Sunday, January 11, 2015


Right now, one of the big trends on facebook is the gratitude posts.  People will post something for which they are grateful each day and then number the days.  I love the idea.  I think that in this world with all of its choices, daily stresses, and, well, just everything on the news everyday, it is a good way to refocus, reset, and empower ourselves with all the many positive things and blessings we have in this country and community.

A relative of the gratitude post is the list of "My Favorite Things."  Making such a list of the things you hold most dear can provide a springboard for a gratitude list.  It is the perfect time at the beginning of the year to direct your mind to those things that are positive in your life--those things that make your heart happy.  In one of my favorite musicals, The Sound of Music, the Von Trapp family governess, Maria, even sings about her favorite things to help the eight children in her charge refocus their fears on a stormy night to think of things that make them smile...

So, here are the rules for this week's post:  Make a list of your 25 most favorite THINGS.  The key word is THINGS.  No people allowed on your list.  That removes the pressure you may feel to name every family member and friend.  People and things should never be categorized together.  People come first.  This list is much more light-hearted.

It was REALLY tougher than I thought to narrow it down to 25 for me (initially, I was afraid I would draw a blank!) but here is what came to mind first for me.  If you get stuck, go back and listen to Maria's song again, or review my list for inspiration, but really try to just take pen to paper and write what comes to your mind first.  It will probably be the most honest answer.  :)

Let's start the New Year off with a list of all the things we love...those things for which we are most grateful.

Your soul will thank you.

MRS. CARAWAY'S FAVORITE THINGS...(in no particular order)

1.   Cathedral bells
 2.   Classical/Romantic piano music
3.  Fire places and how it feels to sit next to them on a cold day or evening
4.  Christmas Eve
5.  Mont Saint Michel
6.  Big Ben in London, and the view of it from Westminster Abbey
7.  The walk along the Seine from Eiffel Tower to Notre Dame in the autumn.
8.  Hanalei Bay & Secrets Beach (Kauai)
9.  WW2 History
10.  Handwritten letters with wax seals
11.  Romeo and Juliet  (and Shakespearean language)
12.  Books, movies and plays that make me cry, for joy and sadness (I can watch Phantom of the Opera over and over and over again)
13. Things that sparkle (candlelight, glitter, crystals, diamonds, etc.)
14.  Standing on a stage after a late night dress rehearsal...and it's dark, and there's anticipation everywhere....
15. The color red
16.  Reading or writing inside on a cold rainy day
17.  Pumpkin Spice Lattes with coconut milk
18.  The sound of my children laughing
19.  Watching my plays and my favorite plays come to life on the stage with my favorite people in them.
20.  Lacy, vintage dresses and button up boots (the combo of it)
21.  Flowers--especially poppies
22.  My faith (which gives me hope--my favorite virtue next to love)
23.  Perfume (I LOVE trying it all on!)
24.  The way it feels outside just before the snow falls (the sacred quiet of it--like nature holding its breath)
25.  Heroes - the real kind



  1. (Only 25 things?! Man, I love too much stuff for this! Haha!)

    25. My dance bag
    24. Patel colors
    23. Light blue jeans
    22. Pearls
    21. Lace
    20. High Heels
    19. Dresses
    18. Red Lipstick
    17. Giving people presents
    16. 13 going on 30 (The movie starring Jennifer Garner. It’s one of my absolute favorite movies)
    15. Orchestral versions of my favorite songs
    16. Stuffing a million people into one car for a road trip
    15. Disneyland
    16. Peter Pan (The movies, the book and the play adaptations are all included)
    15. High fives
    14. Being surrounded by people I love (Friends included. Of course, I love all of my friends)
    13. Finding out that someone you didn’t know well shares a common interest with you (and then building a friendship on that mutual love)
    12. Laughter
    11. Learning about other people’s talents
    10. Lazer tag
    9. Hot chocolate
    8. The feeling of success
    7. Nationalism
    5. When the weather is overcast with a light rain
    4. Going on a long run, being exhausted, and then hearing your favorite song to pump you up again
    3. Texting my brother
    2. Astrology signs
    1. Ballet

  2. 25 Things I love (there isn't a specific order)

    2. Basketball
    3. My legs and feet ( Are they considered things? They are a body part but I call almost everything "thingys")
    4. Campfires
    5. The silly group message I have with my best friends.
    6. Cows
    7. Vegetables
    8. Red-velvet cake with cream cheese frosting.
    9. Black eyeliner.
    10. Black slippers that I wear 80% of the time.
    11. Athletic shoes that I wear the left over 20% of the time.
    12. The way my cousin smiles at me when he holds onto me when we go swimming.
    13. COFFEE! Along with some creamer. (Okay maybe a lot of creamer).
    14. The people who push me to pass my limit mentally and physically, I am pretty sure they know who they are.
    15. Mozart
    16. When I don't have a dictionary or have no clue how to spell a word to the rescue!!
    17. Handwritten love letters.
    18. The feeling when your feet are cold as ice and you step outside on the concrete where the sun was hitting it and warms your toes instantly.
    19. The look my dog gives me when I go outside before I take her for a walk.
    20. The rush I get from playing in a game.
    21. Photography. (Some pictures are perfectly captured and unplanned).
    22. Nature. The best memories I have collected is from being outdoors.
    23. The color black. The color is so mysterious, so there is a possibility you can find happiness in such a dark color because your future is a mystery.
    24. The number 4.
    25. Love.

    1. OH MY YES on the red velvet cake and cream cheese frosting. Actually, cream cheese frosting can even stand alone for me. I also agree on the color black...

  3. 25 things I love.
    1. My Brother
    2. Celtic Music
    3. Capes, or cloaks they make you feel super awesome
    4. Complicated villains
    5. Watching movies with the people I love
    6. Sunsets
    7. People who know exactly who they are.
    8. The woods.
    9. The smell of a book
    10. Seeing people in love
    11. Blazers
    12. Anything old.
    13. Acting like a spy in a large store trying to avoid someone.
    14. Lord of the rings...the books, the movies, anything having to do with it I love.
    15. Tights. Polka dot, stripes. I love it.
    16. Mountains.
    17. Grand pianos
    18. Halloween
    19. Dancing in the rain
    20. Having a best friend thats like a sister
    21. Randomly bursting into song and dance
    22. Sitting in a big comfy chair with a book and some hot chocolate.
    23. People who will drop anything for me when I really need them
    24. My dog
    25. Sleeping outside under the stars.

    1. We are A LOT alike! YES to everything. Except still scares me. And I never got to have a brother....but I wanted one. So, if I HAD a brother, he would be on my list. ;)

  4. I found myself unable to list only 25 things, so I made myself another list that consists of 104 things. I plan on adding to it. But, here is the condensed version!

    1. The beautiful individuals I am blessed to call my friends
    2. Lee Pace and all of his glory
    3. My unnamed wingman
    4. My ability to bake
    5. Hugs
    6. JK Rowling
    7. James Mitchner
    8. My cat, Periwinkle, and his alter-ego, Walter Croncat
    9. My drama family, that gives me unconditional love, no matter how badly I'm PMS-ing
    10. The piano in my living room
    11. Comicon
    12. HUGS
    13. Sharing laughter with my friends
    14. deviantArt
    15. Mascara
    16. Musical Theatre
    17. HUUUUUGS
    18. Christmas
    19. My "gang"
    20. White chocolate covered pretzels
    21. Monty Python
    22. Hugs? Hugs.
    23. The movie theater
    24.Barnes and Noble
    25. I'm just going to put hugs on here once more for good measure. Hugs.

    1. Okay, since hugs was listed more than once, here are a few more:
      12) Being able to interact with my friends onstage
      17) My mom's perfume
      22) The people who upload music illegally to YouTube
      23) The feeling you get when you sing in perfect synchronization with someone else

  5. I forgot Barnes and Noble. Yes. That place is magic. 104 things? You are ambitious!!

  6. 25 things I love...not in order.
    1) Arizona!
    2) Photography
    3) Odyssey
    4) My church
    5) Medicine (like the study of it)
    6) Plaid shirts
    7) My phone
    8) Softball
    9) The action of procrastinating
    10) DIY stuff
    11) Pizza
    12) Baseball tees (like the 3/4 sleeve ones)
    13) That blast of thawing heat you get when you walk out of a cold restaurant
    14) The magical sound of several voices singing in unison, like choirs.
    15) Pictures
    16) The piano and ukulele
    17) Religious discussions (although they can get nasty)
    18) Making people laugh
    19) The 1920's
    20) Using my GoPro
    21) 80's music
    22) The first week of school
    23) Social Media
    24) Crime shows like Cops, Criminal Minds, Forensic Files, etc.
    25) Phycology

    1. Your list just plain makes me happy. :) Totally forgot crime shows. SO agree...the theme song of Law and Order always makes me smile.

  7. Here is my list:
    1) Disney Songs
    2) Beauty and the Beast
    3) Ultra Soft Fleece Blankets
    4) Random indie bands no one has heard of
    5) making movie references and people guessing what movie it is
    6) church
    7) cashews and walnuts
    8) movie theatre popcorn
    9) traveling
    10) the feeling of a hot drink running down your throat when you are cold
    11) walking out of a cold building or room and into the sun
    - the way you can feel the sunlight crawling on your body
    12) the beach
    13) Reggae
    14) Potato Salad
    15) Meat
    16) 72' Chevy Camaro black with white stripes and a black and yellow leather interior
    17) roller coaster
    18) stunting in cheer
    19) nike pro spandex
    20) fleece pajama pants
    21) war books
    22) random abandoned buildings
    - researching them and learning about them
    23) water
    24) lasagna
    25) white tigers

    1. God save me, I love movie theater popcorn, too! Though I don't like how I feel after eating the bag. LOVE your number's my favorite.

  8. 25 things I love!
    1. The smell of rain
    2. Arizona sunsets
    3. The feeling of accomplishment
    4. Laughing
    5. The show "Friends"
    6. A good book
    7. Violin (playing and listening)
    8. Mocha Cookie Crumble Frappucino
    9. The feeling of sun on yourself after being cold
    10. Art
    11. Making something for someone else
    12. Kayaking
    13. Piercings (not the freaky kind-not about that life)
    14. Indie music
    15. Ice cream
    16. Soccer
    17. Audrey Hepburn
    18. Tiffany and Co.
    19. Pictures
    20. Church
    21. Elephants
    22. Flaming Hot Cheetos
    23. The beach
    24. Forever 21
    25. Doing random stuff

    1. You remind me of Audrey Hepburn! :) I did not know you played the violin. I always wished I could.

  9. 1. Ice Cream
    2. Pictures
    3. Movies
    4. Reading (but only when I want to)
    5. Singing
    6. Disney Land
    7. The Eiffel Tower (Never been but it is a dream of mine.)
    8. My bed
    9. My phone
    10. Almonds (The roasted kind, with sugar.)
    11. Traveling
    12. Babies
    13. The Beach (Mostly the ocean.)
    14. Animals (Kittens, killer whales, horses)
    15. Music (country, disney, show tunes, a little bit of pop, and gospel)
    16. Driving (It clears my mind.)
    17. Yoga Pants
    18. Make-Up
    19. Hair Products (Blow dryer, curling iron, straightener.)
    20. Water
    21. Drawing
    22. Jesus Christ
    23. Basketball
    24. Swimming
    25. Laughing

    There are so many more but here are some of my most favorites. (:

    1. Totally agree: 17, 18, 22. I love babies, too....especially their sweet little feet!
      You MUST visit the Eiffel Tower. Non-negotiable. ;) It's just as amazing as you imagine it to be.

  10. 25 Things I love:
    1. The smell of rain
    2. Arizona sunsets
    3. The smell of coffee in a cold morning
    4. The warm feeling I get in my stomach when someone makes me happy
    5. Surprises
    6. Wearing Fuzzy socks when it's cold
    7. The sound of the ocean
    8. Pictures of nature
    9. The feeling of chocolate melting in my mouth
    10. Handwritten letters
    11 Watching the night sky
    12. Listening to people playing the piano
    13. Reading outside while drinking hot chocolate/ coffee
    14. The smell of new books
    15. People watching... Creeper
    16. Getting good morning texts
    17. Twenty One Pilots
    18. Live music/ music festivals
    19. Watching video proposals (weirdo)
    20. When people smile at me at the street (courtesy)
    21. Talking to people after I haven't talked them in a while
    22. Dancing
    23. Decorating/ Designing
    24. Bonfires
    25. Adventures

    1. Oh, yes!! The smell of rain and Arizona sunsets. SO gorgeous. :)

  11. 25 Things I Love

    25. Organization Skills
    24. Hollister Co./Abercrombie
    23. Miranda Sings
    22. Edgy Outfits
    21. Daisy by Marc Jacobs
    20. Apple w/ Peanut Butter
    19. The Old Spaghetti Factory
    18. Pretty Little Liars (R.I.P. Mona)
    17. Going on a long, and scenic UTV ride.
    16. The Fall season
    15. Plum Lip colors
    14. The Shaytards
    13. Redecorating my room
    12. Romantic Comedies
    11. Bride Wars
    10. Pamper Nights
    9. White Nail Polish
    8. Midi Rings
    7. UC Berkeley
    6. Overcast Weather
    5. My Zodiac Sign
    4. Watermelon
    3. Fuzzy Socks
    2. LUSH Bath Bombs
    1. Spending quality time with the people I love

    1. LOVE LOVE LOVE Romantic comedies!! Especially Under the Tuscan Sun and Kate and Leopold and You've Got Mail. Daisy is my current favorite perfume!

  12. 25 things I love (Not in any particular order)
    1.) Reading
    2.) That weird sensation I get when running to really Mexican music (like adrenaline lol)
    3.) When people play/braid my hair (It feels like a massage)
    4.) Arguing with people knowing that I'm right and they aren't (especially my parents)
    5.) Eating at In-n-Out
    6.) The color red
    7.) High heels
    8.) Experimenting with makeup on my sister
    9.) Reading to my 12 year old brother before bedtime
    10.) Making chorizo con huebo for my family
    11.) Singing in the shower pretending that no one can hear me
    12.) When I'm about to fall asleep and I turn to curl into a ball and the other side of the pillow is soft and cool
    13.) Listening to music throughout my day (puts me in a good mood)
    14.) Hugging people tightly when they are down
    15.) Eating my grandmas freshly made tamales
    16.) Drawing out my feelings instead of saying them
    17.) Hippies
    18.) Reading the works of MLK
    19.) Sharing takis with friends
    20.) Watching Pretty Little Liars with my cousin and sister
    21.) Going to church every Sunday
    22.) Reading handwritten letters from old friends
    23.) Looking at pictures from my childhood
    24.) Making up dances to any music
    25.) Being a hopeless romantic with a lot characteristics

    1. LOVE hippie fashion!! :) You love red, too? COOL!! And yes, yes yes to tamales. The BEST.

  13. Mrs. Caraway invited me to participate on this thread. The list that follows is in no particular order, at least I don't think so.
    1. spending time with people I love, especially my children and husband
    2. the book The Giver (NOT the movie, though...sigh)
    3. vanilla chai lattes, no foam
    4. traveling
    5. rainbows, so much symbolism and just so pretty
    6. music, especially instrumental
    7. books, bookstores
    8. Le Mont St. Michel
    9. coffee dates with friends
    10. knitting, yarn, craft stores
    11. the sound of the ocean
    12. all variations of the color turquoise
    13. the view from the deck of our home in Canada
    14. my Bible
    15. singing - I like to make people cry - in a good way
    16. Chick Fil A ice cream
    17. teaching
    18. red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting
    19. encouraging others
    20. road trips!
    21. my husband's photography
    22. attending live theater
    23. watching people succeed
    24. baby giggles
    25. my husband's blue eyes

    1. TOTALLY agree with everything on your list...except, of course 21 and 25 (my husband has brown eyes) ;) Used to love the view from my home by the beach...How I miss that smell!

  14. 1) Volleyball and working out
    2) My camera and taking pictures.
    3) My phone so I have connections with people.
    3) Fireworks on the fourth of July
    4) Dream catchers
    5) Makeup
    6) The show How I Met Your Mother and FRIENDS
    7) The color blue
    8) Chocolate with Carmel or Mint fillings.
    9) American flags and anything patriotic.
    10) Coffee… lots of coffee
    11) Huge bon fires with friends and family
    12) The rush and adrenaline after winning a game while playing
    13) Hand written letters
    14) The number 8
    15) Watching sunsets on cloudy days
    16) Being able to have someone that you can talk to about any thing and everything.
    17) Hugs, I love hugs.
    18) 90’s music
    19) Car rides alone to just think and listen to music to get away form the world for a while
    20) Spinach raviolis and mozzarella sticks, because they are my favorite foods.
    21) The smell and feel of rain
    22) High heels.
    23) When people play with my hair.
    24) Cloudy days
    25) Rainbow colored roses

  15. 1) Holidays
    2) Computer
    3) Food (mostly pizza)
    4) Cars because I am lazy
    5) Chairs
    6) Calculators
    7) Shoes
    8) T.V, I like to watch Spongebob
    9) Phone
    10) Clothes
    11) Pencils
    12) Artwork
    13) Money
    14) Air conditioning
    15) Airplanes because I can travel places and because I think it is cool how they can fly
    16) Social media
    17) Milkshakes are yummy
    18) Glasses
    19) Language
    20) School and backpacks
    21) Vacations
    22) Music
    23) Movies and movie theatres
    24) Times
    25) All the other interesting things that are out there in the universe that fascinate me

  16. YOU TOO? I used to pay my kids to play with my hair. It totally relaxes me. :)

  17. In no particular order
    The little spark of insanity I was gifted from my parents
    The night sky on a clear summers day
    Swim, and the pool in general
    mountain dew
    music ( way too much)
    mexican food, food in general
    104 east clanton ave
    My books ( too many to list)
    My dogs (living and dead)
    The jacket my sister found for me
    The phone call
    William's Peak
    Weddings, seeing the joy in others
    Seeing peoples true face, revealed in their eyes
    Teaching people about something I enjoy
    Sitting in the rain with an old friend
    The 3am bunch
    Watching my niece grow up
    helping others

    1. Very sweet list, Josh. You are definitely a paradox. :)

  18. It was hard to not put people but here we go!

    25 of my favorite things (In no particular order):
    1. Laughter.
    2. This is going to sound strange but making an audience cry. There's something about getting on stage and letting yourself be vulnerable then learn that everyone else feels what you feel too.
    3. Fast, upbeat songs turned into slow acoustic pieces
    4. Blankets that just came out of the dryer
    5. Disney. Just Disney everywhere.
    6. Ball gowns
    7. Old fashion western stores
    8. How excited my dogs get when I come home
    9. When my WHOLE family gets together to play a game (We all live in different parts of the country so it's rare and competitive)
    10. Traveling. (For pleasure, music, or with horses)
    11. Sitting around a horse trailer before and after a competition with my friends
    12. Cowboy Mounted Shooting
    13. Listening to/telling stories
    14. Backstage prayers with my band/fellow performers before going on stage.
    15. Trying a new restaurant
    16. Inside jokes
    17. My dad's humor
    18. Getting an unexpected text message from someone I care about
    19. Spontaneous plans
    20. Leggings!
    21. Writing songs
    22. Accomplishing something with my horse. There's a wonderful feeling knowing that you just taught a 1,100 pound animal to listen to you.
    23. Sparkles.
    24. Driving with my friends and singing loudly to the radio
    25. The sound of my piano

  19. 25 of my favorite things:
    1.Movies (Clueless, 13 going on 30, Safety Not Guaranteed - some of my all time favorites)
    2.Dinner with The Squad;)
    3.Singing at the top of my lungs to music in the car while I drive (even better when my friends are with me)
    4.The American Flag I have hung on my wall
    5.Going anywhere with TJ and holding hands while the radio plays
    6.People watching and giving everyone a story (creepy I know)
    7.Cheering for my friends during their games or performances
    8.Drawing, painting, and dancing. Basically being able to be creative and expressing myself
    9.Looking at what other people can draw and paint (there are some crazy talented people in the world)
    10.Singing along to my favorite soundtracks like RENT and Chicago
    11.Mint chocolate chip, chocolate, and strawberry milkshakes
    12.My cat, Kitty, the name is so original I know;)
    13.Lana Del Rey, she sings to my soul
    14.Bulldogs (one day soon I’ll have my own)
    15.Printed photographs, not just having pictures on your IPhone
    16.Bubble baths and face masks
    17.Brushing all of the tangles out of my hair
    18.Purple Orchids
    19.Dead roses (again slightly creepy)
    20.Thinking about all the things I want to happen in the future
    21.The anxious and exciting feeling I get in certain moments (I can’t really explain this one)
    22.Disney and Disneyland
    23.Inside jokes with the people you love
    24.Seeing my 3 boy cousins grow even though they are not that much younger than me
    25.Sitting in my grandparents home and looking over and seeing them sitting side by side while my grandpa comforts my grandma by holding hands

    1. I need to add a couple things oops..
      26. Traveling, especially with friends (like when we hopefully go to Greece next year)
      27. The beach, I could spend my entire life on the beaches of Maui (but then again who couldn't?)
      28. The ocean all together, I love being in water
      29. Hot jasmine green tea and Iced peach, raspberry, passionfruit, etc. tea

  20. My favorite things in no order:
    1. Comedy
    2. Food
    3. The smell after rain
    4. The smell of pine trees
    5. The warmth of a fire
    6. The scent of fresh cookies
    7. Laughing
    8. Music
    9. My friends
    10. Sound of a computer fan
    11. Electricity
    12. Taste of melted cheese
    13. Big words
    14. Comfy chairs
    15. Novels
    16. Health
    17. Odd hats
    18. Rubiks cubes
    19. My dog
    20. Family
    21. Mathematics
    22. Chocolate
    23. Cartoons
    24. The color green
    25. Being done with homework

  21. I felt like this was slightly harder than it should have been. That is probably a negative reflection on me, but oh well. There may be a couple extra thrown in with others, but, uh, oops, I guess.

    1. Barnes and Noble.
    2. The Beach and San Pedro in Belize.
    3. Starbucks.
    4. Good Selfies.
    5. Interesting Necklaces.
    6. Marvel, Shark, and Harry Potter Movies.
    7. Books. So many different kinds, but somehow they can all relate.
    8. Sticking your hand and arm out of a window when it’s raining and you've been sad.
    9. Indiana.
    10. My Family’s business.
    11. Writing, if I can write what I want.
    12. Legitimate, deep, conversations with unexpected people.
    13. Being told random facts.
    14. Lipstick and Mascara.
    15. Pens that write really easily. Write easy commas. Because I love commas.
    16. The feeling when you get a text back from someone you really wanted a text back from.
    17. Greek food, Pasta and Steak (medium rare and no A1 sauce, EVER.)
    18. Holding Hands with people during scary movies.
    19. Uncontrollable laughter from others or myself.
    20. Getting new clothes and shoes after getting your hair done, and feeling super confident.
    21. Buying gifts for other people.
    22. Christmas Lights and Concerts.
    23. Going to airports, because anything can happen.
    24. Dancing, especially in my room when no one is watching.
    25. Banter. Please, Please, Please, someone banter with me. it's just so fun.

    Not a favorite thing: Not being able to write a simple list without being super wordy.

    1. Along with #6, Discount movie theaters. Whoops.

    2. I clearly had the same wordy problem with my list....I always feel a compelling need to explain. ;)

  22. My favorite things:
    1) Church(Youth Group)
    2) Books
    3) Sketchbooks
    4) Animals
    5) Netlfix
    6) Barnes and Noble
    7) Hot Chocolate
    8) Coca-Cola
    9) Guitars
    10) Shoes
    11) Amusement Parks
    12) Water Parks
    13) Mountains
    14) Waterfalls
    15) Panic! at the Disco concerts
    16) Christmas Lights
    17) Germany
    18) Random Facts
    19) Accents
    20) Art
    21) Divergent
    22) Snoopy
    23) Food
    24) Sleep
    25) The night sky/galaxy

    1. Okay, that really surprised me coming from you! I love them too!!! Never thought I would meet someone else who does. I think it is why I love Romeo and Juliet so much. He has the all time best ones...that whole scene at the party? TOO Much. ;)

  23. My favorite things
    1. The summer camp I attend
    2. My friends
    3. My family
    4. The night sky
    5. Snow
    6. Music
    7. Nature
    8. Driving
    9. Riding in the car with friends playing music loud at night
    10. Food
    11. Good books
    12. Warm fires
    14. Anything Disney
    15. The smell of rain
    16. Having my face held
    17. Art
    18. Minnesota
    19. Tea
    20. Movies
    21. The ocean
    22. Sharing special moments with special people
    23. Learning about things I'm interested in
    24. Playing basketball
    25. Accents
    26. Playing the drums
    27. Dogs (there are exceptions)
    28. My favorite tv shows
    29. Helping others
    30. The drives up to Sedona, Flagstaff, and Pinetop

    There's a lot more but I guess I'll stop there haha

  24. I have taken a few liberties with my selection of my favorite twenty five things. There is not a single person on this list, but the type of thing varies widely.

    My favorite 25 things:

    1. Having a role (in real situations)
    2. Service to others
    3. Loyalty
    4. Honour
    5. Friendship
    6. Noble sacrifices
    7. The Lord of the Rings
    8. History
    9. Games
    10. Theatre
    11. Music
    12. Games
    13. Writing
    14. Reading
    15. Power
    16. The French language
    17. The English language
    18. Computers
    19. Poetry
    20. Clever arrangements of words
    21. The colour blue
    22. Sautéd squash
    23. Religion
    24. Rain
    25. Snow

    1. LOVE noble sacrifices. Actually, all of your items show deep thought.

  25. :P It's hard to choose things when you like so many :)

    1. Tiger Lilies, he vibrant colors and spots are beautiful
    2. Video games, Who doesn't want to connect with friends and waste extra time living a life you cant have?
    3. Books, I may not read a lot, but when i find a good book it's always nice to sit down and just read for a few hours
    4. Soda, :P ...
    5. Tea
    6. Music, All sorts of kinds
    7. Pokemon, :P it's something that bring back my childhood a bit
    8. Going on walks, the kind where you enjoy the weather and different smells and sights
    9. Cheesecake, who doesn't like cheesecake..
    10. Broccoli
    11. Wolves
    12. Snowflakes like the large one i used to see when i lived up in MN
    13. Glasses, the kind that help me see things XD
    14. Movies
    15.ANIME, all the kinds
    16. Colors, they make everything so much more beautiful, and wouldn't the world just suck without them?
    17. Art, any kind :)
    18. Helping others, it always makes me feel good to help people even if it's just sitting and listening to them for a few minutes
    19. Volleyball
    20. a persons laugh
    21. babies, any kind :)
    22. Videos :D
    23. Trips, whether they are large or small :)
    24. falling leaves
    25. Water, they kind that is pure blue but you can see all the way down to the bottom

    1. Love the descriptions on your list. You write them in a fun way. :)

  26. 25 of my favorite things:

    3)Looking for Alaska
    5)My religion (youth group)
    7)Scary movies
    11)Road trips
    12)Pretty Little Liars
    13)The beach
    15)Social media
    16)Mr. Arnoldy’s class
    17)Sour Patch Kids
    19)The number 1
    25)The feeling of accomplishment

  27. 25 of my favorite things:
    1) Waking up to rain
    2) Going on walks
    3) Four-wheeling
    4) Writing
    5) Singing
    6) Classic novels
    7) The smell of pine forests
    8) Going to Westgate
    9) Coronado, California
    10) Going to my sister's house
    11) My dogs (Cassie and Guinness)
    12) Fazoli's
    13) Watching YouTube videos
    14) When my cousin, Russel comes back from boot camp
    15) Skyrim (Video games in general)
    16) Star Wars
    17) My 2nd period, which is Mr. Arnoldy's class
    18) Makeup
    19) Painting!!
    20) Cooking/baking
    21) Giving advice
    22) Starbucks(:
    23) My niece, Bridgett
    24) Making someone laugh
    25) Playing Basketball

    1. Isn't Coronado like getting to go on a Time Machine back to a prettier era?? Love it there. What is Fazoli's? I am curious!

    2. I agree! I love Coronado! And Fazoli's is my favorite Italian restaraunt, but they closed them all down here. Every time I visit Texas, I go there, though!

  28. My 25 favorite things..
    1. Tea
    2. A fuzzy blanket
    3. Hot showers
    4. Music
    5. Acoustic versions of songs
    6. Dancing
    7. Singing
    8. Late night drives
    9. Books (Looking For Alaska, The Book Thief, TKAM)
    10. Powerful quotes
    11. Candles
    12. The smell of the ocean
    13. A super moon
    14. A multi-colored sunset
    15. New shoes
    16. Dior/Dita sunglasses
    17. Scary/creepy stories
    18. Making my parents proud
    19. Having long conversations with my grandparents
    20. Giving advice
    21. Sharing meals with my family
    22. The feeling of being rebellious
    23. Feeling accomplished
    24. Holding someone's hand
    25. Being kissed on the cheek

    1. STRONGLY agree with all of these!! LOVE it!

  29. 25 favorite things in no order:

    1. Food
    2. Pizza
    3. Naps
    4. Comedy
    5. Games
    6. Green
    7. Family
    7. Animals
    8. My dogs
    9. Practicing/playing guitar
    10. Learning new songs
    11. Sleeping
    12. Music
    13. Speedruns
    14. Daydreaming
    15. Staying up all night
    16. Twitch
    17. GDQ
    18. Rooster Teeth
    19. Achievement Hunters
    20. Mountain Dew
    21. Nostalgic games
    22. Nostalgic Cartoons
    23. No homework
    24. Fridays
    25. Laying down without any thoughts

  30. 1. My family
    2. My "adoptive" family
    3. Movie Marathons (preferable horror)
    4. The French language/history
    5. Food (Italian!)
    6. Dallas Cowboys
    7. Entertaining
    8. Fashion
    9. Taking pictures
    10. Green
    11. Christmas
    12. Powerade
    13. Coffee
    14. Cats
    15. Penguins
    16. FIDM
    17. English
    18. Sweaters
    19. Shoes
    20. Peanut Butter
    21. St. Bernards
    22. Reading
    23. Writing
    24. Volleyball
    25. Cooking

  31. 1. music
    2. softball
    3. disney movies
    4. disneyland
    5.rollar coasters
    7. laugher
    8. spending time with close friends and family
    9. driving at night
    10. animals
    11. hockey and baseball games
    12. hugs
    13.annoying my mom
    15.razor rides
    17. animals
    18. money
    19.ariana grande
    20. playing in dirt
    21. trucks
    22. church
    23. video games
    24. being center of attention
    25. dallas cowboys

  32. 1. My religion
    2. Space
    3. Music
    4. Books/reading
    5. Animals
    6. Nature
    7. Writing
    8. Pretty hair/eyes
    9. Friendship
    10. Diverse cultures
    11. Food/chocolate
    12. Sweaters
    13. Precipitation
    14. Laughing/puns/jokes
    15. Looking at fashion/beautiful people
    16. Marvel
    17. Studio Ghibli
    18. Driving
    19. Family reunions
    20. Sarcasm
    21. Colors
    22. Disney
    23. My tv shows/Netflix
    24. Art
    25. My bed/pillows

  33. Kind of looping back to my previous response, trying to find things I like is difficult. I don't quite know if this list does justice. I feel like I'll disagree with it after I publish it.

    25. The homemade frosting my mom's boss makes for birthday cakes.
    24. Rain.
    23. Investigation Discovery and the History channel.
    22. Superman.
    21. Disney.
    20. Craft things (such as glitter, feathers, beads [those ones that you melt with your iron] and things of that sort).
    19. The Sweet Pea line from Bath & Body Works.
    18. The little things — jokes told on a particular day, a small event that makes me smile, etc.
    17. My ability to never stop being interested in something once I find enjoyment in it (i.e. a book or a television series).
    16. Pretty textures for graphic-making (for html purposes), one of my hobbies.
    15. The color pink.
    14. Accomplishment.
    13. Knowledge.
    12. Honesty/truth.
    11. Being in a good mood.
    10. My phone.
    9. My home.
    8. My beliefs.
    7. Any good story, one that's able to capture my interest.
    6. Writing.
    5. Anything I own relating to SNK or Levi Ackerman, basically. I feel this one was extremely appropriate to list.
    4. Art.
    3. Being around people that love me.
    2. Music.
    1. Love itself.

  34. 1. Soccer
    2. Food
    3. The feeling of being Loved
    4. New Cleats
    5. Cell Phone
    6. California
    7. Feeling Accomplished
    8. Making my parents and grandparents proud of me
    9. Nike
    10. Baking
    11. Working
    12. Making Money
    13. Not depending on people as much
    14. My bed
    15. Drumming
    16. Late Night Talk or Texts
    17. Mexico
    18. Making someone's day
    19. Travelling
    20. Brunch or Dinner with Friends and/or Family
    21. My school
    22. Being Blessed
    23. Cars and Truck
    24. Street Racing
    25. TV shows from the 90's

  35. 1. Basketball
    2. Computer/Video Games
    3. The sound and feeling during a rainstorm
    4. OKC Thunder
    5. Odyssey
    6. Free Time
    7. Sleep
    8. Having all my homework done
    9. Colorado
    10. Florida
    11. Super Hero Movies
    12. 80's Music
    13. Lemonade
    14. Pizza
    15. Being Lazy
    16. The Color Blue
    17. Art/Photography
    18. Ice Cream
    19. Dogs
    20. Star Wars Saga
    21. Science
    22. Air-Conditioning on really hot days
    23. Heat on really cold days(Over winter break we went to Colorado and I felt what cold actually is)
    24. Watching Football
    25. Seeing friends or family I haven't seen in a long time

  36. This is going to be so awkward....
    1. Winning a tough fencing bout (you wouldn't understand)
    2. Movies/books that make you really think and feel
    3. Dota (duh.)
    4. Long showers
    5. My Nick Cage pillow (seriously, don't ask)
    6. My Shrek mousepad (^)
    7. Really cold days
    8. Really early mornings
    9. The sound of rain
    10. Learning a new song on my sax
    11. Brand New
    12. Panic! at the Disco
    13. Taking Back Sunday
    14. Parks and Recreation
    15. John Green books (shhhh....)
    16. My cat
    17. Long walks
    18. The Princess Bride
    19. Talking alone with someone you can laugh with
    20. Terrible jokes
    21. Les Mis
    22. Jackets
    23. Bethesda games
    24. Arizona tea
    25. Driving at night

  37. 1. Music
    2. Pokemon
    3. Poetry
    4. Running
    5. Baby ducks
    6. Food
    7. Once upon a time
    8. Asia Smith
    9. Head phones
    10. My guitar
    11. The violin
    12. Pianos
    13. My sister
    14. My Brother
    15. Parents
    16. Scarfs
    17. Converse
    18. ICEES
    19. People who have manners
    20. Jazz
    21. Root Beer
    22. Kirby
    23. The sun
    24. Skate boards
    25. Mrs. Karaway