that's applicable to all areas of my life.
    4. I admire Savon Smith and Noah Byrd. Savon is kind to every one she knows and she listens to everything you have to say. She is driven and smart and kind. I think the best thing you can be in this world today is a combination of all three of those things because kindness with drive and being smart is rare. She truly is one of a kind. Noah Is very driven. He knows what he wants and how he's going to get it. His drive with his level of intelligence is incredible. I admire his drive to do exactly what he wants without considering what everyone else thinks of him.
    5. This generation is defined by technology but it's not necessarily a bad thing. I think because we've come so far with technology it has made a huge difference in our world. Because we know more we can continue to learn more and grow in intelligence with the technology we have. We have knowledge at our fingertips and it's made our world safer, more knowledgeable, and to extent when used correctly, safer. I'm proud to have grown up with this generation because it's a unique one. Although technology has taken faults and we shouldn't forget how things were before it, we also need to embrace it because it is what's happening now, and what will continue to happen for the rest of human existence.

  41. 1. I would like to grow in being more patient with myself and others. I know that things take time and that not everything is done in a flash but, it doesn't keep me from getting impatient and irritated whenever things aren't done quickly. I also tend to rush through things and assignments and if I were to become more patient and take as much time as I could and put in more effort, I could see myself doing a lot better and being less stressed. Being able to maintain and procrastinate less would be nice too.

    2. My goals are to improve my grades this semester and maintain a good GPA. I would also like to improve more in my artwork in areas that I'm not so good in. Overall, my goals and plans are to stay focused on school, my grades and looking into colleges as my senior year is right around the corner and I should prepare myself for what's to come before it comes all crashing down in front of me. Future goals are to be accepted into a college that I will enjoy and live a life that I find satisfying.

    3. I consider myself to be quite good at drawing and working with art and color schemes. I find art something fun and a great hobby of mine and my hopes for the future is to have a career that will involve that particular talent and hobby of mine.

    4. I would have to say that I admire those who take DP classes or are in the full-DP program while taking on other after-school activities and etc. I, myself, do not do any after-school activities because I am not good at balancing out my schedule so anyone that can balance out their academics and other activities that take a ton of effort have my complete admiration for how much effort they put into what they do and still have the motivation to participate in such rigourous classes. I find it amazing that people can stay after-school until 8pm and still manage to finish their homework and have amazing grades! It's probably not something I could accomplish and it has got to take a lot of work.

    5. Honestly, I felt like the video spoke the blunt truth for the most part. I agreed with what was said in the video and the idea that most kids nowadays are being raised with the idea that they are "oh-so special and important" where in reality, if you have that kind of mindset, man, you're going to crash and burn very quickly. People have got to realize that whenever you get older, no one cares about you or what you do. You're not important unless you make tons of money or something like that, but even then, you aren't always "super special". I also agree with the idea that parenting has an impact to the personality of this generation, it is up to the parents to raise their kids correctly. No one is perfect when it comes to raising their own kids and there will be a few faults here and there but as a child's guardian and inspiration, you should certainly have some impact in their life and how they grow up. Technology also is another big impact that I've noticed as the years have gone by. People literally cannot go anywhere without their phones or without being on snapchat, instagram and etc and sometimes I find myself to be at fault too. We've grown so accustomed to being online and on social media, and sure, there are a lot of good things about that but there are plenty of downfalls to the use of social media and technology as well. Overall, people just need to take a break every now and then, go outside, hang out and talk face to face with friends instead of between texts and enjoy life to it's fullest because it's not something that is going to last forever and you don't want to live with regrets for what you didn't do in your lifetime.

  42. 1) I need to work on being at school more, so in order to do that I need to work on not getting sick. I also need to work on my focusing skills so I don't get off track while working on my school work.
    2) My goals are...
    To work on my homework during any given free time I have in class.
    To not have any games, books or writing open or around when I'm working on homework.
    3) The only thing that I feel I do really well is read. I've always been an avid reader and somehow in my crazy busy life I've always found time to read.
    4) I can't say that I admire one to three classmates because it's really two groups. I admire the Junior class of DP students for their determination to complete DP and the sacrifices they make to be apart of it. i also admire the Senior class DP students who stuck with the DP program for all of their Junior year and now their Senior year as well. They're such great examples of hardworking students and really inspire me to keep going.
    5) I'd actually heard some of this video before this blog was posted because my mom found it on Facebook and had me and my sister listen to it. I wasn't really that surprised by anything that was discussed. I already knew about a lot of the issues discussed and honestly I thought it was sad that nobody's really tried to take care of the issues that have been placed on millennials.

  43. 1. I feel like I need to grow as far as thinking of myself in certain situations. I tend to focus more on what will make the majority happy in instances where my life is affected. On a less philosophic note, I could grow in areas such as time management and organization as well as balancing my schoolwork and my job.
    2.My goals in life are to be successful but happy at the same time. I will be the first person in my family to graduate college with a degree. I want to be able to have a family and provide them with a life that I never had.
    3. One thing I'm good at is staying positive. Like every other human being, I get sad sometimes, but I am always able to come out of it and get back on my feet. I also think that I am able to forgive very easily. I personally believe that it takes way more out of a person to hold grudges and hatred then to just accept apologies and be happy.
    4. I admire Makenna John and the Byrds. Makenna because she always manages to keep me from collapsing into a giant anxious mess and yells at me when I'm slacking. I admire the Byrds because even though we all often joke of their 20 page essays and their over analytical nature, they have more work ethic than I have ever had in my entire life. I envy their ability to stay on top of their schoolwork so well.
    5. As far as the video goes, I do not think it's possible for me to agree more. People now are so consumed with their social media lives than their actual social lives. We look to the screen so we can Google how to live instead of going out into the world and actually living. I find it ironic that something called social media has taken away our ability to be social. I also loved how he was so straight forward and said all of the things that everyone is scared to say.

  44. 1. Where do you see a need for personal growth?
    The personal growth I see that I need is more focus in the classroom to become a better student.

    2. What are your goals?
    My goals are to finish college and to find a career in which I enjoy, and make enough money to give back.
    3. What do you do especially well?
    I feel like I do especially well in my communication skills with others. It helps me understand what I need in my life.
    4. Who are 1-3 classmates you admire, and why?
    I really admire Savon Smith for always keep a positive attitude not just in the classroom but in life. She is a living example of an Ib Scholar.
    5. Reaction to video...what hit you, what felt true, why?
    That a lot of people like to think they are tough and that their lives are perfect and in reality it is not. I feel like that is true. And what hit me that we were given the "bad" hand from our elders. So why aren't you blaming the elders to allow this to happen?

  45. 1. In terms of personal growth, I must have more confidence in things I wish to accomplish, mainly things done outside of school.
    2. I have a goal to be a Supreme Court Justice. A goal to work for myself, and not break my back for the dreams of others. Ultimately, a goal to reach all my goals and I will do that, and move all worlds and obstacles in my way.
    3. I'm very good at networking and communicating. I can take one contact and gain 30 more. I can bring down a whole conversation, or inspire my audience to see my vision.
    4. I admire all my classmates. They are all unique in their own way. All are creative, I cannot choose a couple of individuals.
    5. I have seen the video before and found it intriguing. I enjoy Sinek's view point on things as they are rather interesting and hold truth. He brought a positive look on the millenials, when they are usually placed in a negative light. He did also mention how the people of this generation are so consumed with their technology, yes, technology has made wonderful advances but at the cost of losing social lives. It is sad to me and annoys me when I see people on their sell phones almost all the time, even at a dinner table. I wish people had more restraint and better knowledge on when it is appropriate to use their technology. However, an informative and truthful video, I expected nothing less from Simon.

  46. 1. I feel like I need personal growth in being committed to things I set my mind to and going all in for my aspirations.

    2. My goal is to find a job that can help provide for my family but also be something I thoroughly enjoy doing on a day to day basis as well as it being something that has purpose.

    3. I feel like when it comes to coming up with things on the fly that comes relatively easy to me.

    4. I really admire Savon Smith and Audra Barbee for always being extremely positive and genuinely kind people to everyone. I also immensely admire Miguel Tyson for the way he carries himself as a really friendly dude.

    5. This video really helped me once again wrap my head around how technology has made us as a society stupider. We have become so reliant on our phones and our other technologies that we forget that sometimes we need to rely on each other for help and interaction

  47. 1.) I need to learn to plan things out better. I've always been a spur of the moment type of guy, and that just hasn't been working out for me lately.
    2.) I feel strange saying this considering Mr. Sinek just went and made a meme out of it, but I truly want to have an impact on this world. I want to be the reason child mortality rates in war zones like Syria go down. I want to give my parents a nice home, with the cars they always wanted, and the freedom to pursue the hobbies they always wanted to. I want to have such a great impact that I go down as a true role model.
    3.) I'm very good at handling pressure, it's when I perform best. Or better said yet, it's when I'm "firing on all cylinders" so to speak.
    4.) I truly admire Makinzy Cleman. She is already publicly known to be an incredibly capable person. However, she is perhaps one of the most successful people I will likely ever know. She accomplishes so much on a daily basis alone I frequently find myself stunned. Yet one cannot hope to find her gloating or letting the whole room know she is far beyond any of them. I expect that once I reach the top, I will find her already comfortable and at home.
    5.) The video was just all around stunning. I was expecting some other grown non-millennial to be ranting about this strange unorthodox generation that is causing the world to change from something that they aren't ok with. However, he had some points that really hit me hard. One which really stuck, was the part about cell phones blocking us from building true relationships with others. It's a lesson many try to teach but never truly drive home. Yet I feel Mr. Sinek really drove it home here. In his argument against the overuse of phones, he mentioned that an addiction to your phone will ruin your life, your job, and your RELATIONSHIPS. The people I have in my life are what I value more than anything else, my family, my girlfriend, and my closest friends. From now on, the only reason I will use my phone when out and about is to change the song while we're driving cause you know I am always the one with AUX cord.

  48. 1.) I feel that as far as personal growth goes, I should work on my social skills. Not that I'm rude or arrogant towards others, but I possess a great deal of social anxiety that I am working to overcome.
    2.) My goal is to balance my studies, my job and my personal goals better in order to reduce my stress levels.
    3.) I feel that I am very good at helping people and providing advice as needed, especially when the people I care about are going through a crisis.
    4.) The two classmates whom I admire are Ashley Solomon and Taylor Caufield. They both put maximum effort into their work while balancing sports and various other activities/passions.
    5.) Like most people, I found the part of the video related to dependence upon technology particularly interesting. Personally, I feel it is actually adding to my social anxiety by allowing me to feel as though I can communicate solely through my phone rather than completely in person. Though I try to minimize the amount of time I spend on my phone, I still find myself reaching for it often.

  49. 1. As for personal growth I feel I need to control my laziness in school and my outside life. I find that I let my own desires control myself far more often than what I actually need and hopefully I can set up a balance.

    2. My goals are to after high school enter the military and become a pilot and serve my country, I want to be able to help people and have a positive impact on their lives.

    3. I feel like I am good at acting under pressure and defusing a situation between others, I feel like I can help separate myself from my personal opinion and look at both sides of a story and make a fair judgement

    4. A classmate I admire would have to be my friend Torey Clark who since I met him became a person I could depend on and he can point out my flaws easily and he's one of the few that has the courage to do it.

    5. What I found interesting about the video is that he went over how technology is a negative influence on us when we try to create relationships with others but it isn't as good when we are staring at a screen all day

  50. 1. Where do you see a need for personal growth?
    I think I can use some personal growth in being able to stand up for my own views and explaining why and how. There are a lot of people who do not understand and they make fun of or disregard the views and thy don’t even know why.
    2. What are your goals?
    My goals are to graduate, go to college and get my degree in medical steadiest become a Family physician. I also want to be happy in general of my life.
    3. What do you do especially well?
    I think I am well at anything I really set my mind to, whether it is in sports, studies, or anything like that. I may not be perfect or be my talent, but I think I do things well, but that is my subjective definition of “well”.
    4. Who are 1-3 classmates you admire, and why?
    I admire Sabrina, Sydney, and Katie Vranesic because they are willing to put all of their work and aspirations first and are willing to do anything to get through it. I also admire their ways to be able to speak out and express their opinion.
    5. Reaction to video…what hit you, what felt true, why?
    I loved the video. My favorite part which also hit me was when he was talking about how the millennial are the one’s who are growing up that expect everything. I believe that is so true! Even the last place person get a medal, so it devalues the first person’s medal because EVERYONE got the medal, there is no uniqueness, it is all about not hurting each others feelings, when in reality thats what we need to do because that is how the rest of the world is and the world won’t slow down for them.

  51. 1. Where do you see a need for personal growth?

    I see a need for personal growth when it comes to my way of expressing my emotions or ideas, staying focused, and having some sort of drive to do things.

    2. What are your goals?

    My goals are to make others happy. To help as many in need as I possibly can while I'm still on this earth, and to not be a compete dissapointment.

    3. What do you do especially well?

    I would say that understanding the views of others and helping others when possible are things I'm especially well at. I feel I'm pretty good at helping others because whenever I see an opportunity to help other I take it and sometimes try to find ways to help others. Also, I may not agree with others on everything but I can be extremely understanding and do what i can to try to comprehend why people act, talk, or behave a certain way.

    4. Who are 1-3 classmates you admire, and why?

    Okay classmates I admire I would have to say Sydney Burt, Hunter Cuison, and Sarah Brown. I admire Sydney because I'm pretty sure she is the smartest person in our grade and that I know and yet she isn't a judgemental person and is bursting at the seems with kindness and the want to help others. I admire Sarah because I think she is the nicest person I know and she's what one would consider as part of the "popular" crowd, she is so sweet and talented, yet doesn't feel the need to show off. I admire Hunter because he is one of the best poeple I know. I'd like to say that he is one of the people in my very VERY small group of people who know the real me. He isn't judging of others, he's passionate, he's talented, he's a sweetheart, and he has one of the biggest hearts I've ever seen. Even though he is so talented and I don't have any doubt that he will make it big on broadway, he still does everything he can to better himself.

    5. Reaction to video...what hit you, what felt true, why?

    I really liked how he addressed that some of the responsibility does fall on the parents because I feel that a lot of parents ask why there kids are the way they are, and then give them whatever they want. I really agree with what he said on the dependency on technology.

  52. 1. Where do you see a need for personal growth?

    I see for myself a need for growth in the area of not procrastinating. Not only in school but in my life in general. I definitely need to work on improving my time management skills and when it is time to work and when it is time to play.

    2. What are your goals?

    My goals are to graduate high-school go to college which I will then graduate as well and possibly go into my next degree and then become a NICU nurse at Thunderbird Banner Hospital. This has been a plan of mine since I was in 8th grade after discussing my aunt's career and realizing it would be perfect for me due to the love I have for babies.

    3. What do you do especially well?

    I believe that I do well at helping others and placing my friends before me. I try and please others before myself because I want them to be happy.

    4. Who are 1-3 classmates you admire, and why?

    Honestly I really admire Sydney and Ashleigh J. Both of them are hard working and are exceptional at time managing in order to get their school work in on time. (As I am turning in a late blog...) These two I think definitely know exactly what needs to be done and when. They both do extra things with Ashleigh in sports and Sydney in different clubs such as the Pinterest club.

    5. Reaction to video...what hit you, what felt true, why?

    I really liked that he pointed out the negative influences of technology and that it is not helping our communication skills but hindering it. I agreed with what he said about the parents and that they were addressed in the video of the end result of a child transitioning into adulthood. This is because my parents have always recognized quirks which I do that they know have been implanted due to the way they have raised me.