Friday, September 11, 2015


Communication break-down can occur at any time and in many different settings.  There's Group Project Anxiety: everyone has great ideas at discussion meetings, but you feel like the only one with a sense of urgency to get any actual work done.  There's Discussion Frustration:  whenever you engage in a discussion with your group, you feel as if your thoughts and ideas are not valued or brushed aside with no regard to your feelings.  And finally, there is just sheer information overload: why is it that after a full day of school, you feel completely zapped of energy, consumed by an overwhelming need to be where people are not?

We all realize that we are social creatures.  We seek out and thrive within interpersonal relationships. We long to be heard and appreciated, to create and explore.  This is probably not new information.  Rewarding as they may be, however, relationships of every type are complex and not without their
difficulties.  People are different.  Where we come from, our experiences, our beliefs, and our DNA all go into who we are, how we see and interpret the world, and how we communicate.

Many corporations have invested large sums of money on consultants with one goal in mind:  to improve inter-office communication and efficiency.  Where do you begin?  The communicators, themselves!  Knowing who you are helps you to better understand how and why you communicate the way that you do.  Knowing who your co-workers are can help you better understand how to communicate with them more effectively and efficiently.

So, as Aristotle taught centuries ago, we will begin by seeking the wisdom that comes from knowing ourselves.  Here is a link to a personality inventory:  Once you complete the test, you can have your results emailed to yourself and you can read all about your personality type: how you relate to others, how others see you, how you work, etc.

The test takes about 20 minutes, but it provides a wealth of information as it analyzes four distinct areas of personality and then adds a fifth area that analyzes overall identity.  It is created from a combination of the infamous Myers/Briggs and Carl Jung's Theory of Psychological Types.  The four areas are explained as follows:

1.  Introversion vs Extroversion: (I vs. E) This is more than just "shy" vs. "outgoing."  In fact, according to Jung, it is really not about that at all.  It has to do more with where you get your energy.  Do you find yourself getting energized when you are around others, or do you find that you need to be away from people to re-energize?
2.  Intuitive vs. Sensing: (N vs. S) Intuitives are creative, imaginative and curious individuals who are open-minded.  They tend to go with novelty over stability and see/feel possibilities.  They tend to have strong discernment in new situations.  Sensing or Observant individuals are practical, pragmatic and down to earth.  They tend to have strong habits and rather than going with their gut, they are more focused on what has happened or what is happening.

3.  Feeling vs. Thinking: (F vs. T) Feeling individuals are sensitive and emotionally expressive.  They are more empathetic and tend to be less competitive than T's.  They tend to focus on social harmony and cooperation.   Thinkers focus on objectivity and rationality, prioritizing logic over emotion.  They tend to hide their feelings and value efficiency over cooperation.

4.  Judging vs. Perceiving or Prospecting: (J vs. P)  Judging personalities are decisive, thorough and highly organized.  They value clarity, predictability and closure preferring structure and planning to spontaneity.  Perceiving individuals are good at improvising and spotting opportunities.  They are flexible, relaxed, non-conformists who prefer to keep their options open.

Identity Variables of Assertive vs. Turbulent: (A vs. T)  Assertive types are confident, self-assured and pretty resistant to stress.  They do not push themselves too hard.  The turbulent types are self-conscious and sensitive to stress.  They are perfectionistic types who experience a wide array of emotions.

So, test away, and then comment by revealing assessed personality type and reflection on how knowing this information can help you communicate more effectively and understand how others communicate, as well.   I am an INFJ - T.  Your turn!


  1. This is a truly fascinating topic, and a difficult test! There were several questions in which the two sides of the scale represented different qualities I actively try to embrace, and I had to choose which one was more prevalent after much consideration.

    As for the results, I am also an INFJ-T. Knowing this information allows me to understand that I personally thrive on one-on-one communication with an emphasis on exploration of possibilities and empathy. I should direct my energy toward such matters for maximum effect. I should try to constantly reinforce a single cause in my communication rather than jumping between many of them, as my personality is more suited to working on one thing at a time. I would be much more effective and much more happy if I managed to communicate any one thing very well than several things in an unclear manner. Since I prefer to make quick decisions, it is important to place emphasis on supporting those decisions instead of showing too much restraint in order to keep other options open to me that are not particularly interesting.

    Of course, communication involves reaching others with your expressions, so I have to look at the other side of the spectrum as well. Extroverted individuals will thrive on large social gatherings, meaning that a pointless social activity for me may be essential to them and necessitating my support for such activities. Observant individuals will be less interested in the exploration of possibilities, preferring to stick with what is, requiring me to be understanding of their lack of interest and prepared to discuss the present and past with them as it is and was. In communication with Thinking individuals, I will need to place an emphasis on the efficiency of a proposed approach rather than concepts of empathy with their fellow human beings. When I am dealing with Prospecting individuals, I need to be prepared to consider their insights into sudden opportunities, and avoid forcing them to close other opportunities wherever possible, in order to keep their options as open as may be realistically achieved. As far as Assertive individuals are concerned, I must be prepared for them to be quite content with their present state, and I should emphasize the use of their present skills rather than encouraging the development of new ones, as well as being willing to accept the situation if they don't make much effort toward a particular goal.

    In conclusion, by understanding my own personality and that of others, I can support them and be ready for their own quirks, while utilizing my own abilities as effectively as may be.

  2. I love the insights you have raised and shared here, Duncan! So important. I, too have found once I know these traits about someone I am less likely to be hurt if they are not as focused on harmony (Ts) and I understand their need not to feel boxed in as far as project limits (Ps). I also appreciate the differences more because I understand them. I think INFJs sort of naturally thrive on insight though. ;)

    1. Thank you, Mrs. Caraway! I am pleased to see that they are satisfactory.

      Of a certainty, I believe you are right. And if INFJs naturally thrive on insight, so much the better! For it is by insight that we can understand ourselves and others, and if insight itself cannot make the global community revolve, it may still allow the individuals comprising that economy to stop and think about how it may. What a wonderful thing to thrive on!

  3. My personality type of ISFJ-A. I am 48% introverted. I regenerate when I'm alone. I've noticed this past week that 24/7, I am with someone. I wake up, see my parents. Take my friends to school. See people until school. Go home and see my parents. Then I go to work or church where there is more people. When I get home, someone normally asks me to skype and I skype until I go to sleep. I have barely any time when I'm alone, and because of that, I become hostile sometimes. It drives me crazy when I can't be left alone at least for a little bit. Thinking back, this has been very apparent throughout my life. If a person talks to me every day, all day, I get so annoyed with them because I want my space. I just need to have my space. I am also a sensing individual. I've noticed that because of what I've experienced, whether good or bad, those experiences affect my decisions today. Because of someone being hostile with me after I told them what was bothering me, I don't want to confront people in fear that others will react the same. I am a a feeling individual. I try not to take things to heart, but it normally backfires. I react with what I'm feeling with something. I am a judging person. I am very organized in what I do and think thouroughly through things to make sure the order makes sense. Lastly, I am an assertive person. I wouldn't say I'm confident, but I would say that I am very resistant to stress. I could be stressed about something but that thing isn't always on my mind and it doesn't control what I do on a daily basis.

  4. My personality test showed i am 89% extrovert (no surprise there). And my type is ENFP-A. Although I am crazy out going and love to entertain people, i maintained a 57% in the feeling category. I think the test showed I have an odd love for people. I also love to explore new ideas and new options. Even when I am home I am always looking for a way to get out and go do something. I don't judge because i know my flaws, and because i have flaws i always try to help other people with theirs (If they want it). Also being 75% intuitive I know personally I am extremely open minded to where it affects my life style. How could you not explore every possibility in the world!? My mind is also open to people and ideas. EVERY WAY IS THE RIGHT WAY TO SOMEONE. I am easily stressed though, because I do so much and I am always being social the little things can affect everything that I do. I don't evaluate myself often so the test really gave a lot to think about. Being extrovert, and intuitive, as well as having a lot of feeling I think is spawned from being an Actor, all of those characteristics are somethings actors usually have.

  5. When taking the quiz I was surprised by some of the results, but not all. To my assumption, I was in fact 54% an extraverted. That did not shock me because I am known to be out going, but only to an extent. That's why I was only slightly more than half, because my strong personality stops in the obstacles of insecurities. Also I was confirmed with my ability to be able to judge situations and plan out my actions thoroughly, ranking 66%. To my surprise I was accounted to be 34% turbulent. I researched the personality. From my research I found it means that sometimes I may struggle with identity or expected reactions. Over all I found this article really intriguing and self motivating.

  6. I was not surprised by my results by any means. I am ESFJ-T or as they like to call me "The Consul". I ended with a 42% extraverted, 39% observant, 23% feeling, 39% judging, and 15% assertive. I think this describes me as a person fairly well. I think knowing this information about myself will help me work better with others. My mom always says "Knowledge brings Understanding, and Understanding brings Patience." I feel like this really applies to this specific case, because if you know that someone is the opposite of you in a certain area, than you know that they are thinking a certain way that could be different than yours, but still understand where they are coming from. I think know this about each other will help us make decisions on who we work on assignments together, but also how to show we are all different, but can still understand each other. I think that it would also help with communicating as well, in the sense that if I say this I know that this person will respond this way and when someone says something to me, I understand what they are really trying to say. This test truly just lets people into your head to see what kind of person you actually are.

  7. I am a Logician (INTP-T). I am 35% introverted, a whopping 94% intuitive, 37% thinking, 76% prospecting, and 81% turbulent. Most of this makes sense to me; I always though of myself as a logical person. What shocked me is how one-sided I am in a lot of these categories. In three of them I am leaning to one side over the other by more than 75% which, looking over some of the other responses, seems like a very dramatic difference. Aside from that I do not have too much to say about the test. I thought it was very interesting and I had fun looking over it and receiving the answers; I think this type of activity is fun! I did think I would be a bit more of a thinker, however it appears my feelings do intertwine quite a bit with thinking in the nature category even though I am still 37% in the thinking side.

  8. I actually have taken this "16 Personalities" quiz before, and when I took it again this time I received the same results. I am an ISTJ-T otherwise know as the “Logistician”. As a Logistician I am 16% Introverted, 100% Intuitive, 37% Thinking, 51% Judging, and 11% Turbulent. Some things that stood out to me in the background of an ISTJ that I related to was, “ When ISTJs say they are going to get something done, they do it, meeting their obligations no matter the personal cost, and they are baffled by people who don't hold their own word in the same respect” and “Consequently, people with the ISTJ personality type often prefer to work alone, or at least have their authority clearly established by hierarchy, where they can set and achieve their goals without debate or worry over other's reliability”. When given a project, I don’t mind working with others in a group, but if I do I need it to be organized, and all planned out. A weakness that I noticed ISTJ-T’s embody that I do as well is that they are always by the book. I am known to not step outside of my comfort zone very often. I like to do whatever is familiar to me, and nothing else. I think it is so crazy how one test can uncover so much about your personality, and be so true. I 100% resonate with the personality trait that I was given.

  9. My personality type is “The Advocate” (INFJ-T). I'm the same as you!
    I am 44% Introverted, 14% Intuitive, 21% Feeling, 70% Judging, and 75% Turbulent. My role is 'Diplomat' and my strategy showed 'Constant Improvement'.
    I have taken tests like this in the past and I have always ended up introverted. A lot of times people disagree with this and say it can't be so because I speak my mind and don't let things slide if I have a view on them. However, I would rather stay home than go out. When I am in big groups I often feel excluded or absent. I always need my space and time to myself to escape the anxiety and the headache from all the commotion in life.
    In the explanation I related to a lot of what it said. (Actually, really surprised how accurate.) I am very connected to morality as well as always wanting to help everyone fix their problems. It reiterated that I am soft-spoken yet opinionated.
    The strengths and weaknesses were me to the T. I am creative, insightful, full of belief, decisive, passionate and determined. But there are a lot of things I am that aren't as helpful to my personal self. Sensitive, private, perfectionist, and I burn out easily.
    Even under the relationship and friendship areas. I look for someone who can be the one and I always want to have a deep connection and lasting relationship. Because of this I never feel like I have any true friends because all of the people I am friends with keep things on such a basic surface level. I love to listen and help people but sometimes I need someone who can listen to me.
    It is amazing how a few questions can pin you into the 1% personality type and be accurate.

  10. Based off of the personality test I have an ESTJ (Executive) personality. It is mostly an accurate description of how I am as a person regarding certain topics such as me holding up traditional values highly but these sort of analyses of personality can never really accurately put their labels onto a person because there is infinite personality possibilities.

    An example of mine that I can share is that a ESTJ person cares highly about public opinion of themselves. I couldn’t give a hoot about who thinks what about me because the only opinions I care about are those of people whom I have given legitimacy in my life such as my father, mother or maybe even a friend. Everyone else doesn’t matter. That is just one example though of how these labels can’t work.

    Another big reason is that I am not always the same. These questions about personality are too broad and general. If often lean towards both sides giving certain situations within the subject. At times I need a plan to stay on track and not be stressed then at another time I might just wing it and improvise as I go. The personality test can guess how we are but never truly get it.

    1. SO funny and ironic! I agree with you to not get stressed out and all caught up in what a test says, but your skepticism ties in perfectly with an ESTJ! ;)


    ***I am an ENFJ-A aka Protagonist.***

    I am 44% Extraverted.
    35% Intuitive.
    43% Feeling.
    6% Judging.
    16% Assertive.

    "With vision and determination, nothing is impossible."

    ^ That is the quote for my little character guy and it is literally my life motto (will probably be my senior quote). According to the site, I am a charismatic and inspiring leader, I am able to mesmerize my listeners. I will make a great parent and wife. I am one of the 2% in the whole world that is a natural born leader. (;

    I am a firm believer of the people. I am a tolerant, reliable, altruistic, charismatic leader. BUT I can also be overly idealistic, too selfless, too sensitive, have a fluctuating self esteem, and I (at times) struggle in making tough decisions.

    Some of the things I would actually say to someone in real life, were in the article:
    -"I'm a slow walker, but I never walk back."
    -"You cannot escape the responsibilities of tomorrow by evading it today."
    -"All my life I have tried to pluck a thistle and plant a flower wherever the flower would grow..."
    -"Whatever you are, be a good one."
    -"Don't worry when you are not recognized, but strive to be worthy of recognition."

    Pretty much everything I read was true. Kind of scary how accurate this is...
    "...People with the ENFJ personality type take genuine pleasure in getting to know other people, and have no trouble talking with people of all types and modes of thought. Even in disagreement, other perspectives are fascinating to ENFJs – though like most people, they connect best with individuals who share their principles and ideals.

    ENFJs will find that their excitement and unyielding optimism will yield them many satisfying relationships with people who appreciate and share their vision and authenticity. The joy ENFJs take in moving things forward means that there is always a sense of purpose behind their friendships, creating bonds that are not easily shaken."

    "ENFJs' intuition gives them a talent for understanding, and regardless of the heat of the moment, their children will move on, remembering the genuine warmth, care, love and encouragement they've always received from their ENFJ parents. They grow up feeling the lessons that have been woven into the fabric of their character, and recognize that they are the better for their parents' efforts."

    "Few personality types are as inspiring and charismatic as ENFJs. Their idealism and vision allow ENFJs to overcome many challenging obstacles, more often than not brightening the lives of those around them. ENFJs' imagination is invaluable in many areas, including their own personal growth." YAAAY

    The description of my personality was spot on. I love love love reading articles about people's personalities but never have I ever read about my own. I'm pretty glad I took this test, I can work on my weaknesses and also work on getting introverts to talk to me lol.

    This has been my favorite blog post ever! Thank you Mrs. Caraway (:

  12. From the results, my personality type is Advocate (INFJ-T). It’s crazy how accurate this test is. The advocate personality is such an exact representation of myself. I am 6% introverted, 22% intuitive, 46% feeling, 36% judging, and 54% turbulent. The 6% introverted was to some extent accurate. Many people say that I’m shy, but I’ve grown since then (once you get to know me and I’m comfortable with you - I will never stop talking) and I believe that I’m not as timid as I used to be. So, the 6% made me happy that it is such a small number. “INFJ’s are not idle dreamers, but people capable of taking concrete steps to realize their goals and make a lasting positive impact.” This is very precise to who I am. I set high standards for myself and I try very hard to reach my goals. What also really got to me was, “though soft-spoken, they have very strong opinions and will fight tirelessly for an idea they believe in.” This relates to me so much because when I have strong opinions, I speak them. I don’t like to hold back, especially what I say could make an impact. I don’t like when there’s something that I feel strongly about and I don’t say what I think - I just sit there and don’t say a word. 6% introvert.

    This test made me reflect on how I am towards others and myself. There were many questions that made me feel insecure. Knowing this information, I should speak my mind more often, control my emotions and not let them disrupt how I communicate with others, and to not judge myself so harshly. I will also not judge others harshly on how they communicate their thoughts - we all have different personalities; different or in common.

  13. I don't feel comfortable telling you all my results. I think you should judge me based on how I've acted with you and what I've done, rather than what my personality dictates. Every person is unique, and I don't think the world should be broken down into 16 types of people.
    This isn't to say the test is wrong, in fact I'd say I identify with 100% of what it says. I am ISTJ (and I inadvertently skipped the T vs A questions because I didn't feel confident in the answers). I need structure, but have a creative side that wants to come out (explaining my interest in acting). This however, is my inferior personality tier which I am supposed to use to solve problems, not engage in creative pursuits. I have very high moral standards for myself, and am very harsh on myself if I feel I have failed them. Unfortunately, since I hold myself to those standards, it is very hard for me to forgive others when they don't do the same. My least favorite characteristics in any person are lying or laziness. I feel you need to buckle down and get your work done, and then you can have fun. I have a tendency to get stuck in bad situations because they're familiar and need to work to put myself out there. Luckily my Dad is also an ISTJ and provides an excellent model for me about what works in life and what doesn't.
    Yet, as I said before, I don't think the world should be divided into the 16 types. My dad and I are very similar, yet he wouldn't be caught dead onstage, and I call his career "drawing lines". He likes football and I prefer gymnastics. What I'm trying to say is that personalities don't take into account interests, hopes, and dreams. And to me, those are true person. Without them, we'd be 16 types of robots, working to make the world go round.

  14. I am an ISFJ-T. I love doing tests like this, and I wasn't too surprised by the results. This test is very accurate. I am a "defender" because I am 60% introverted, 54% observant, 46% feeling, 75% judging, and 54% turbulent. I noticed I tend to fall on each side very heavily, not close to the middle where I could be balanced between the two. In summary, I am a reserved individual who does not like to be the center of attention (unless I know you really well) because I get anxious and worry about what other people think, even though I wish I didn't. I am a very organized and practical person who likes to make lists and plan things instead of winging it or improvising because I am not good under pressure. I am hard on myself to ensure I do my best, especially in school, and I get very upset when I fail or do something wrong. Finally, I am a sensitive person who isn't too competitive, but enough to want to win.
    This affects the way I communicate because I prefer to do it through written or visual language rather than oral due to my personality. It shows that I need to work on my oral language skills more in order to become a better communicator. It's very interesting to me how people can be so different in these areas. It shows that the way you were raised, your environment, and your innate traits really affect your personality, behavior, and communication skills. I loved this blog response because it was fun and fascinating.

  15. For my results, I got INFJ the Advocate. I am 20% introverted, 36% intuitive, 45% feeling, 17% judging, and my highest percentage 90% turbulent. I completely agree with the results that I got. The turbulent is sensitive to stress, eager to improve, had a wide range of emotions, and is self-conscious. One struggle that I can relate to is being super private.
    Trusting and opening up to new people is extremely hard for me. This can be a really bad weakness because I feel it prevents me to speak out on anything, including classroom discussions, asking questions, and starting conversations.
    Taking this personality quiz made me think about the things that I need to focus on more. It also made me realize that I need to break out of my shell. I really enjoyed taking this quiz because, it wasn't only fun, but it was also a great way to reflect on ourselves.

  16. My personality type is Debater (ENTP-T) scoring a 25% Extraverted, 39% Intuitive, 36% Thinking, 56$ Prospecting, 59% Turbulent. I'm not sure these are correct. I feel as if I judge more than I prospect and feel more than I think, but I may be wrong. In the email it states that my role is analyst and my strategy is social engagement. I am a quite social person, but in some situations I do have very bad social anxiety. Mostly when I'm being put down or someone else is, it's hard for me to speak up or find anything to say. At times I feel like I don't analyze anything at first view I most improvise a response rather than taking a closer look, but this test may be correct. I may have to take a deeper look into myself and see how I managed to get these results. A pretty eye opening result.

  17. My personality type is ISFJ-A, defender. My mind is 34 percent introverted. Energy is 17 percent observant. Nature is 30 percent feeling. Tactics is 14 percent judging. Lastly, my identity is 21 percent assertive. I am not sure how to feel about this test, I guess it is just a different way of understanding who I am. My highest percentage was mind in introverted, I could see why it is the highest because I highly dislike loud noises because they make me feel uncomfortable. My energy percent is more observant, which makes sense because I tend to overthink often. I do like to tend to others feeling but at the same time I don’t like dealing with others emotions when I already have a hard time with mine. I am not super spontaneous because my family need two or three business day before I make any type of plans. Also, I don’t like to dwell on things I’ve done wrong because it puts a huge weight on my confidence.

  18. The results that I got when I took the personality test was “The Commander” (NTJs), this does not surprise me at all. NTJs are natural-born leaders. This personality type embodies the gifts of charisma and confidence and projects authority in a way that draws crowds together behind a common goal. We only make up three percent of our population and that because of us they are many businesses and institutions. I found that very ironic because I want to have my own business someday!

    It also points out that we love challenges as long as we are given enough time and resources, which is very true for me personally. I always try to push my goals farther and this information gives an explanation to why I do. I really liked that. It states that ENTJs have the respect of others who are willing to stand up to us intellectually, and who is able to act with a precision and quality equal to their own. We have a particular skill in recognizing talents of others, and it helps in both team-building efforts. This is why we are good natural born leaders, but we are also willing to call anyone out if needed to (in a nice way).

    It lists out some strengths and weaknesses.
    Strengths: efficient, energetic, self-confident, strong-willed, strategic thinkers, charismatic and inspiring.
    I don’t agree with many of my weakness but I will still share
    Weaknesses: Stubborn and dominant, intolerant, impatient, arrogant, poor handling of emotions, cold and ruthless

    When it comes to relationships commanders always have goals and we expect to achieve them because we spend a lot of our energy for that other person. We continue to impress our partners throughout the relationship with our creativity and energy (really hoping that is true). We always want to grow ourselves and strive to improve knowledge (I always try too even if I think they are wrong). We also look for long lasting relationships.

    Our friendships are built on ideas and a lot of us find it enjoyable putting thoughts forward and defending them from assault from every angle. I agree with that because in my group of friends we are always coming up with new places to go and have adventures no matter how far it might be.

    This wasn’t everything the article (online test) speaks about I can agree with and with some information I don’t. But this helped me a lot when it came to finding out how others see me and what I need to learn about myself.

    1. Totally suits you, I think! You are a leader! :) Just curious--were you I or E for the first letter?

    2. Never mind! My bad! I should read things more closely. ;)

  19. My personality results were INTJ-T (Architect). I was 41% Introverted, 11% Intuitive, 12% Thinking, 51% Judging, and 23% Turbulent. My highest was judging which makes sense as I like to be organized. I also like everything explained clearly to me, and if it's not then I won't understand it. Another personality I scored really high on was intuitive. This makes sense too, because I am known as a quiet person. I don't usually like starting conversations, but when I'm the center of attention I enjoy that. I was turbulent as well. I don't like stressful situations and I tend to tense up in them. I can really only talk normally to people I know well versus people I just met. Overall, I really enjoyed this personality test, and I agree with the results it gave me.

  20. My test results were INFP-T. The mediator. I felt that this quiz was very accurate because I consider myself to be that friend who gives everyone advice and considers everyone's feelings carefully and with forethought. Also, I'm an extremely shy person, and this quiz further proved that by stating that I am 40% introverted. I tend to put my hopes before my realities, and I'm just now beginning to figure out how I can make my hopes into reality.

    It also stated that I tend to consider how other people feel more often than not. I'm good at both giving advice and offering emotional support to those who need it. I apply logic to most situations to avoid making mistakes, though obviously I still do, as does everyone else. While I enjoyed taking this quiz, I feel as though it only helped me to confirm what I already know about myself. The cool thing about it though, is that while you could have the same results as someone else, they will perceive it differently.

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  22. This test was very difficult at times and really made me have to assess myself but I really feel like I got what I am and the test was accurate! I am an INTP-A (Logician), which means I prefer to think of ideas or solutions rather than communicating to other people to figure it out. The test states I am very competitive, I find this very true to me. Knowing this will help me communicate because, since I think so much, I know I need to focus on communicating my thoughts to others.

    Because of this knowledge I now know that not everyone competitive and even though I want to be the best, not everyone wants to compete. I don't need to compete and instead I should spend my time listening to what they have to say and try to relate or at least see where they are coming from when they express an idea.

  23. After completing this personality test, my results were Protagonist ENFJ-T. To no surprise at all, I am 99% extroverted. I am a type A personality. I'm very outgoing and love being around people and feeding off of their energy. At times during this test, I had difficulty trying to answer. Their were questions that were hard to answer because I agreed with one part but not another and that's why I think some of my results aren't accurate. I am 83% intuitive. I'm a very curious person and like to focus on the future instead of worrying about the past. I think that's why I was never interested in History class. The test shows that I am 20% feeling which I don't completely agree with. Yes, I am emotional and like to express what I'm feeling but on the other hand I am a very competitive person. No matter if it's winning a silly game at Jeopardy or beating someone on the court, I LOVE winning. I am a very organized person and can't stand mess. I strongly disagree with the last result about how I am turbulent. Although I am a perfectionist and need to have everything be right, I am nowhere near self conscious. I love who I am and don't really care when others don't think the same.

    I think it's very important to focus not only on your personality type but everyone else's as well. To have an effective learning environment, I think the outgoing people need to be paired with not so outgoing people. If you place a bunch of introverted people together, they're likely not to get much accomplished because they're all so shy. I think everyone should love who they are no matter what personality type they have.

  24. After I completed the personality test I discovered that I was an ENTJ ( The Commander). The personality was very accurate in portraying the person that I am. In the description for this personality type it said that ENTJ's are natural born
    leaders, they love a good challenge whether it be big or small, which I agree with. The personality percentages that received was: 53% turbulent,44% intuitive, 22% thinking, 21% extraverted, and 6% judging. I do see why my biggest portion was turbulent because I am success-driven and a perfectionist. I also see why intuitive was the second highest percentage because at times I do see myself as open-minded and I do look for the deeper things. Although this quality contradicts the personality I was assigned because it says one of the worse qualities is
    ignorance, so how could I be both. I disagree with the thinking one I like to believe that I am more feeling because I am very expressive with my emotions.

    I feel like it's important to know whats your personality type because this can give us an insight on what qualities we have never noticed in ourselves.We really shouldn't define ourselves by them, because your personality type shouldn't embody who you are. Only we can define ourselves by what we think of ourselves.

  25. I took this test in my DP theater/Company class and found out that I am a INFP-T (the Mediator). I think that the personality test was really accurate in my case. I feel almost all of the things it said applied to me are true. I think its good to know your personality so that you can get a better understanding on why you do the things you do and what things work for your personality. I think when you meet someone you might want to connect with telling them your personality might help better the relationship, so that you know how each other work. Also, so that you know how to approach that person or deliver bad news.

  26. I have now taken this test for all my classes! Well almost, I am an INTP- A. I took this test over a year ago as well ( a different version though). I am definitely introverted, I NEED my time away from people to regroup. The N is the only one I may disagree with, because I could see myself being an S as well. The T I totally agree with. Rationality always in my book come before emotion, or at least close to always. The P, I am a improviser. There is never a plan we definitely have to stick to. I love analyzing personalities. My Best Friend Kirra Youngblood and I have totally different personalities but by knowing how she works, and her knowing how I work we have been great friends since 2nd grade. We thrive off different things and it's important to know how to deal and work with different personality types.

  27. I took the test in IB theater and I am a ESTP ( the entrepreneur). The test explained me and a lot to me. It said that i jump around from group to group and don't really have any friends on a deep level. I found this really easy to agree with because it's so true. I now use this to explain to some of my new friends that haven't yet grasped my personality or understand what I do.

  28. My results say I'm INTP-T (The Logician), and in some of the results I got back, it was very true. 21% introverted, 21% intuitive, 74% thinking, 51% Prospecting, 36% turbulent. I do have trouble speaking or explaining my point in front of a group of people especially doing presentations in front of the class, but I can figure out certain things with a limited amount of clues.

  29. I took this test before in my math class. I decided to retake the test again and I ended up getting similar results. My results say that my personality is INTP "The Logician" I am 39% introverted, 72% intuitive, 11% thinking, 15% prospecting, and 59% turbulent. My highest score was intuitive which means I am open-minded and imaginative. This helps me communicate with others because I am willing to listen to them and see what they have to say about something. My second highest percentage was Turbulent. Turbulent individuals are self-conscious and sensitive to stress. I think this is very true because if I am running out of time I get very anxious and it is hard for me to stay concentrated. For example, If I am taking a test and my time is running up I feel really stressed and I start to panic a little. It also says that turbulent individuals are eager to improve. I can relate to this through sports. I am always trying to improve and become a better athlete in whatever sport I play.

  30. My results say that I am ISFP-A (Adventurer) with 34% introverted, 43% observant, 47% feeling, 82% prospecting, and 68% assertive. I agree with my results, especially when I look at prospecting and assertive as being the highest, because most of my life is based around improvising and going with whatever happens trying to make them work, along with not being stressed when trying to complete any goals.

  31. I found this text a little harder than I thought it was going to be. A few times I would come across a question that would try to knock down two things in one question, now this was hard for me because on a few of them I would completely agree with one and completely disagree with the other, but I could only give one answer as a whole to that question.
    Besides that, I am an ENTP-A, otherwise known as "The Debater".
    I am
    80% Extraverted
    66% Intuitive
    34% Thinking
    48% Prospecting
    50% Assertive
    I think that this text was actually pretty accurate. While reading the introduction on the debator i found a sentence that I really loved "This ENTP personality type is the ultimate devil's advocate, thriving on the process of shredding arguments and beliefs and letting the ribbons drift in the wind for all to see. ". I thought that this was very funny and very true ( although it does sound a little mean!). I looked through the other sections, parenthood, career paths, friendships, and romantic relationships. I found a few things I personally Disagreed with, but overall I did find that many of the things said I could see in myself. I really enjoyed taking this text, simply to just learn more about myself.

  32. I must say, I was surprised by the level of accuracy that this test proved to have. Both what I received and what my friends did seemed to seem the nail on the head. Anyways, according to the test, I am an INFP-T, or Mediator. I am 47% Introverted, 35% Intuitive, 17% Feeling, 39% Prospecting, and 56% Turbulent. I'll admit, I was pretty skeptical of these result at first, but the more I read into them, the more I understood where they came from. Obviously, the introversion was no surprise, but the turbulence and feeling seemed a bit iffy (I don't think of myself as too unsteady). However, the way it described how I interacted and reacted to people and situations seemed to confirm this. The test said I interacted well with people, as long as I'm not in charge (yeah, I can see that.....) and am good with seeing the best in people. It also said I can be scatterbrained, and spend too much time thinking and not enough time organizing and living my life. The state of my room seems to support this as well. Overall, it was rather eye-opening, and I'm glad I had the opportunity to take it.

  33. This test is pretty accurate in my opinion, I have taken it before and got the same thing. ISTJ Logistician, 20% introverted, 18% Observant, 11% Thinking, 23% Judging, and 40% assertive. I pretty much agree with what this test gave me, Im a pretty hardworker and seem to have a million things going on at once, but manage to stay fairly organized. I'm defenetly not as introverted or anti-social as the description made it sound like, I am not afraid to initiate social interactions or introduce myself to a stanger, however I don't go around organizing parties or anything like that. Overall I think the test was fairly spot on, and I can now see some areas that I can improve on.

  34. Communication is obviously an extremely important factor in our daily lives as humans. We literally use it in almost everything we do and there are dozens of way to express our emotions and feelings and each person does it in a completely different way.
    My personality test results were (ESTP-A) Entrepreneur, was 6% extroverted, 9% observant, 14% thinker, 17% prospective, and 28% Assertive. My test results allow for me to statistically observe the way I communicate. I tend to be more of a introvertive communicator unless I want or need to be extrovertive which is one thing I didn’t really agree with on the test. I really don’t initiate that first contact or conversation but I sometimes will depending on the situation. I also learn or gather information as more of a visual person. I observe things before I act. I also make sure to assess things before I make a final decision and I am usually the thinker in a group of people. I also act on things that I want or need. When I try to prove a point or when I try to get to the correct answer I don’t tend to care about someone’s feeling too much, at least not during the interaction.
    My results leaned more towards the middle than heavily on either side. I’m not super biased towards any except possibly assertive being 28%. I am more evenly distributed with most of the qualities only slightly favoring one side.
    Our individual personalities all have completely unique and individual ways to communicate and express what we want to get across. Our world is very diverse and communication is expressed hundreds of different ways.


  35. According to the test, my Personality type is ESFP-T (Entertainer). This was very surprising to me at first, as I do not think of myself as an “Entertainer”, until I began reading the description. ESFP’s feel energized when they are with a group of people and they enjoy making other people feel good. They are also sensitive, not only to THEIR emotions, but also to those of others. They highly value the opinions of others and sometimes it can really hurt them if that opinion is negative. However, they use that pain to motivate themselves to do better and fix what they dislike about themselves. They have a unique sense of style and often like to stand out. This describes me perfectly. I love being around groups of people, it makes me feel alive. Now that I know this, I can approach situations and choices, knowing what will make me happier. I also now know that I can use my love for making others feel good to better the world. By knowing other people’s personality types, I can approach them in better ways when I need to communicate with them. I also know how to help them or make them feel better if needed. I am ecstatic to execute what I learned through this personality test!

  36. I'm an INFP-T (The Mediator).. After reading through all of the qualities, i found that this was very accurate. I tend to be very introverted around a large number of people or people who are loud. This happens a lot when i'm with my volleyball team, and even though i love each and every one of them, i find it hard to get my feelings out and cheer with them when we gain a point. I just feel awkward yelling. It's a love hate relationship for me.

    It said i was intuitive, which i guess could explain a few things, but then again i tend to have a big brick wall in front of me when it comes to being creative.. For artwork or a project for a class I have the worst box that makes being creative hard. And those are the moments that being open-minded goes on full blast because i need an idea quickly and ill take anything. I seem to be desperate when i'm being really open minded, because if i'm not in the need for ideas i might allow for a few things to trickle in, in one form or another, but i tend to take control of those group projects because i'm a huge perfectionist and as many people like to say: "If you want something done right, do it yourself".

    That leads me to bring up another aspect that I always tend to see in myself and that's the fact i'm a perfectionist, i beat myself down until i finally get it right, till i finally rid myself of those imperfect lines, or sentences or ideas, of those terrible plays in a video game or sport. I have cried over a drawing because one eye was slightly angled wrong and was a tad bit too small. And I've thrown out countless pictures after i drew them because i hated one small thing about them. I have cried over the fact my serving in volleyball was absolutely atrocious these past few years. I beat myself down so much that it forces me to find the issues and it drives me to fix them. But the issue with how I function is the way it drags others down. I know i upset my teammates in volleyball for looking dead on the court during a game. And its something that i wish i could change about myself, and i try, I've tried hard to fix that i look like a ball of depression during a game after i screw up, but it's difficult, because that's how i drive myself. And in all honesty it sucks that to make myself think and adjust, i have to drag others down with me.

    Now it says i'm good at improvising, which isn't altogether wrong, but i still have so much to work on. I tend to wing a lot presentations, and not practice them or anything, because i feel that as i talk, more ideas will flow. It gets my mind working and due to the way my thought process works with being all over the place, it usually works out for the better.

    I also got 79% turbulent, which really explains why i tend to have breakdowns constantly. I like to think i can deal with stress really well, but most of the time it hits harder then 17 rigs crashing into you at full force.. It is linked to me being a really big perfectionist.. I get stressed when i dont do something right and sometimes even sad. And i can go from happy to sad in an instant. It's a crazy ride sometimes especially when this happens multiple times in one day.

    All in all, this was pretty accurate, and i can see myself using this information like i already do in some ways. It's really important to understand who you and who the person you are talking to is so that oyu can curb your way of speaking, to either make the other person feel more comfortable, or to make them like you more for a job. It's an important skill to learn honestly, but it's also difficult at the same time, because not everyone can figure themselves ot or read other people as well..

  37. I regard myself as being a very strong personality type. I’m either heavily for something, or heavily negative towards it. This is probably why I hate uncertainty so much because to me, there’s a right and a wrong way to look at a problem. In my book, there is no “maybe” there is no “kind of”, it’s a “yes” or “no” kind of world. This being stated, I was not surprised with my results of this test.
    I am clearly an INTJ (The Architect). My percentages were 13% for Introverted, 53% for Intuitive, 84% Thinking which I believe is extremely correct, 76% Judging which I agree with because unclarity is the worst thing in my opinion, and lastly 60% Turbulent. I am not surprised at any of the results, but the one I most agree with is the Turbulent. Anyone who knows me well enough knows that I can flip from emotion to another very quickly and I can easily become stressed.
    With knowing this information, I can better explain to people about how I think. Because I am so “T” or Thinking, I don’t make rash decisions and I believe in what is logical, instead of thinking what is morally “right”. Also, with the fact that I am so turbulent, I can try to explain to people why I am so shifty with my emotions. In conclusion, this test helps me to better explain myself to people because I can easily say “Sorry about that, I’m a ’T’ and sometimes I get wrapped up in what’s the correct way instead of the morally ‘right’ way.”

  38. I absolutely love personality tests. It may be because I like to learn new things about myself, or simply because I love to feel understood. My personality type is INFP-T (“The Mediator”). My strength of individual traits are: Introverted: 3% Intuitive: 40%, Feeling: 47%, Prospecting: 20%, Turbulent: 26%. It was no surprise to me that I leaned a bit more towards the introverted side. I’m fairly shy when it comes to new people and I keep to myself (unless I’m really close to you). I do think of myself as being more intuitive; I usually rely on instinct than anything else. The high score on feeling was the most predictable trait. I agree with the test on saying that I care about other’s happiness more than my own. It made that clear in the friendship section, where it explained that once you’re my friend, I will do anything to make sure you’re the best you can be. Then again in the romantic relationship section, where it stated that I’m a hopeless romantic and if my partner is happy, then I will be, too. Both described me perfectly. I didn’t realize I was prospecting, though. I do see it now. Sometimes I would rather just improvise than come up with a well-thought out plan. This is probably because I’m usually caught up in my own thoughts and ideas- even when they aren’t practicable. I’m also turbulent, which makes sense. I’m not usually self-conscious, but I am; it’s kind of confusing. I am definitely a perfectionist with some things, and I am always willing to improve. It explained my natural ability to learn second languages, and my love for language in general. That is reflected in how I was able to learn Spanish quickly, and within my love of writing. All in all, I feel as if this result described me better than I ever could.

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  40. While reading the four areas of personality in the blog I kept looking at the descriptions and choosing which I saw myself as the most. The first I saw myself as an introverted rather than a extraverted, second sensing (observant) than intuitive, third thinker than feeling, fourth judging than prospecting, and fifth turbulent than assertive. The personality test showed I got what is called "The Consul" (ESFJ-T). Looking at my results from the personality test I was not surprised that three out of five were the same but the two that were different did surprise me (extraverted and feeling); 4% extraverted, 43% observant, 41% feeling, 21% judging, and 28% turbulent.

    I was pretty surprised that feeling was my second highest percentage. I see myself more of a non emotional person. I suppose looking at being emotional in a different perspective I could see it. Such as in the way that I feel for others all the time, making sure a friend or family member is okay or by telling if one of my friends are having a bad day and need someone to be there for them.

    My second result that didn’t match how I had “tested” myself in the blog was a surprise but not as much as the feeling vs. thinker area. Reason being is that I do like to know what is going on or when something is going to happen, in a social manner, but I don’t like being the center of social events or just in general because it makes me feel uncomfortable. Which is why I think that it is the lowest percentage of them all, at 4%.

    The two results that I knew were definitely my personality would be turbulent (28%) and judging (21%). First, judging which had mentioned organization and structure. I love organization. When things are messy it gets overwhelming and difficult for me to work with. Second, turbulent I think describe me pretty well. A person with a wide range of emotions, a perfectionist, self-conscious, and success driven.

    I see myself as definitely all of these things after reading and figuring out the meanings of them and how the meanings applied to me, and I absolutely loved taking the test and getting the results. I think it will help me improve on the things that I have lower quality in. It showed me how others see me, and now I can see the way that I react to certain issues/situations and why it is that I react in that way.


  41. I took the profile and discovered I am INTJ-T or an “Architect.” This type of personality is very rare, probably one of the reasons, my percentages were so low in each category except energy and identity. Basically, having this personality means that I am extremely strategic, curious, imaginative, thorough, and have high stress levels. After reading up on this personality type, I realized that is actually quite accurate in most of what it was saying about my personality. I love thinking about high reaching possibilities, but always try to think realistically when making decisions. I am also partially introverted and judgemental which I can always be seen by the length of my lab reports in biology as those close to me know.
    Besides these things the test also made me realize many things about how I subconsciously treat and communicate with people. With this knowledge in my mind, I know I often come off as pushy, decisive, and uncaring because of the way I present my opinions. By knowing these things, I can work on these attitudes that others notice in myself that I often disregard. Fixing these attitudes within myself, would make communicating with others a lot easier and efficient because they would no longer be unwilling to express their opinions due to my attitude. Looking at my personality also helped me to understand the ways others often communicate with me and why I don’t understand them. Knowing why I don’t understand these communication techniques allows me to focus on building my understanding of them. This will make communicating my ideas easier since others won’t have to work as hard to understand me. Overall, this was very useful and helped me to reflect on my own attitudes.

  42. My results are INTP-A.
    Introverted: 54%
    Intuitive: 69%
    Thinking: 56%
    Perceiving: 48%
    Assertive: 4%

    I have taken many tests over the years and it always seems to change. The only thing to stay the same is the fact that I am Introverted. That might have something to do with the fact that as a teenager, I am still developing my own sense of self. I am constantly learning more about the world and myself and as a result, changing my opinions. I think that that is okay, because I would hate to be the person I was a few years ago. So while these test results my be applicable now, in a year it could be totally off. But for right now, it's good to learn more about myself so I can grow further.

    It's great to know how to treat other people, knowing how they respond and what they're comfortable with. But it's also very important to know yourself even better so you know your own limits and how you want to be treated. You have to know your limits and not take any crap from anyone, knowing where to draw the line. It's also important because you are the one taking care of your own health, and the more you know about yourself, the better.

  43. According to the test results i am an Executive (ESTJ-A). I was actually very surprised by these results because I never thought as myself as being an executive, that is until i looked at my results. According to my results I am 43% extraverted, 38% observant, 5% thinking, 16% judging and 3% assertive. I can agree with all of these results because as i read further into the descriptions it said that "ESTJs are representatives of tradition and order, utilizing their understanding of what is right, wrong and socially acceptable to bring families and communities together", this describes me very well i would say because i am a very honest person and love to bring people together when they are having difficult times. This will help me lead a very difficult path without being upset and helping people make the right decision. I really enjoyed taking this personality test it gave me a really good understanding of why I do the things i do for people, especially if it involves bringing someone together in difficult times or giving them a hand in a difficult situation.

  44. My test had said that I am "The Consul". In the description of it, it had said that I take lead, I try to do the right thing based on morals and what I think. What I need to be careful about is knowing that everyone comes from different backgrounds, but I do put everyone's opinion into consideration. I do love to be of service people as well. I found that this test was very accurate.

    My results had said I was 44% observant. I believe that. I believe to communicate better with my peers, you have to be very observant. I believe in listening first, then expressing yourself second. Without listening, there would be no communication. It would just be a thousand thoughts being thrown everywhere, but no cooperation or team work is being used. My results also said I am 49% extraverted. I get my energy from being around people. I love to socialize and express my ideas in a respectful manner. I do not think many ideas would be expressed if people weren't extraverted. I think it is the energy that gets people excited to share their thoughts. I am also 76% judging. I love to get things done and have a certain plan and accomplish that. I got a 44% for Feeling. I do put others feelings before and try to let people down easy if their answer is wrong. I think putting some feelings into your work is a big part of communication. If you are not gentle in talking to someone to tell them wrong, then they might choose never to bring input because of that one incident you had said. It's easier to have everyone input and talk to each other than own person doing all the work, when it might be quality work based on the morals and values of the person that was rude. Personally, I'd want someone to tell me to try again nicely than to blankly tell me that I was wrong and they are right. I got a 43% on assertive. I do not agree with that based on the definition Mrs. Caraway gave. I am a little self conscious and sensitive. I believe that it is important to have your facts before you communicate your thoughts, but also, it is important to take risks, and you may be right!

    I really liked doing the test and liked to reflect on that as our blog. I hope we have more!

    1. Hey Ashleigh, I agree with your idea of having the facts before you speak. More people should consider that before expressing their thoughts, especially if they are harsh replies to someone's well thought-out idea.

    2. TOTALLY agree, Maria and Ashleigh! I think that is the F in all three of us for feeling. I feel so uncomfortable when someone hurts or is hurt. I get it.

  45. The personality test defined me as a "Defender" or a ISFJ-T. It was actually very interesting for me to see what this test characterized me as. It proposed many engaging topics that I have never considered about myself before. It also brought to light, my strengths and weaknesses. I agree that I tend to keep my thoughts unknown because of other's feelings or strong opinions. With lots of practice I can hopefully overcome this troublesome challenge. The 25% feeling is probably my strongest asset. I take pride in my patience and hard work, it is what drives me forward everyday. This test also helped me in reflecting my expectations towards the future. I worry that life after high school will be difficult and scary, but this test has outlined my weaknesses I could improve on, and how to use my strengths for the good of others and myself. I hope this helpful insight of my personality can help me out in the time to come.

  46. I am a debater which I dont really agree with, I guess that makes me even more of a debater haha. I am 62% extraverted, 63% intuitive, 16% thinking, 23% prospecting, and 12% turbulent. I definitely agree with the extraverted and intuitive percents. I am very curious and nosey and at times can be very outgoing. I think I am actually more feeling that thinking because I can be very emotional well I am a very emotional person but I dont really like to express that side of me. I agree with the prospecting one. Also I dont think I am turbulent I think I am assertive. Im pretty confident in everything I do and I dont get stressed out very easily. I thought it was pretty cool afterwards to read the different things about people with my personality like most fitting careers etc.

  47. I am a INFJ-T. I was actually very intrigued by this test. I felt like I learned so much about myself. When I read about what kind of personality I have, I felt really awesome that only less that one precent of the worlds population is has this type of personality! Something that stood out to me from what I read was this "Really though, it is most important for INFJs to remember to take care of themselves. The passion of their convictions is perfectly capable of carrying them past their breaking point..." This is so me. Like I am shocked at how true this is to me.I need to remember that I am just as important as those that I try to help and take care of, so I need to take care of myself. But anyways, knowing this information really helped me understand where others get their energy from and how you can identify that. This will help me better communicate with people so when I know when to give someone their space or when I should get them hyped! What I really got out of this though is..."INFJs just need to remember that while they’re busy taking care of the world, they need to take care of themselves, too."

  48. My results say that my personality type is CONSUL (ESFJ-T), I am
    Extraverted- 31%
    Observant- 100%
    Feeling- 41%
    Judging- 88%
    Turbulent- 54%

    I was surprised with the results I got. I thought that I was more outgoing, but I guess I am more observant. I didn't think that I was 100% observant. I agreed a lot with the feeling and judging though. Sometimes, I get really into my feelings and other times I don't. So, the results I got were intriguing.The first sentence of the reading, I thought was interesting. "People who share the ESFJ personality type are, for lack of a better word, popular – which makes sense, given that it is also a very common personality type, making up twelve percent of the population." I have never seen myself as popular, I always thought I wasn't. I totally agreed with everything else it had to say in the introduction. Reading into the other sections, I found the strengths and weaknesses very interesting. Some of them I completely agreed with, while others I disagreed with. This was a very cool and unique blog! It made me think about the results I got, and if I truly am what they say. I loved reading the different sections, and how they went into detail.

  49. I found this article to be very beneficial in understanding my personality type. I am 93% extraverted and I was not expecting to have such a high percentage but I do agree that I am a very social person who genuinely enjoys communication with people regardless of who it is. I am 25% intuitive, 67% feeling, 45% judging, and 24% assertive. This test helped me understand every aspect of my personality which I had never analyzed until this point. This article also helped me understand the perspectives of those with the complete opposite personality than me and the reasoning behind it. I really enjoyed the article and the test because it defined my personality in the characteristics that I strongly portray as well as what I need to improve on.

    1. So, what were your final four letters than? Was it ENFJ?

  50. Oh. My. Gosh. Currently kicking myself because I took this test last Thanksgiving! And I don't remember what I am, so here I go, taking it again.

    I am an ESTP-T
    Observant: 10%
    Thinking: 13%
    Prospecting: 67%
    Turbulent: 44%
    Fun fact, those make up only 4% of the population.

    I agree with a lot of this, structure isn't my thing, and I'd rather just do things, than think it through. (That's so boring)
    Blunt and Earthy humor is generally associated with us. Could you tell?
    It also states that I will generally be not so concerned abut hurting others feelings in debates. I definitely... would... basically never agree with that... Nah. Not me.
    I am bold, rational, original, perceptive, direct and sociable.
    However I am also, insensitive, impatient, risk-prone, unstructured, can miss the bigger picture, and defiant. For all the strengths, I can definitely accept the weaknesses I may posses. Though.. I don't think those are that bad.
    When reading about friends, I can agree. I enjoy talking about politics, but if that's all I can do with you, we won't remain friends.
    But I am telling you right now, How I want to be a parent is the exact way it is described in here. I will treat my children like equal members of the family. And I wont force them to do things they don't want to do. I want to be the parent they come to for everything and anything.
    We make good managers, fun employees, and overall are just nice to be around when were in the right mood. And if you can handle us.
    I can identify with most of what was said in this test. And most people nod vigorously to themselves when reading this comment and what I got. Admit it, I'm sure you have been nodding your head, and saying " I KNOW, GENEVA". But I am fairly comfortable with the result.
    However, a really interesting thing to know is, that when I took it the last time, I got something else. I realized after this test, almost a year ago, in November, I was "The Entertainer" and not "The Entrepreneur".
    An interesting thought... Real life character development, I would say.

  51. First, I would like to say that I really enjoy taking personality tests so I was super excited for this blog post! My results said I'm an ENFP-T also known as "The Campaigner". I was a little surprised by my results and percentages (Extraverted: 2%, Intuitive: 30%, Feeling: 46%, Prospecting: 64%, Turbulent: 25%) because usually I get that I'm Introverted. After this summer, though, I do see changes in myself and have noticed that as the percentages show I am slightly more extraverted. This was interesting to see because it shows how our personalities can change through experience. All summer I was a camp counselor and was in a position in which I had to be outgoing. I guess it's true when they say that comfort zones are often expanded through discomfort. I wasn't too surprised by the Feeling, Intuitive, or Turbulent part, but the Prospecting part was interesting to me as well. I actually had to go find the definition of the word in order to understand what it meant. I feel as though I can be prospecting in some situations but personally feel as though most the time I am the judging type. Apparently that is not the case, as my results show. I definitely feel like knowing this information is very helpful in communication because it is very important to know yourself in order to be able to communicate with others. With that being said, I will keep this information with me as I go on in communicating.

  52. (First off, I just want to say that this is my FOURTH TIME WRITING THIS!! So, let's pray it works.)

    I LOVE these kinds of personality tests!! I believe that they are entirely healthy. Not only do they let you see the way that you act and how you interact with others but also they let you take a closer and more in depth look at your self. You can analyze your own personal self in a brand new light, and I think that is an amazing thing.

    I have taken these kinds of test before and I know my personality type by heart (ENFP). As cool as they are, give you a spot on look at you! Not only you, but the people around you as well! You can see that the interactions between you and your classmates vary depending on who you are with. You start to be more tolerable after you have this knowledge too! You realize that sometimes you are just going to clash with certain personality types and there ain't nothing you can do about it. You just gotta accept it.

    Another thing that I realized during thus reading was that the last blog's motif fit in nicely with this week's! Last week we talked about how we can use text to analyze the way we act, and this week we talk about how we can analyze ourselves to fix the way we act (I see what you did there, I'm on to you Caraway...).

    All jokes aside, the personality type that I have now couldn't be any more dead on! And being able to have this information is the first set to being able to improve. Just like everyone says " The first step to improvement is admitting you have a problem...". And that's the dream, right? Being the person you know you want to be? But remember, we can let these combinations of four letters define us. You are yourself, no matter what those say.

  53. According the the personality test, I'm an INFJ-T, or "The Advocate" (just like Mrs. Caraway!). I was really surprised at first, since I don't really see myself as much of a leader or adviser, and wondered if I took the test wrong. But when I started reading the results, they were eerily accurate and really revealing. The test showed me that it was understandable to be easily hurt and really protective of my views, despite my strong dislike of speaking out. Preferring hugs over hate, striving to make imagination reality, and still not wanting to be in the spotlight? Yep, that's me.

    However for every strength, there's a weakness. While I'm creative and passionate, I still burn out easily and worry over the little details. But it's what we do with those weaknesses that matter, right? By learning more about one's self altogether, it's possible to gain a whole new mindset.

    It's really amazing how people we don't even know can help us find so much about ourselves. I guess it just really reminds you to keep an open mind about different perspectives and deeper meanings to our actions. C'est la vie, no?

    And so I leave you with this:
    "Ask yourself what is really important, and then have the wisdom and courage to build your life around the answer"
    ~Google Images

  54. I got INFJ, or “The Advocate”. I am 44% introverted, 47% intuitive, 11% feeling, 57% judging, and 84% turbulent. We Advocate’s make up less than 1% of the world. I won’t lie when I first took this test I didn’t understand what turbulent was so I looked it up. And now I definitely agree with my results. It said that we love to help people fix their problems and although we are soft-spoken, we are very opinionated and will fight endlessly about what we believe in. One of the weaknesses we have is that we are very private and that is definitely me. I keep alot of my feelings to myself, it’s extremely unhealthy. In relationships we are way too serious, and that is definitely very true in my case. Friendships have to be genuine and we have to share similarities with the people we’re friends with, and my group of friends and I are extremely close and we’d do anything for each other. Overall I believe my results are very accurate and I’m proud to be an Advocate, I wouldn’t change for anything.

  55. This actually was not the first time I have had to take this test. A few weeks ago in Ms. Quigley's class we all took this test to find our personalities and then compare them to each other's personalities along with the most used words or phrases that we use over text messaging.
    The first time I took this test it showed me that I was a Logician; in other words an INTP. This personality type is said to be rare, making up only three percent of the population. The 16 Personalities website describes INTPs as personalities who "pride themselves on their inventiveness and creativity, their unique perspective and vigorous intellect. They are usually known as the philosopher, the architect, or the dreamy professor".
    The next time I took this quiz I received a totally different score but I was at work and forgot to have my scores sent to my email. I then took this quiz for the third time in three weeks and received the same personality I did for my first trial. But a few thoughts lingered in my head, what if a majority of people aren't taking this quiz right? What if the personalities we receive differ depending on the mood we are in? I know for a fact that the third time I took this test I was totally aware of the fact that I could get the same or even a third different personality depending on my answers.
    I do however see some similarities between my overall actions/behavior and my results. I do see myself as more of an introvert, dreamer, creative type and I can see this playing out through my hole life as I like to listen and learn from others more than speak sometimes as well as dream about the creative possibilities that could come to fruition in my life.
    Honestly, I think it's awesome that we all get to take this test (and some of us again) because its rather eye opening and can help us learn and facilitate ourselves to be more comfortable or to push ourselves to overcome the parts that we now can recognize within ourselves!

  56. Love these kinds of tests! I got INFP-T("Mediator").

    I may not be a "textbook introvert" but I definitely feel worn out after a day out with friends. Sometimes after school, I enjoy coming home to an empty house so I can enjoy some peace and quiet. I feel like this hinders my ability to communicate the most effectively. I notice that if I'm on social overload, I get grumpy. "No one talk to me!" I guess making sure that I take time for myself to regenerate will help me to be a better communicator.

    If I had to pick one of these personality traits to describe me as a whole, I think I would have picked "intuitive". I am such a curious person. I don't want to just know how. I want to know why. I feel like knowing the purpose is the true secret for learning and memory retention. In addition, I have always been creative and imaginative. I lived for pretend games as a child. One of my favorite things about intuition is that it constantly questions the thoughts or statements of others and yourself and questioning is a vital part of communication. It clarifies and/or tests thoughts. I love a good debate. A debate where statements and questions are well thought out before said. An intelligent debate. Knowing that I am intuitive will remind me that I best communicate through questions.

    To be honest, sometimes I wish I wasn't a "feeler". It's hard to be so effected by everything that happens to you. Even though a lot of the time I don't show it on the outside, I am aching inside. I feel for my friends who share this trait. My heart goes out to you! Knowing who you're talking to is so important when communicating. You have to be careful talking to "feelers". I know how little comments from people can turn into a war against you mind and heart. So, if I'm fortunate to know if my audience is a "feeler" or not, I can communicate in a way that suits that trait.

    One of my favorite phrases to say is, "I'm chill with whatever". So, I definitely have a prospecting personality. I might as well have a degree in improvising (this is not just an excuse to procrastinate, but I honestly write my best papers the night or two before they're due). This allows me to have an open mind when socializing. I never hope to come across as stubborn. No one likes to talk to a brick wall. But sometimes when I am stuck in a situation where I'm talking to a person who is completely closed minded, I can become frustrated and begin to conform to that sort of behavior to get my point across. That is a horrible communication conundrum. Refraining from being stubborn back and simply using my intuitive trait to question is the most effective way to go.

    I am a bit ashamed to wear the personality of turbulence. I am pretty self-conscious. This is the biggest problem when it come to the way I communicate. I tend to worry about the way I sound, which causes me to jumble my words up and lose my train of thought. I would be a horrible public speaker. But, I think it's something I just need to work on. I need to speak up more and practice getting my point across in the simplest way. On the flip side, my self-consciousness allows me to be very careful what I say to others so I don't hurt their feelings.

    Thanks for sharing! I loved the analysis on the way I deal with relationships. It basically said that I'm not in any hurry to start relationships, which is true in some cases. I think I'm going to take the test again and ask the questions to those who know me well and see if I get the same personality based on their answers. Thanks again!

  57. I have actually taken this test many times, and its pretty on point with who I am. I got the commander, not very shocking if you know me well. My highest percent’s were in being an extravert and turbulent. At first I wasn’t sure what turbulent was but after looking into it I realize that it fits me. I’m a very high stressed person, I feel like 90% of my life I’m stressing out over something. Like right now I’m stressing out bad because I feel asleep last night and now this blog post is over due. Being an extravert wasn’t very surprising to me I love the presence of people and as many know I’m outgoing.
    Overall I wouldn’t change what I got on the test. I believe ‘the commander’ fits me. I’m strong willed to get stuff done. When I was looking through the final results I came across the strengths and weaknesses. I thought for the most part my strengths fit me well being; efficient, energetic, self-confident, strong willed, strategic thinker, charismatic and inspiring. Once I came across the weaknesses it was kind of humoring to me because they really are the things I struggle with the most in life and they are not the best qualities to have. Witch include; Stubborn, intolerant, impatient, poor at handling emotions, cold and ruthless.
    In conclusion its kind of crazy to think that this type of personality only makes up 3% of the world population. Its crazy to think of myself as a, “force to be reckoned with”. Out of all the personality tests I’ve taken this test is so accurate it’s a little creepy.

  58. I scored a debater. I 'd say I mostly agree with this with some exceptions. The test said I am very argumentative, which is true in a sense but I usually only speak up when I am certain that I am knowledgeable on a subject. My extroverted (level?) was around 13%, which is understandable because I don't really see myself as a either an outgoing socialite or the shy kid. I do like what the test said about the creativity, because I do consider myself a creative type. The test said the debater was the ultimate devil's advocate. This is painfully true because if someone says thing that I don't even necessarily care about, I will stroll argue with them about it. Sometimes someone who is on the side I agree with will say something and I will start arguing with them. Even trivial stuff like traffic I will argue. So I agree with that part. I don't like to take personality tests because I do believe humanity is much more complicated than 16 different types of personalities but I don't think there is much harm in taking them. I just think people taking them need to reality check themselves before and after taking it and realize nothing they read about "themselves" is set in stone

  59. While taking this test I was skeptical because in my opinion I don't think a test identifies what type of person you are even if the questions apply, because naturally and unconsciously we are going to choose what we think is more likely going to be accepted. But I could wrong. My results concluded that i was "The Campaigner" My traits individually are: Extraverted: 18%, Intuitive: 55%, Feeling: 24%, Prospecting: 18%, Assertive: 62% While reading what exactly it means to be a Campaigner it surprised me how much some of these things struck true. I do get bored with the usual going through the motions, and I try to change that. But the more I read the more things that applied and didn't which yes these things can be true but I won't believe it till I see it.

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    2. I am sorry Mrs.Caraway, I had forgotten to put my name on this post earlier.

  60. Can I just say that I LOVED the opportunity to learn more about you from you! This data will also help me be more sensitive in how I communicate with you, and in how I in turn take your communication in return. :) For my fellow "NF" personalities, you know how important it is to us to make sure everyone feels valued and there is harmony! But I appreciate and value the T's, because they are often the ones to get the discussions started and address the tough subjects. Great job, everyone! I hope this test helped you a little in better understanding yourself and those with whom you communicate on a daily basis.

  61. When I took the test my results were Campaigner ENFP - T. The overall description of the personality would be a free spirit. Upon reading about this personality I found myself relating to a lot of the traits described. The test was enhoyable and I think I learned a lot about my personality as I find this test to be pretty accurate.

    1. This is Christian Caraway. The thing glitched

  62. On this test I got ENFJ. Extraverted: 34%, Intuitive: 17%, Feeling: 21%, Judging: 8%, Turbulent: 13%. While I was analyzing the details results it told me that I was a firm believer in people. At first glance, I wasn't too sure if I believed this to be true about myself until I realized how easily I am to forgive people. I have often been burned and used by certain people but I have a natural ability to see the good in someone. I do trust people too much and it's a fault of mine. I'm now more cautious of it as I get older but I am still finding myself defending people who I know wouldn't defend me.
    The biggest strength that I noticed in myself that matched with the personality test is charismatic. As much as this is a good thing and a quality I am proud of, this is also one of my hardest qualities. It's easy for me to be naturally positive and excited about things but when I'm dragged down, it's hard for me to regain that energy. That also comes with being an extrovert. I don't love being alone with my thoughts for too long because I end up over thinking everything wrong with myself until I feel defeated. It's a little refreshing to hear my personality matches that compared to me just feeling crazy.

  63. After taking the personality test, I got ENFP, the campaigner. 89% extraverted, 50% intuitive, 30% feeling, 47% prospecting, 80% turbulent. My personality is a free spirit, life of the party, enjoying the moment in itself, charming, independent, energetic and compassionate. I could not agree with these results more, which goes to say I answered all of the questions very honestly (even though some of them, I did not want to). The section that stood out to me the most when reading through the pages of my results, was the one that stated to not lose my little spark of madness. The section warns ENFP's like myself to take caution on relying too much on intuition and assumption, something I find myself doing a lot, causing frustration and stress where straight forward approaches could have been so simple. I find myself over thinking very often, and I know I can easily send myself into a tirade of frustration with just how much I over think and analyze everything. People's behavior, gestures, actions, you name it, I overthink it. It's actually one of my weakness's also stated in my results. Another weakness this test has pointed out is that I am overly emotional. No doubt about that. But I don't know if I would consider that a weakness, I would say it goes both ways, I guess. While I do feel very deeply, and have a hard shell with a soft inside, being so emotional and having the ability to feel deeply has created some very strong connections with people for me. I feel like I empathize and sympathize for people much easier, as well as offer emotional support from my heart.

    While this test pointed out many of my weakness's and strengths, I am accepting of all. I feel like this is the personality with a lot of intensity, emotion, stress, and somewhere in the mix, happiness. I am an intense person and I am well aware, I find myself intense and passionate about so many things, I do not really know a grey area to anything. My parents, friends, peers, teachers all notice that I come with the baggage of a heavy personality. I've been told I'm too much of something. Too loud, too independent, too volatile. Obviously, my personality has changed as I have grown, I've hurt, I've matured, I've grown. But if there's one thing I've learned it's that I'll always be a little too mad for someone, but I try my best to not let my flame die down because everything I know about myself, and everything this test points out, makes me, me.

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