Sunday, November 27, 2016


Right now, one of the big trends on facebook is the gratitude posts.  People will post something for which they are grateful each day and then number the days.  I love the idea.  I think that in this world with all of its choices, daily stresses, and, well, just everything on the news everyday, it is a good way to refocus, reset, and empower ourselves with all the many positive things and blessings we have in this country and community.

A relative of the gratitude post is the list of "My Favorite Things."  Making such a list of the things you hold most dear can provide a springboard for a gratitude list.  It is the perfect time at the beginning of the year to direct your mind to those things that are positive in your life--those things that make your heart happy.  In one of my favorite musicals, The Sound of Music, the Von Trapp family governess, Maria, even sings about her favorite things to help the eight children in her charge refocus their fears on a stormy night to think of things that make them smile...

So, here are the rules for this week's post:  Make a list of your 25 most favorite THINGS.  The key word is THINGS.  No people allowed on your list.  That removes the pressure you may feel to name every family member and friend.  People and things should never be categorized together.  People come first.  This list is much more light-hearted.

It was REALLY tougher than I thought to narrow it down to 25 for me (initially, I was afraid I would draw a blank!) but here is what came to mind first for me.  If you get stuck, go back and listen to Maria's song again, or review my list for inspiration, but really try to just take pen to paper and write what comes to your mind first.  It will probably be the most honest answer.  :)

Let's start the Christmas Season off with a list of all the things we love...those things for which we are most grateful.

Your soul will thank you.

MRS. CARAWAY'S FAVORITE THINGS...(in no particular order)

1.   Cathedral bells
 2.  Classical/Romantic piano music
3.  Fire places and how it feels to sit next to them on a cold day or evening
4.  Christmas Eve
5.  Ireland - the most beautiful country I have seen to date, and the loveliest people!
6.  Big Ben in London, and the view of it from Westminster Abbey
7.  The walk along the Seine from Eiffel Tower to Notre Dame in the autumn.
8.  Hanalei Bay & Secrets Beach (Kauai)
9.  WW2 History
10.  Handwritten letters with wax seals
11.  Romeo and Juliet  (and Shakespearean language)
12.  Books, movies and plays that make me cry, for joy and sadness (I can watch Phantom of the Opera over and over and over again)
13. Things that sparkle (candlelight, glitter, crystals, diamonds, etc.)
14.  Standing on a stage after a late night dress rehearsal...and it's dark, and there's anticipation everywhere....
15. The color red
16.  Reading or writing inside on a cold rainy day
17.  Twinings English Breakfast Tea
18.  The sound of my children laughing
19.  Watching my plays and my favorite plays come to life on the stage with my favorite people in them.
20.  Lacy, vintage dresses and button up boots (the combo of it)
21.  Flowers--especially poppies
22.  My faith (which gives me hope--my favorite virtue next to love)
23.  Perfume (I LOVE trying it all on!)
24.  The way it feels outside just before the snow falls (the sacred quiet of it--like nature holding its breath)
25.  Heroes - the real kind