Sunday, November 27, 2016


Right now, one of the big trends on facebook is the gratitude posts.  People will post something for which they are grateful each day and then number the days.  I love the idea.  I think that in this world with all of its choices, daily stresses, and, well, just everything on the news everyday, it is a good way to refocus, reset, and empower ourselves with all the many positive things and blessings we have in this country and community.

A relative of the gratitude post is the list of "My Favorite Things."  Making such a list of the things you hold most dear can provide a springboard for a gratitude list.  It is the perfect time at the beginning of the year to direct your mind to those things that are positive in your life--those things that make your heart happy.  In one of my favorite musicals, The Sound of Music, the Von Trapp family governess, Maria, even sings about her favorite things to help the eight children in her charge refocus their fears on a stormy night to think of things that make them smile...

So, here are the rules for this week's post:  Make a list of your 25 most favorite THINGS.  The key word is THINGS.  No people allowed on your list.  That removes the pressure you may feel to name every family member and friend.  People and things should never be categorized together.  People come first.  This list is much more light-hearted.

It was REALLY tougher than I thought to narrow it down to 25 for me (initially, I was afraid I would draw a blank!) but here is what came to mind first for me.  If you get stuck, go back and listen to Maria's song again, or review my list for inspiration, but really try to just take pen to paper and write what comes to your mind first.  It will probably be the most honest answer.  :)

Let's start the Christmas Season off with a list of all the things we love...those things for which we are most grateful.

Your soul will thank you.

MRS. CARAWAY'S FAVORITE THINGS...(in no particular order)

1.   Cathedral bells
 2.  Classical/Romantic piano music
3.  Fire places and how it feels to sit next to them on a cold day or evening
4.  Christmas Eve
5.  Ireland - the most beautiful country I have seen to date, and the loveliest people!
6.  Big Ben in London, and the view of it from Westminster Abbey
7.  The walk along the Seine from Eiffel Tower to Notre Dame in the autumn.
8.  Hanalei Bay & Secrets Beach (Kauai)
9.  WW2 History
10.  Handwritten letters with wax seals
11.  Romeo and Juliet  (and Shakespearean language)
12.  Books, movies and plays that make me cry, for joy and sadness (I can watch Phantom of the Opera over and over and over again)
13. Things that sparkle (candlelight, glitter, crystals, diamonds, etc.)
14.  Standing on a stage after a late night dress rehearsal...and it's dark, and there's anticipation everywhere....
15. The color red
16.  Reading or writing inside on a cold rainy day
17.  Twinings English Breakfast Tea
18.  The sound of my children laughing
19.  Watching my plays and my favorite plays come to life on the stage with my favorite people in them.
20.  Lacy, vintage dresses and button up boots (the combo of it)
21.  Flowers--especially poppies
22.  My faith (which gives me hope--my favorite virtue next to love)
23.  Perfume (I LOVE trying it all on!)
24.  The way it feels outside just before the snow falls (the sacred quiet of it--like nature holding its breath)
25.  Heroes - the real kind


  1. Okay, I know I am going to struggle with this, but here it goes!
    1. Cold Weather
    2. Milkshakes
    3. Rain ( Pouring Rain)
    4. Fireplaces on a snowy day
    5. Traveling
    6. The Innocence of children and the way their minds think.
    7. Pictures - All the memories you can revisit
    8. Laughter - A genuine kind of laugh, that just make everyone smile
    9. The smell of trees after it rains
    10. The forest/ the woods
    11. Pinky Promises
    12. Small Bookstores
    13. Photo Booths
    14. Hot Chocolate
    15. Dogs -- They are just too good for this world.
    16. Bare feet on soft grass
    17. The sore feeling your body has after a good workout
    18. Poems
    19. Finding seashells on the beach
    20. The sound of ocean waves
    21. Disney Movies
    22. Lake Houses
    23. Netflix
    24. Fancy Dinners
    25. Music

    1. All of these are so good and describe you so well

  2. 1. My animals(and other peoples animals)
    2. Disneyland
    3. Disney movies
    4. Smell after rain during monsoon season
    5. Soft and fuzzy blankets
    6. Squishy pillows
    7. Peppermint hot chocolate
    8. Reading in the bookstore
    9. Visiting the bookstore
    10. New makeup brushes before you use them
    11. Petting a soft purring cat
    12. Colored pens
    13. Feeling bass from music
    15. Looking at old family pictures
    16. Eating familiar food made by family
    17. Snowy mountains
    18. A joke that can make everyone laugh
    19. Sound of rain on the roof
    20. Movie days
    21. Running(in the rain)
    22. Music in general
    23. The smell and sound of the Pirates of the Caribbean ride
    24. Walking on main street the first day of your trip at Disneyland.
    25. Sleeping in a cold room with a lot of blankets.

  3. These are 25 of my favorite things:
    1. Music
    2. My parents' smiles
    3. Traveling
    4. Driving with the windows down
    5. Singing along to a song + bad dancing
    6. Movie Theaters
    7. When it's cold in my room and I'm wrapped in a warm blanket
    8. Art museums
    9. Milk Chocolate
    10. The smell of wood burning
    11. My mom's food
    12. When me and my siblings laugh together until we can't breath.
    13. The house I live in
    14. Sunrises/ Sunsets
    15. Massages
    16. New pairs of glasses/ contacts
    17. Makeup
    18. Memories (good ones & bad ones)
    19. Fuzzy socks
    20. New Year's Eve
    21. The smell of pizza when I haven't ate it in a while
    22. Architecture (Spanish, Japanese, etc.)
    23. My Faith
    24. Nature
    25. Different Languages

    1. Intrigued by your choice of good and bad memories! A lovely list!

  4. I want to start off by saying that your list fits your personality so well, Mrs. Caraway! Anyway, here are my favorite things:

    1. Music
    2. Rain (the smell, sound, coldness, and the way the sky looks)
    3. Chai Tea
    4. Croissants
    5. Coffee shops and bookstores
    6. Autumn
    7. Warm clothes (sweaters, boots, scarves...)
    8. Snuggling up in blankets and watching movies/TV shows/Youtube videos, etc.
    9. Going to the beach
    10. Movie Theaters (especially the popcorn!!)
    11. Seeing new places (vacations)
    12. Long car rides and night time car rides
    13. My bed
    14. Decorations
    15. Butter (probably the reason I like croissants and popcorn)
    16. The idea of falling in love (I like romantic movies)
    17. Looking at old pictures
    18. Going to church
    19. Looking at model homes
    20. Shopping for clothes and shoes
    21. Petting and snuggling with my dogs and cat
    22. Christmas (everything about it)
    23. Eating out at restaurants
    24. Smelling good things (like food, perfume, candles...)
    25. Snack and/or drink runs at gas stations (whether for a late night snack or while traveling)

  5. 25 of my favorite things:
    1.Buying a new pair of shoes
    2.Giving gifts
    3.The color blue
    5.Receiving mail
    6.Making my sisters laugh when they’re sad
    8.Playing with my dog
    11.Putting on face masks
    12.80’s movies
    13.Stretching after a long workout
    14.Eating cookie dough
    15.Watching sports games
    17.Dressing up
    18.Drinking lemonade
    19.Looking at baby pictures
    20.Going to the mall
    21.Taking baths
    22.Reading magazines
    23.Wearing rings and necklaces
    24.Driving at night
    25.The titanic

  6. My 25 favorite things are:
    1. Music
    2. Rain (and the sound it makes)
    3. Animals
    4. Coloring (or drawing)
    5. Warm drinks when it’s cold outside
    6. Getting home after a long trip
    7. Reading
    8. Telling (or hearing) stories
    9. Spending time with my friends or family
    10. Visiting historical places
    11. Watching lightning bugs when it's dark
    12. Walking along the beach first thing in the morning
    13. The feeling you get when you finished everything you need to do
    14. Fuzzy pillows
    15. Leaves in the fall
    16. Clothes (sweaters especially) that are slightly too big
    17. Watching a sunset
    18. The success you feel after going hiking
    19. The smell of baking cookies
    20. Watching horror movies with friends
    21. Candlelight
    22. Aquariums (or zoos)
    23. When somebody tries to make you laugh
    24. Puzzles
    25. Finishing a really big project and crossing off my list of things to do

    1. You definitely have me at visiting historical places. I love feeling the "ghosts" amazing.

  7. My 25 favorite things are, in no particular order:
    Playing the Sims
    Ice Cream
    Movie Theaters
    Getting New Books
    Barnes and Nobles
    Playing on my Tablet
    Escaping School on Thursday
    Cuddling my Dogs
    Holding my Chameleon
    Lazy Days
    Being Inside During Storms
    Eating at Restaurants
    Lazing in Bed
    Browsing the Internet

  8. My 25 Favorite Things Are:

    1) Traveling (Alone and also with my family)
    2) Music
    3) Food > Ice Cream
    4) ALL Socks
    5) Chai Tea
    6) Painting
    7) Blankets
    8) Overcast and Rainy Weather
    9) Mermaids and Unicorns
    10) Swimming in the Ocean
    11) Plane Rides
    12) Cultural Architecture (especially Greek and Spanish)
    13) Football
    14) Small Concerts
    15) Apple Juice
    16) Dancing
    17) Roller Coasters
    18) Tennessee (Especially driving)
    19) Downtown's and Cities of Places
    20) Art
    21) Sunflowers
    22) Nature
    23) First Friday
    24) Shopping (Especially when you are dressed nice already)
    25) Pottery From Different Places

  9. whoo hoo!
    3.Coffee (I more just like the flavor than the caffeine)
    4.Action movies
    7.Finding Nemo the movie
    9.the feeling I get when I breathe in fresh cool air
    10.the smell of mint
    11.Candy Canes
    12.Bright green meadows
    14.Christmas trees
    15.The story of jack frost
    16.Halloween (getting to be someone else for a night is just so much fun)
    17.Dark chocolate
    18.When Palo Verde trees make their flowers rain on my sidewalk on the way home (it makes me feel special like they made the sidewalk all pretty for me)
    19.My moms cooking
    20.Downtown phoenix's art
    21.That time of year when they start showing Charlie Brown more often
    22.The mint festival (probably the most fun I've had at a parade)
    23.Baggy Sweaters (preferably black)
    24.Prescott (mostly looking at all the shops)
    25.Christmas time (I don't really know how to specify this, but just the thought of Christmas time makes me feel good somehow)

  10. 1.) Fun nights (with friends and/or family)
    2.) Lights (like Las Vegas)
    3.) The fog from your breath on a cold day!
    4.) Cold, early mornings (so peaceful and calm)
    5.) Sleep
    6.) Music
    7.) Sunrise/sunset
    8.) Hot Chocolate
    9.) Bonfires
    10.) sports
    11.) My faith
    12.) Playing outside! (no one does it anymore)
    13.) Road trips
    14.) seeing the city lights from a distance
    15.) The smell after it just rained
    16.) Food
    17.) Christmas Eve (the anticipation almost kills me)
    18.) Meeting new people
    19.) Eating water melon on a summer day (I have no idea why)
    20.) Towels right out of the dryer (so warm)
    21.) Wrapping up with a blanket with the fan blowing on my face
    22.) First walking in to your hotel room when it's all made up
    23.) Summer Break
    24.) The Beach
    25.) Concerts

  11. In No Order, My 25 Favorite Things Are as Followed:
    1. Camping out in nature
    2. Any Type of music except heavy metal / "screamo"
    3. Smell of rain / rain in general
    4. Singing like a dork to my favorite songs
    5. Taking a nap and (one of those good ones where you wake up and don't know where you are)
    6. Drinking coffee at any time
    7 .Spending time with the people I love
    8. Homemade meals
    9. Family time around the fire
    10. Being active / volleyball
    11. McDonald's
    12. Food
    13. Going to museums
    14. Going to zoos
    15. Wearing rings and necklaces
    16. Taking off in an airplane looking at the world
    17. Late night phone calls
    18. Breathing in crisp fresh
    19. Cloud watching
    20. Walks on early mornings
    21.Sitting on top of the roof watching fireworks
    22. Monkeys
    23. The feeling you get when cold water runs down your throat on a hot day
    24. Riding my dirt bike I feel free
    25. Taking fun quizzes

  12. My top five favorite things:
    1.) The smell of rain
    2.) Sunshine right after a storm
    3.) Books
    4.) Music - audio, playing guitar, singing...
    5.) The fireplace at night in my Grandfather's home in Flagstaff
    6.) Coffee
    7.) Tea
    8.) Warm weather with a cool breeze
    9.) Art
    10.) Mugs
    11.) Huge fluffy blankets
    12.) Petting dogs when I'm sad
    13.) My nose ring
    14.) Running at sunset
    15.) Ordering Chinese takeout and watching Netflix
    16.) Music Festivals/Concerts
    17.) REALLY Dark Chocolate
    18.) Over-sized sweatshirts
    19.) The colors yellow, mint blue and pastel pink
    20.) Plants, especially succulents
    21.) Crisp white sheets
    22.) Bath Bombs
    23.) Wearing dressy clothes and knee high boots
    24.) Family movie nights
    25.) Laughter and complete happiness

    1. Yes - bath bombs are a new discovery for me. See the water turn all glittery, perfumed and magic? That's a little bit of heaven for me! ;)

  13. Not in a specific order, my favorite 25 things are:
    1) All of the important people in my life
    2) Rain
    3) Sleep
    4) Cuddling with my dog
    5) Gloomy days where you stay in and watch movies
    6) Macaroni and cheese
    7) Concerts and music festivals
    8) Meaningful hugs
    9) New clothes
    10) Warm blankets
    11) England
    12) Italy
    13) Big cities
    14) Acoustic covers of songs
    15) Beautiful voices
    16) Sarcasm
    17) High-waisted anything
    18) Nice dresses & high heels
    19) Big sweatshirts
    20) Shakespeare
    21) Deep talks
    22) Love
    23) Vintage jackets
    24) Combat boots
    25) Band tees

  14. My top 25 favorite things:
    1. concerts
    2. sushi
    3. traveling
    4. adventures
    5. the beach
    6. sarcasm
    7. irony
    8. mashed potatoes
    9. Christmas
    10. pretty colored eyes
    11. Lush
    12. the smell of books
    13. iced coffee
    14. face masks
    15. salons
    16. dogs
    17. bakeries
    18. retail
    19. crisp morning air
    20. compliments
    21. receiving fan mail
    22. clean makeup brushes
    23. freshly laundered clothes
    24. cheer trips to Disney
    25. warm clothes

  15. 1. Cats
    2. Date nights
    3. Poetry
    4. Forehead kisses
    5. Walking off the Cheer mat at competition knowing things went well.
    6. Salad
    7. Makeup
    8. Fuzzy socks
    9. Music
    10. Cleaning after a stressful week
    11. Face masks
    12. Love
    13. High heels
    14. The zoo
    15. Christmas lights, music, and festivities
    16. The ocean
    17. Rain
    18. The feeling you get when you did something good
    19. Singing
    20. Goodnight phone calls
    21. Giving gifts
    22. Airports
    23. Watches
    24. Pinky promises
    25. Praying

    1. I thought I was the only one who loved airports--especially when I am going somewhere exciting!

  16. In no particular order
    1. Trees with a slight breeze
    2.The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade
    3. Theatre (Spelled with an “re”)
    4. My brother’s facial expressions (Kind of cheating here, but it has to go on the list)
    5. Old Monster/sci-fi movies
    6. Cool Weather
    7. Books, Books, Books
    8. A Midsummer Night’s Dream
    9. Pretty Dresses (especially from the 40s and 50s)
    10. Wearing gray
    11. Sweet Potato Casserole
    12. The hush onstage just before the play starts
    13. The feeling of getting a new costume
    14. Getting an answer right
    15. Having a lively argument over something trivial
    16. English accents
    17. Georgetown Market Days
    18. The number 18
    19. Spider-Man, especially the *original* comics
    20. Staying inside when it’s raining, reading a good book and drinking hot chocolate
    21. Cuddling up when it’s cold
    22. An ice-cream cone in the hot summer
    23. The sound of trains
    24. Model Trains
    25. Going to antiques stores

    1. I liked English accents, too....until I heard the Irish talk. That changed everything!

  17. In no particular order, here are 25 of my favorite things:

    1. Flagstaff
    2. Cookies and Cream Ice cream
    3. Warm cookies and milk
    4. Lemony things
    5. My ripped jeans
    6. Scary movies
    7. Dogs
    8. Baths
    9. Fuzzy socks
    10. Basketball
    11. Sweaters, especially large ones.
    12. The kindness of others
    13. Shoes
    14. Doing laundry
    15. Disneyland
    16. Straying up late
    17. New music
    18. New TV shows
    19. Christmas
    20. Helping others
    21. Sushi
    22. The smell of rain
    23. A cold pool on a hot day
    24. Pintrest
    25. Bruises

  18. In no particular order, here are 25 of my favorite things:
    3.Dutch Bros
    4.Loud car rides (with loud music and loud people)
    5.Poetry (specifically Sylvia Plath)
    6.Loud music
    7.Jazz music
    8. Hamilton
    9. Harry Potter
    10. Aesthetic boards on Pinterest
    11. My golf cart
    12. Golf
    13. Soccer
    14. Spandex (hip guards)
    14. Shoes!!
    15. Dr. Martens
    16. Adrenaline rushes
    17. When the shower is so hot it almost burns
    18. Hitting people in soccer
    19. Rugby!
    20. Irish Wolfhounds
    21. Ibizan Hounds
    22. Calculators
    23. Spreadsheets
    24. The colour red
    25. Feeling safe/protected

  19. 1.Taking photos of beautiful sceneries
    4.Playing Piano
    5.Listening to music
    9.Love Blue
    10.Love the sound of rain
    13.Cool Breeze on a perfect clear day
    14.Snuggle up in a cozy blanket next to the fire.
    15.Taking a nice hot bath with your favorite music on
    19.Drinking Lemonade
    20.Eating a Vietnamese Dish called Pho
    21.Pretzels are life
    22.Vanilla Ice-cream
    23.Working out
    24.Achieving Goals
    25.Being Lazy :3

  20. Dogs
    Air conditioning
    The band Ween
    Cheap incense
    A+ on papers
    My Iphone
    Coke Zero
    Pizza you can’t buy at the store or have delivered to your house
    My bed
    World history
    My colt 45 revolver
    Hot showers
    Sharp pencils
    Practicing mandarin
    My car
    Boba milkshakes
    Tied shoelaces
    Historically-accurate movies
    Mom’s cooking
    Making others laugh
    My religion
    Donald J. Trump

    1. Donald Trump is a person! But I will accept that you like the election or the idea of his presidency.

  21. 1. The smiles of others when I compliment them or do something to make them smile
    2. Animals
    3. Drawing
    4. Enchiladas
    5. Internet
    6. My computer/laptop/tablet/phone
    7. Games
    8. Youtube
    9. All A's
    10. Disney Movies and songs
    11. Lemon Chips
    12. Rock Music/Indie Music/Alternative Music/Mexican Music
    13. Manzanita/Apple Cider
    14. Thanksgiving
    15. Soccer
    16. Naps
    17. hot chocolate
    18. milk
    19. Cookies n cream hersheys
    20. Duvalin
    21. Sims
    22. Scratches
    23. Staying at home
    24. singing
    25. My bed

    1. Mmmmm! I love lemon, so tell me what are lemon chips?

  22. My favorite things (in no particular order):
    November weather
    Listening to music in the car
    Model homes
    Frozen yogurt
    Facetime calls
    Printing photographs
    Rainy days
    Wes Anderson films
    Laughing uncontrollably with others
    My faith
    Movie ticket stubs
    The beach
    Dressing up

  23. naps
    spending time with friends/ family
    traveling outside the US
    my dogs
    my bed
    dressing up
    my computer
    cold weather
    going to the movies
    Playing with makeup
    Taking photos
    watching historical movies
    rainy days
    listening to music
    hot showers
    a warm bed
    frozen yogurt
    ice cream
    sweet food

  24. traveling
    listening to music
    color red
    movie theaters
    rainy days
    taking pictures
    cold weather
    hot showers
    friends and family
    my faith
    new clothes

  25. 1.dutch bros
    4.the woods
    5.sour patch kids
    7.super hot showers phone
    11.watching movies
    13.a freshly made bed with clean sheets
    16.anything under armour
    19.the snow
    20.a new tube of lipstick
    21.a brand new notebook
    22.complete silence
    23.any time spent with friends and family
    24.the color grey
    25.oversized hoodies

  26. 1. Basketball
    2. Sports Center
    3. Rainy Days
    4. History Class
    5. A Home
    6. Food
    7. Animals
    8. Music
    9. Family Time
    10. Sports
    11. Iced Tea
    12. Faith
    13. Nature
    14. Sunlight
    15. My Culture
    16. Sleep
    17. Winter
    19. School
    20. Football
    21. Mentors
    22. Alone time
    23. The sound of a ball going through the net
    24. Basketball shoe noise in the gym
    25. Clothes

  27. 1. My Golden Retriever Lucy
    2. Chai Tea
    3. Seaside Villages (ex. Ogunquit, ME)
    4. Gigantic Fuzzy Blankets
    5. Old Libraries
    6. Forensic TV Shows (ex. Bones or Criminal Minds)
    7. Hugs
    8. Houses with Large Windows
    9. Reading at Cafes
    10.Exploring Cities with my Friends
    11.Immersing Myself in Different Cultures
    12.Extra Big Hoodies
    13.Creating Different Characters
    14.Rain, The Smell of Rain, Reading While it Rains, etc.
    15.Taking Pictures
    16.My Bookshelves
    17.Eating New Foods
    18.Red Telephone Boxes
    19.Late Night Dutch Brothers with my Friends
    20.Singing when Nobody is Listening
    21.Being Home Alone (the silence being my favorite part)
    22.Anything Dull Greyish Green
    23.Killarney, Ireland
    25.When People Tell Me Everything About Themselves because They Are Comfortable Around Me

  28. 1. Giant Stuffed Teddy Bears
    2. Bears in general
    3. Money $$$
    4. Cute potted plants
    5. Flowers (specifically orchids)
    6. Rainy Days
    7. Drawing and doodling
    9. Baggy Over-sized sweaters
    10. Amazon Gift Cards
    11. Coffee
    12. Chocolate
    13. The colors mint green and black
    14. Pretty designs (whether it's clothing or interior or graphic designs and etc)
    15. Stargazing and stars in general
    16. Re-organizing things
    17. K-pop and. . other varieties of music
    18. Those really nice chocolate cakes that come with vanilla ice cream and that hot fudge topping and whip cream on top. . mhmm
    19. Makeup
    20. Mashed Potatoes and gravy !!!!
    21. Things that have a good formatting (like. . .power-point presentations and notes and etc)
    22. Astrology and horoscopes are pretty cool
    23. Online shopping
    24. My favorite number is 24. . lol
    25. Watching tv shows or dramas !!

  29. 1. Big dogs
    2. Soft blankets
    3. Mexican food
    4. Playing my ukulele
    5. Longboarding
    6. Reading (comics and books)
    7. Playing video games
    8. Art (drawing and painting)
    9. Music (singing and listening)
    10. Cooking/baking
    11. Watching sit-coms
    12. Spending time with my friends
    13. Memes
    14. Money $$$
    15. Naked Juices
    16. Pocky
    17. Chicken nuggets
    18. Artsy photography
    19. The color grey
    20. The sound of guitars
    21. Warm socks
    22. Chai tea
    23. The smell of cinnamon
    24. Point Loma
    25. Online shopping

  30. 1. Thunderstorms
    2. Dutch Bros
    3. The feeling you get when you open a brand new IPhone
    4. Staying up late
    5. Chai Tea
    6. Cinnabon Delights from Taco Bell
    7. Mozart
    8. Piano
    9. Harry Potter
    10.American Horror Story Season 1
    11.World Class Chocolate Ice Cream from Baskin Robbins
    12.Energy Drinks
    13.Loud Music
    14.Old English Literature
    15.Watercolor paintings
    16.The smell of rain
    17.Apple headphones
    18.The feeling when you find money in your pockets that you forgot about
    19.A clean inbox
    20.Big ringlet curls
    21.Buying new eyeshadow
    23.Horror movies
    24.Pizza Rolls
    25.Late night talks with friends

    1. LOVE Mozart- listening to his music performed and playing it on the piano. It's totally overwhelming.

  31. Sweets (candy , chocolate)
    Late night rides with people
    Water ( pool, rain, lakes, ocean)
    Pets/ Animals
    Questions that make you wonder
    Stories/ jokes
    Trying something new
    Hot tea
    A bonfire
    Good book
    Food (All kinds)
    Movies (Drama and action)
    Mint ( The candy and the color )
    A good view (Sunset, sunrise, the view of the ocean, forest, the mountains..etc. )
    The showing of affection (Kisses, Hugs, gifts, spending time together )

  32. 1.Dancing
    4.The beach
    6.80’s Movies
    9.Playing with my dogs
    11.Hanging ornaments on Christmas trees
    15.The smell and sound of rain
    18.Family dinners
    19.The color Pink
    21.Swinging on swings
    22.Holding babies
    24.New clothes

  33. 1.Faith
    3.My puppy
    8.Laughing so hard you cry
    9.Seeing how far I can take a lie
    10.Chai Tea
    11.Complimenting people
    12.Clean things
    14.Telling people to fight me very well knowing I'm not in the mood and don't have the energy
    15.Over committing myself
    16.Making people feel stupid after they try to sound smart
    17.My mattress
    18.A good education
    19.Characters that have influenced the way I see the world
    20.Burlesque (The movie)
    21.Living in America
    22.My friendship with Audra, Audra'a personality, things related to Audra without me actually saying Audra because I'm not allowed to.
    23. Logic
    24.Being inside by a warm fire when it's snowing outside.
    25. The color grey

  34. 1. Winter/Fall (the cold seasons are my favorite)
    2. Dogs (especially big, fluffy ones)
    3. Pouring rain
    4. The smell of food being cooked at a barbeque
    5. Sarah Graham’s laugh
    6. Putting my hair up after a long day, or when I am about to do something
    7. The feel and look of a new gel manicure
    8. The smell of outside the day of and after it rains
    9. The feel, look, and sound of stepping onto freshly fallen snow
    10. Being around a bonfire (the smell and warmth you feel)
    11. Sitting outside late at night, listening to the crickets and other bugs
    12. The shortness of breath you feel while hiking on an early, cold morning
    13. Stepping barefoot on the sand at the beach and smelling the salty, ocean air
    14. The feeling you get when you just won an important match and the crowd is cheering for you
    15. The smells of a bookstore and coffee/coffee shops
    16. Singing at the top of your lungs in the car and everyone else joining in with you
    17. Days that are dark, cloudy, and stormy
    18. Unboxing a brand new pair of court shoes and using them for the first time
    19. Stretching when you are super sore from a good workout
    20. Driving/hiking/walking on roads and paths through the forest (especially in Oregon and Washington)
    21. Cute, little cities that have an old feeling about them (most of the time they are downtown places like Prescott, Arizona or Grants Pass, Oregon)
    22. Football games
    23. Working on the ranch that my cousins own in New Mexico
    24. Christmastime (all of the smells that give you cozy feelings, the cold weather that makes your cheeks rosy, the bright, twinkling lights, the layers upon layers of clothing you wear to go outside in the snow, the pretty trees and wreaths, the comfort food that is made, going to church on Christmas Eve, hot drinks on cold days)
    25. Playing in out of state/city tournaments that are multiple days and spending time with my team while in those places

  35. In no particular order:
    1. An adventure
    2. A good book
    3. Lexa from The 100
    4. Musicals (Live Theatre)
    5. Verona, Italy
    6. London, England
    7. Downton Abbey
    8. Shakespearean Works
    9. Acting
    10. A warm fuzzy blanket
    11. Good hot chocolate
    12. Pretty necklaces
    13. Netflix
    14. Kitties & Puppies
    15. My faith
    16. Castles
    17. Sleep
    18. Mornings
    19. Halloween
    20. Disney movies
    21. Hot tubs
    22. Hugs & Cuddles
    23. Historical romance
    24. Music
    25. The feeling of standing on a stage

  36. 1. My Golden Retriever Lucy
    2. Chai Tea
    3. Seaside Villages (ex. Ogunquit, ME)
    4. Gigantic Fuzzy Blankets
    5. Old Libraries
    6. Forensic TV Shows (ex. Bones or Criminal Minds)
    7. Hugs
    8. Houses with Large Windows
    9. Reading at Cafes
    10.Exploring Cities with my Friends
    11.Immersing Myself in Different Cultures
    12.Extra Big Hoodies
    13.Creating Different Characters
    14.Rain, The Smell of Rain, Reading While it Rains, etc.
    15.Taking Pictures
    16.My Bookshelves
    17.Eating New Foods
    18.Red Telephone Boxes
    19.Late Night Dutch Brothers with my Friends
    20.Singing when Nobody is Listening
    21.Being Home Alone (the silence being my favorite part)
    22.Anything Dull Greyish Green
    23.Killarney, Ireland
    25.When People Tell Me Everything About Themselves because They Are Comfortable Around Me

  37. 1. songs I connect with
    2. sleep
    3. drives with no destination
    4. listening to music I like at dark
    5. iced coffee
    6. neon signs
    7. being trusted with secrets
    8. staring out a window while I think
    9. concerts
    10. art that makes me feel something
    11. the rhythm of walking
    12. astrology
    13. making people uncomfortable
    14. New York City
    15. adrenaline rushes
    16. the color black
    17. Spider-man
    18. taking photos on rooftops
    19. overcast and rainy days
    20. printed photos and polaroids
    21. sarcasm
    22. the moon
    23. binge watching movies
    24. last minute plans that turn out to have the best memories
    25. saved ticket stubs

  38. 1. Being the elder brother and seeing my siblings grow from an adorable innocent baby to a monster with a scary attitude...(oh, how time flies)
    2. The Nightlife scene (Neon signs, empty streets, driving with windows down and music blasting, lonesome diners with the most friendliest of people)
    3. Music
    4. Seeing the passion glow in someone’s eyes when they talk about something they absolutely love
    5. Deep poetry
    6. Powerful quotes from books, movies, or people
    7. Dogs and seeing them go crazy after they haven't see you all day
    8. Opening a door to the outside and feeling the chilly breeze brush past your entire body
    9. Stargazing
    10. Laughing uncontrollably and seeing others do the same
    11. Meeting the most humble and most kind of people
    12. Sitting down with a friend you haven't seen in quite awhile and reminiscing about both funny and sad times we went through together
    13. Traveling with close friends
    14. Getting to know the real version of someone early in the morning instead of the facade they put on for the day
    15. Rain and all it's greatness
    16. Making a goal and completing it
    17. Remaining calm when someone is absolutely furious about nothing really, and seeing them get even more mad
    18. Calzones
    19. Sweating after a good workout
    20. Making jokes about everything with a friend at school
    21. Playing Grandma’s favorite song and listening to it with her whenever we see one another
    22. Reading, listening to, and writing poetry
    23. Being cheered on and believed in for things I’m trying to accomplish
    24. Greek Mythology
    25. Being happy and making others happy

  39. 1 Cardigans
    2 Slam Poetry (Sarah Kay)
    3 Spring time in Philly
    4 Youtube
    5 Cookie dough Ice cream
    6 My Netflix List
    7 Baking
    8 Poppy Seed Muffins
    9 My purple blanket
    10 Twinkle lights
    11 Things that sparkle
    12 Gold
    13 Acting
    14 Romance Novels
    15 Ginger Ale
    16 Ugg boots
    17 French fries
    18 Frappuccino
    19 Cane's chicken and sauce
    20 Playing instruments
    21 Sudoku
    22 Letters from the mail
    23 Musicals (Hamilton current fav. Hairspray where it all started)
    24 Early release days
    25 Down stage Center

    1. YES on sparkle (I LOVE and have an obsession with gold glitter!) but what is Cane's chicken? I must know!! ;)

  40. 1. Phones
    2. Computers
    3. Cars
    4. Busses
    5. Trains
    6. Airplanes
    7. Books
    8. Movies
    9. Newspapers
    10. Internet
    11. Facebook
    12. Snapchat
    13. Instagram
    14. Drinks
    15. Food
    16. Denmark
    17. America
    18. Music
    19. Musicals
    20. Theater
    21. Gucci
    22. Prada
    23. Armani
    24. Versace
    25. Languages

  41. My favorite things, in NO particular order:

    1. Love
    2. This years election results
    3. PS4
    4. Video games
    5. Food
    6. Water
    7. The house that I live in
    8. The school I go to
    9. The opportunities I have available to me
    10. The country I live in and the principles in which it was built upon
    11. Cellphones
    12. Computers
    13. Various other communication tools (social media etc.)
    14. YouTube
    15. Movies
    16. Transportation
    17. My health
    18. Memes
    19. My job
    20. Soda and other drinks, Arnold Palmer, Iced Tea etc.
    21. Education
    22. History
    23. Electricity
    24. Money
    25. Life

  42. 1. Stretching
    2. The color pink
    3. Money
    4. 90's movies
    5. Loud music
    6. High heels
    7. White teeth
    8. Big sweatshirts
    9. The beach
    10. Overcast days
    11. Dogs
    12. Water
    13. Making others smile
    14. Giving advice
    15. Working out
    16. Painting
    17. Los Angeles
    18. Pedicures
    19. Laughing
    20. Sleeping
    21. The holidays
    22. Palm trees
    23. Books
    24. Helping someone
    25. Surprises

  43. 01) Food
    02) technology
    03) chocolate
    04) photographs
    05) airplanes
    06) cars
    07) Ireland
    08) France
    09) London- piccadilly circus
    10) Wattpad
    11) Radish
    12) Bookstores (that don't have a ton of tech stuff)
    13) Amazon
    14) Musicals
    15) Broadway
    16) water
    17) Busses
    18) Trains
    19) The sunset
    20) The northern lights
    21) The sunrise
    22) REAL clouds
    23) Rain and storms
    24) Being all by myself (extremely rare occurrence in my life)
    25) Seaside, California (my hometown!!)

  44. 25 Things I am Thankful For:
    1. Naps
    2. Belle
    3. Iced Coffee
    4. Halloween (and fall as a whole)
    5. The stars
    6. Relating to others
    7. Being a friend to others
    8. That one favorite sweatshirt
    9. Concerts
    10. Mint chocolate chip ice cream
    11. The freedom to pursue anything
    12. Espresso
    14. Puns (the good, the bad, and the terrible)
    15. Talks on porches
    16. Campfires
    17. Friday nights
    18. Sunsets/Sunrises
    19. Having new experiences everyday
    20. Smiles!
    21. Collective laughter
    22. Tuesdays with Morrie by Mitch Alborn
    23. Cooking
    24. Travelling
    25. Self reflection

  45. My Favorite Things (In no particular order)

    4)Hot Chocolate (Food)
    5)Sitting outside on the patio with my dog and a book
    6)Debates about politics or controversial issues
    9)Being too busy for my own good
    10)Watching TV with my dad (may be my favorite)
    11)Listening to music in the car really loud and singing
    12)Disney Movies/Kid Movies
    13)Dressing Nice
    14)Emotional and moving commercials
    18)My mom's mispronunciation of "Estrella" or any Spanish based words
    19)Reliving my childhood by discussing old tv shows with my friends
    20)Cracking my back (I know its weird)
    21)Talking and being listened to
    22)In-depth discussions about my favorite movies and books
    23)Going to Lowes with my dad
    24)Having Friday lunch with my adopted Grandpa, Ron
    25)Christmas of course!!!

    I know a lot of these included people, but it wasn't the people themselves, so it counts!

  46. 1). Video games
    2). Gaming Competitively (Call of Duty)
    3). Books
    4). Reading
    5). The feeling of the "breakthrough" moment when you finally understand something like a concept or thing you were trying get.
    6). Cheer (tumbling, stunting, etc.)
    7). The feeling when you accomplish something physically you've been working on. (Getting a new max in weight lifting)
    8). The satisfaction of improving on something you're dedicating your time to.
    9). Call of Duty (video game)
    10). Making YouTube videos
    11). YouTube
    12). Good dubstep/trap music
    13). Listening to talk show radios
    14). Watching my favorite tv shows (Scorpion, Shark Tank)
    15). My Bible
    16). My bed
    17). Christianity
    18). The rain
    19). Good food
    20). The feeling when someone is proud of me.
    21). Football
    22). Soccer
    23). Track
    24). Exploring the woods/outdoors
    25). Running at top speed

  47. 1). Some video games
    2). Playing with Choco (my dog)
    3). Reading books
    4). Watching Girl Meets Worls
    5). Watching Youtube
    6). Cheer (tumbling, stunting, etc.)
    7). Playing with my dog Cyrus
    8). Friends and Family (as a concept!)
    9). All of my panda stuffed animals
    10). Playing Flute in Concert band
    11). Playing Tenor Sax in Jazz band
    12). Playing piano
    13). Wathcing the news (Fox News)
    14). Listening to Sabrina Carpenter
    15). My Bible
    16). My Bed
    17). My religion (Christianity)
    18). Arizona weather (rainy is the best)
    19). Sea food and Hot wings
    20). Swimming
    21). Roller blading
    22). Soccer
    23). Track (before I hurt myself)
    24). Eating
    25). New clothes

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  49. 1.) Lola (my kitten)
    2.) Dance
    3.) Rain
    4.) Music
    5.) Books
    6.) Science
    7.) Seafood
    8.) Tea
    9.) Black coffee
    10.) Chicago
    11.) Swimming in the ocean
    12.) The beach
    13.) Marine life
    14.) Shoes
    15.) Pom
    16.) Helping those in need
    17.) Buying people gifts
    18.) Christmas
    19.) Making/eating homemade pizza
    20.) Sleeping in
    21.) Perfume
    22.) California
    23.) Technology
    24.) My freedoms
    25.) My life

    1. Irish Breakfast tea is a new love for me, too! And yes on perfume, too! I especially love Angel. Have you smelled it? It smells literally like heaven! (made with chocolate, vanilla and caramel---AMAZING!)

  50. 1. Headphones
    2. Glasses/contacts
    3. Animals
    4. Warm clothing
    5. Vehicles/transportation
    6. Knowledge
    7. Music
    8. Movies
    9. Books
    10. My Bible
    11. Naps
    12. The scent lavender
    13. Candles
    14. Christmas music
    15. Exercise
    16. Coffee
    17. Chocolate
    18. Traveling
    19. Hope
    20. Love
    21. The movie Forrest Gump
    22. Coconut oil
    23. Smiles
    24. Giant teddy bears
    25. My puppies and chinchilla

  51. 1.) My Cat Jenna
    2.) Music as a whole
    3.) Star Wars
    4.) My Car
    5.) The School I go to
    6.) Cologne
    7.) My Hair
    8.) Basketball
    9.) Soccer
    10.) Weightlifting
    11.) Quentin Tarantino's Movies
    12.) My Xbox
    13.) Coffee
    14.) The Mall
    15.) PROTEIN
    16.) Kebab
    17.) Shawarma
    18.) Spiderman
    19.) Memes
    20.) Batman
    21.) Adam Sandler's movies
    22.) Urban Outfitter's
    23.) H&M
    24.) GQ Magazine
    25.) The Home I live in

    1. Love the name Jenna - Actually, had we had another girl rather than a boy, we were looking at the names Jemma (my cousin already took the name Jenna) or Sophia. Yes, those may have been Noah's names, had he been a girl! (Jemma Sophia). LOVE Urban Outfitters. I cannot say I share your love of Tarantino, though. Yikes!

  52. 1. My phone
    2. mac n cheese
    3. Music
    4. Pets
    5. My car
    6. Late nights with friends
    7. Sports Games(high school or pro)
    8. Memes(especially inside memes with my friends)
    9. sleep
    10. Shoes
    11. That Christmas Morning feeling
    12. Rain
    13. The smell of rain
    14. Pizza
    15. Seeing
    16. Movies and Movie nights
    17. internet
    18. Overcast days
    19. Long late night drives
    20. Hot n Spicy McChickens
    21. cologne
    22. Turbos
    23. Energy drinks(I just like the way they taste but they're so bad for me)
    24. Dr Pepper
    25. Hoodies

  53. A randomly assorted list of things I particularly enjoy:
    1: My bunnies (Myn, Ryland, and Napoleanna Bunaparte)
    2: My cat Kiki
    3: Stuffed animals (the bigger and softer, the better)
    4: My mom's homemade bechemel and parmesan lasagna we make every Christmas
    5: The smell of old books
    6: When someone brings an animal to school and you get to pet it
    7: Bells
    8: Glitter
    9: Fabrics such as fleece, tulle, and organza
    10: Oversized jackets and t-shirts
    11: Homemade cocoa
    12: Fabric sales, coupons, or remnants
    13: New sewing scissors
    14: The creak of a freshly opened sketchbook
    15: Finding a book that you will always love and never tire of re-reading
    16: Hearing people tell me stories that are important to them about their family, past, or things that make them happy
    17: Calling everyone 'beautiful' or some other positive form of affectionate address
    19: Big bags of strange and assorted buttons from Goodwill or secondhand stores
    20: Getting asked to pose for a picture at Comicon in a new cosplay I made
    21: Making or cooking things for other people and making them happy with it
    22: My blue quilt
    23: Friendly cuddles or hugs
    24: Soft animal pajamas (my favorite of these in particular is a hooded panda onesie)
    25: Wrapping gifts

  54. 1. Family
    2. Friends
    3. Piano
    4. Music
    5. Food
    6. Lord of the Rings
    7. Holidays
    8. Five Guys
    9. Football/Sports
    10. Camping/Hiking
    11. My phone
    12. America
    13. My truck
    14. Rain
    15. 8 Ball Pool
    16. Hoodies
    17. Money
    18. Religion
    19. Sleep
    20. Arizona
    21. Late nights
    22. My sisters
    23. Concerts
    24. Roller Coasters
    25. Fast food

  55. These are 25 of my favorite things, in no particular order
    1. Traveling to different places
    2. Comfortable clothing
    3. The smell of citrus candles (and candles in general)
    4. Adventuring
    5. The Ocean
    6. Los Angeles, California
    7. Arizona sunsets/sunrises
    8. Nature
    9. Contagious laughs
    10. Books
    11. Good music
    12. The color purple
    13. Drawing
    14. The book Walk Two Moons by Sharon Creech
    15. Playing & watching soccer
    16. Makeup
    17. My grandmothers cooking
    18. English Tea
    19. Boba
    20. Warm showers/baths
    21. Movies
    22. Poetry
    23. Aesthetically pleasing things
    24. Fine tip pens
    25. Social Media

  56. My favorites not in any particular order:
    1) Reading
    2) Rain
    3) My cats (Spaz, Norton, Harley and Luna)
    4) Travelling
    5) Overcast days
    6) Writing
    7) Photography
    8) Flying
    9) Video games
    10) History
    11) Archery
    12) Working Out
    13) Music
    14) Working (Of all sorts)
    15) The open-ness of Arizona
    16) A freezing room to sleep in
    17) Camping
    18) Shooting
    19) Halloween!
    20) The colors Green and Black
    21) Coca-Cola
    22) Food
    23) The USA
    24) Laughing
    25) Life

  57. My Favorite Things in No Particular order:
    1. Baseball
    2. Sleep
    3. Beach
    4. Free Gear
    5. Friends
    6. United States of America
    7. Dogs
    8. Dark and Rainy Days
    9. Video Games
    10. Lifting Weights
    11. Running
    12. Playing Basketball
    13. Watching Volleyball
    14. Country Music
    15. Green and Tree Filled States
    16. Fishing
    17. Hunting
    18. Christmas
    19. Food
    20. Watching Movies
    21. Watching TV
    22. Traveling
    23. YouTube
    24. Family
    25. Trucks

  58. Twenty five things I love:
    Scuba Diving
    The color orange
    The ocean
    The Dunes
    Messing around
    New experiences
    Passing classes
    Being a leader
    Dutch Bros
    Being Active
    Improv acting
    Ford Trucks
    Being myself
    Coral reefs

  59. Twenty five things that I love
    1.) Video games
    2.) Reading
    3.) Passing classes
    4.) Caffeine
    5.) Late night conversations
    6.) The ability to love
    7.) Working out
    8.) The ability to imagine
    9.) Hopes and Dreams
    10.) Playing football
    11.) Watching the raiders
    12.) Hanging out with friends
    13.) Past accomplishments
    14.) The ocean
    15.) Music (of all kinds)
    16.) Driving
    17.) Trucks
    18.) Flying
    19.) Forests
    20.) Food
    21.) Words (to express one-self)
    22.) Camping
    23.) Hoodies
    24.) Lord of the Rings
    25.) Hugs

  60. 1.) binge watching shows with my mom
    2.) late night hangouts with friends
    3.) Lord of the Rings on a rainy day
    4.) Harry Potter
    5.) everything about rainy days
    6.) guns
    7.) motorcycles
    8.) the sound of a corvette
    9.) fast cars
    10.) camping in the woods, especially when it's rainy
    11.) late night drives blasting music
    12.) working out
    13.) watersports at the lake (wakeboarding, tubing, etc.)
    14.) deep talks
    15.) lazy days
    16.) early mornings (even though I hate waking up for them)
    17.) off-roading
    18.) exploring the outdoors
    19.) music in general
    20.) big trucks
    21.) car shopping
    22.) clothes shopping
    23.) late night walks on the beach
    24.) the ocean
    25.) family get togethers

  61. 1. The Beach
    2. Libraries
    3. Wrestling
    4. Pizza
    5. Lotion
    6. Cars
    7. Music
    8. Hikes
    9. My Job
    10. Shooting Guns
    11. Whiplash (Movie not ache)
    12. Hamilton
    13. Memes
    14. Shoes
    15. Rain
    16. Snow
    17. Big Cities
    18. Walks at Night
    19. Panda Express
    20. Baby's Laughs
    21. The Book Thief
    22. Vacations
    23. Boat Rides
    24. Window Shopping

  62. 1. Shopping
    2. The beach
    3. Traveling
    4. Rainy days
    5. Movies
    6. Food
    7. Warm clothes
    8. Dogs
    9. Christmas
    10. Sleep
    11. Music
    12. Sunsets
    13. Baking
    14. Dancing
    15. Chocolate milk
    16. Sing
    17. Make up
    18. Friends
    19. Long car rides
    20. Puerto Rico
    21. Perfumes, lotions, etc.
    22. Candy
    23. Tea
    24. Frozen yogurt
    25. The color PINK

  63. 1. Internal combustion engines and anything involving them
    2. Cars/Truck/Jeeps
    3. Motorcycles/Dirtbikes
    4. Longboards/Skateboards
    5. The Rain
    6. The Snow
    7. Music... Almost every Genre
    8. Musical Instruments
    9. Mountain Bikes
    10. Mountains
    11. The desert
    12. Pretty much all of the outdoors
    13. Books and stories
    14. Food
    15. Driving
    16. Firearms
    17. Explosives
    18. Being a Goofball
    19. Tea
    20. Cameras and Photos
    21. My cell phone
    22. SHOES
    23. Chapstick
    24. The Bible
    25. The World

  64. 1. A warm bed
    2. Electricity
    3. Electronics (Laptop, Smart Phone)
    4. The LDS Church
    5. Long Weekends
    6. Music
    7. Board games with my family
    8. Cheer
    9. Basketball
    10. Sleeping in
    11. My own room
    12. Food to eat whenever I want
    13. My car
    14. Medicine
    15. Air conditioning/heating
    16. Days off of school
    17. Naps
    18. A nice home
    19. Living in a first-world country
    20. Free time
    21. Camping
    22. Compliments
    23. The Bible and Book of Mormon
    24. Living in a (mostly) free country
    25. Days with no homework

  65. 1. Hot cup of coffee
    2. Naps
    3. Netflix
    4. No homework
    5. Icecream
    6. Being with my friends
    7. Going to church
    8. My car
    9. Clothes and shoes
    10. Cheering
    11. Reading the Bible
    12. Music
    13. Hiking to enjoy nature
    14. Cool weather
    15. My phone
    16. Sunsets
    17. Hot showers
    18. Dutch Bros
    19. My family
    20. Make up
    21. Stress free
    22. Babies
    23. Raising Cane's
    24. Rain
    25. Christmas

  66. The things I like/love:
    1.) The beach (the smell too)
    2.) Hikes
    3.) Spontaneous adventures
    4.) Pools
    5.) Trying something new for the first time
    6.) Hot chocolate
    7.) Rainy days (and the smell)
    8.) The feeling you get after you workout
    9.) Ice cream
    10.) Pasta
    11.) Jamming out to music in the car with friends
    12.) Concerts
    13.) Happy music
    14.) Riding top down in a jeep
    15.) Traveling
    16.) Getting to know new people (and making a new friend out of them)
    17.) Cookie dough (it’s so bad to eat it raw but I love it)
    18.) Fresh sheets
    19.) Bonfires
    20.) Adrenaline rushes
    21.) Trips to Dutch Bros with friends (The rides there and back are the best; the actual drinks are just a perk)
    22.) French fries
    23.) Christmas lights
    24.) Fireworks
    25.) Opening wrapping paper